Your comment will appear on our site post the moderation. Over the past twenty-nine years it has grown to fill four adjacent historic ‘downtown’ buildings.

is very well built and price is great for the quality. For additional services, see service provider website. The store offers a variety of furniture, ranging from rocking chairs to dining sets and bedroom dressers. But you’ll also see mattresses, which may come as a bit of a surprise.

Over the years it’s grown to fill four adjacent historic buildings.

I thought it would be a logical spot to be closer to that customer base. So the number of shops began to increase. They expect it to all be country-style oak in a light color. But we don’t do much country-looking furniture anymore. Pataskala and redecorate your home interior.

Amish Oak Furniture Co. Of Loudonville And Pataskala

Take your bedroom to the next level with some new and improved from here, such as dressers, bed frames, and bedroom furniture. They are incredibly sturdy and very well finished. The only thing is that they took a while to be finished.

We purchased a large rug from them back in 2005 and they've done very well with cleaning and repair since then. Mohammed and his are top notch and treat their customers like gold. Amazing quality and exceptional customer service. Not fill out a form, not come back tomorrow. Mike took care of us on the sales floor and recorded my order. Buy oak pieces from them and it's the last furniture you will ever have to buy in your lifetime.

I especially like that they can fold up for easy storage if it is ever necessary and you can't even tell just by looking at them!

Amish Oak Furniture & Mattress Company