The interior floors and walls are also pine, with the walls alternating between smooth-finished wood and hand-hewn logs. A stenciled staircase leads to the second-floor loft, sectioned off solely by the position of the into sitting, writing and sleeping areas.

Cabin pine

 small blue ridge pine cabin the carters rustic retreat

The might almost be removed from civilization but for the small building that guards the entrance and the men who appear the moment a vehicle is heard. The cabin, its exterior made of hand-hewn yellow pine logs from the surrounding area, is a 30-foot square, divided into three rooms and two bathrooms on two floors.

Although the throughout the cabin is country and informal, a layer of sophistication is evident, achieved by the choice and juxtaposition of accessories, with utilitarian objects often used for decorative effect. Although there are only two beds, the space is large enough to sleep 10 or 12 people, especially if they are sufficiently adventurous to spend the night on pallets or in sleeping bags.