You are in need of some new furniture for your new home or just want to spruce up your existing abode.

You choose the first result, most likely a national chain known for their uncompromising service and unrelenting salesmen/women.

Sure, it’s all the across town but you remember having a pleasant experience there 10 years ago. Upon walking through the front doors, you are greeted with a familiar and somewhat unexciting . It looks almost exactly the same as when you visited a decade ago. And yes, it seems as though there is a bunch of great options to choose from.

This involves an aggressive salesman/woman who cannot wait to describe all of the features that the dark sectional offers. On and on they go as your eyes glaze over. One after another you are shown couch after couch, table after table. Eventually, you are overwhelmed with the experience, ready to scramble back to your waiting vehicle in the parking lot. Afterall, how fun can furniture shopping really be?

You will be greeted as soon as you enter by a friendly sales associate, however, you won’t be “mobbed” like you would be at those other on the east side.

Sure, they will answer your questions, but you’ll be free to wander about as you wish. Yet you’ll be amazed at how much furniture we have managed to fit into every available square foot. And there aren’t just a few tables set up… more like dozens!

Large clocks, small clocks, round clocks, square clocks. Many of our customers are surprised at the amount of clocks we have in our inventory. If you don’t find something you just absolutely love, we can probably order one for you!

We display hundreds of paintings that cover almost any style you’re in the mood for. All of the paintings and pictures we display are surrounded by beautiful frames and are priced to sell. Our paintings won’t break the bank or your wallet. All of our decorative plants are artificial yet look so real that our visitors always seem to want to touch them to make sure. Our artificial plants are dispersed throughout our showroom so if there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask one of our sales associates and they are sure to find something you will love.

We believe that no floor is complete without a nice, large decorative rug. After all, why would you spend so much time adorning your walls, tables, and other spaces with beautiful things and ignore the only part of your home you always have physical contact with?

We can also special order items you don’t see in the showroom. Feel free to lay down and get comfortable. Look for the big yellow delivery van in the parking lot. And that reminds us… we will deliver and set up your new furniture for you. That means all you have to do is come in, find something you like, and relax.

We offer industry standard warranties and guarantee you’ll love your new mattress and bed set. We’ll remove and dispose of your old bed for you, as well. And we’re not beholden to large corporate interests that put profits above service. Every customer who walks through our doors are like family and we treat them so.

We invite you to come see it for yourself. Trust the best brands and top quality for the best price.

Welcome to McCall Woodworks

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Come see our large selection of art, rugs, table top decor, and vintage clocks. Because of their long-term relationships with these factories, they have been able to purchase products at what they claim are the most competitive prices in the industry.

We work with the highest-quality materials to create staple pieces in your home that will become heirloom furnishings passed down for generations. Phone number will only be used to notify winner. We’ve been making our log furniture since the early 1980’s.

We know how to do our job and we do it well. Our foam and fabrics are warranted for 1 year.

We stand behind our products and our pledge to take care of our customers. You’re not just buying a piece of log furniture when you buy from us; you’re buying our commitment for quality construction and quality service. Pennington said about 100 tons of wood are brought in by the truckload each day. Pennington said that the initial stage is contracted out. The logs move along a conveyor belt where a large machine automatically sorts the products based on their size. For the post and pole products, the piles of logs are then picked up by a large tractor and taken to the peeling building, where the mechanized peeler strips the wood of its bark. The treatment helps to protect the wood from the normal wear and tear of long-term exposure. After the wood goes through the automated sorting machine, the team responsible for making the furniture hand-picks the logs they need for any given product, which are essentially all custom made based on the buyer’s needs. Pennington said the drying process is the key. If the wood isn't given the right amount of time to dry, it can affect the quality of the product. Wood is stored just outside the furniture production plant in the main , and some pieces might sit around for months as they dry. The drying process is sped up, however, by the heat treatment process similar to the one done on the post and pole products before they are shipped out.

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Pennington said the process dries the wood along with killing any bugs that might have been burrowed away inside. Once the wood is dry, the craftsmanship begins. Depending on the collection, the wood will get debarked to some extent. With the furniture, the logs can't be simply put into a machine for debarking like the post and poles. A draw shave knife is used to carefully shave away the bark. The wood is assembled to create the product and then kept in place with fast-drying glue and nails. With the raw cut of the finished product complete, the products are then coated three times with a water-based polyurethane to give the various items a smooth finish. The finish brings out the colors and details in the wood. Most of the products go out to various furniture stores across the region and country. There are other finished products that are made for individuals, but every single piece of furniture is unique and custom-made. Please forward to your face book friends.

Very good choice if you enjoy rustic furniture. They use the richest woods available to offer custom products. Ray can custom-craft anything made from wood. View our complete list of services available to our customers. Amish have transitioned away from a primarily agricultural lifestyle to one which incorporates entrepreneurship along with traditional farming. Amish-made furniture products have developed a reputation for high quality and value.

Amish woodcraft is known for its high quality and careful attention to detail. Amish market their furniture through a variety of means. Amish sell furniture directly from their property, often through a retail showroom built near the workshop where furniture is made. Amish online furniture retailers sell products primarily for delivery across the country, and feature online catalogs in which potential buyers can peruse their full offer. Elegantly rustic, yet functional for everyday use. The chain saw is only used as the first tool used in this exciting carving process. Then we proceed to chisels, knives and various other power tools until the desired result is achieved. Each piece is done not only for its fine look but also durability and function. Each piece is hand crafted from fine burl wood.

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