Dive into the life of some amazing finds. Another reason is simply because you want to know what your things are worth.

Whatever the reason, a professional appraisal can be beneficial.

We offer appraisal services with reasonable fees for written or verbal appraisals, whether for one item or an entire home of items. Greg collaborated with me, even when my first selection ended up not being the best fit for me.

I value his opinion, style and service and would confidently recommend him.

A lot of my jewelry had precious or semi-precious stones, diamonds etc.

I was told to just dump everything on the table the owner went through everything so fast. A convenient, simple way to maximize returns on fine jewelry and timepieces that are no longer wanted. Outstanding expertise and customer service. Trustworthy staff that is extremely well-informed, prepared to make offers and discuss options for seller. The appraisers who worked with me were professional and courteous.

I thought they might have to mail it because it was a large check. Jezarian were excellent from start to finish. He carefully explained what he was doing and looking at for each piece. This was again very helpful to me and interesting to boot. Also, his wife baked brownies and they were great!

Jezarian is a top-quality jewelry professional. Jezarian, and he very generously agreed to take a look at the stone, free of charge. It turned out that the stone was not valuable at all. Jezarian took the time to clearly explain each of the tools and process used in the evaluation, and why this stone was clearly not a diamond. Jezarian's manner is very thoughtful and professional.

I recommend his appraisal services highly.

I had to call her multiple times and she finally came out. She took pictures thinking they were worth something but they were worthless and the paintings that are worth a lot she didn't even acknowledge.

We discussed how to best accomplish this and discussed his fees and a schedule.

I did have to sit and wait for a while until my name was called but it wasn't too long. Even if they’re collecting out of personal passion, rather than as an investment , it makes sense to keep tabs on how much the collection is worth. Whether an appraisal is done for tax purposes, for an insurance policy or to divide property in a divorce, the most important first step is finding someone who has broad, deep knowledge about the kind of pieces you collect.

You can, of course, ask for referrals from lawyers or wealth management advisers. But even then, you should check the appraiser’s qualifications. Appraisers consult those sites too — but only as a first step. Why did it sell above or below the estimate?

The panel meets periodically to review appraisals and may decide they are too high (or, in the case of estate tax valuations, too low). Brundage, the director of that group’s service, said it focused primarily on appraisals of fine art for tax purposes. It draws on the records of its member dealers, she said, to supplement data on prices for works sold at public auction.

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Personally examining an object allows for a thorough assessment of its condition, but sometimes appraisals are done from photographs and other documentation although that must be disclosed on the appraisal report. Even with a thorough appraisal, fluctuations in the art markets can lead to surprises. Habsburg’s firm was asked to appraise a collection of 20th-century decorative jade and porcelain pieces from an estate. Because markets can change quickly, insurance companies encourage collectors to have works reappraised periodically to make sure coverage is adequate. Failing to keep up with rising values can prove risky. The screws came loose from the light, allowing the bulb to fall into the painting and burn a hole through the canvas. Edgerton said, he was hired simply because a collector wanted to sell a bottle or two and wanted to know what kind of price to expect. Edgerton update an appraisal of his collection of about 1, 000 bottles. Edgerton with an inventory of his collection, along with documentation of proper storage and details about the condition of the bottles and their labels. Edgerton placed on his wine, but said he was satisfied with his investment.

We work as an organized team to see that our clients receive the personal attention and detail they deserve. In many of these instances, certified appraisal reports are recommended and/or requested by an attorney. The appraisal will be charged at an hourly rate. Great care is taken to complete the appraisal within a reasonable and efficient time frame. At the conclusion of the evaluation, we will compile the appraiser’s notations and catalog the information into our appraisal database. It will include a description and opinion of value for your property. How will you determine the value of my property?

Is there a difference between the insurance value and the fair market value of my property?

You might be wondering if your unique item is worth anything.

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An antique appraisal / evaluation will help you determine exactly what your item is worth. Depending on the piece, we may be able to provide the unique history of your item and answer some of your questions. Before we get deeper into antique appraisals, let’s define an antique. Additionally, they’ll usually exhibit a high level of craftsmanship or a high degree of attention to detail. Antiques have their own market of buyers and sellers. An antique buyer is typically someone who collects antiques for their home, or other space. Some antique buyers also operate antique . Antique sellers also operate stores, but are usually individuals who happen to have an antique of value. Antique appraisal is the practice of determining the value of a specific antique. Many different factors come into play when determining whether or not an antique is valuable. Given the amount of factors involved in receiving an appraisal, many antique sellers receive many quotes before selling their item.

However, other sellers simply want to be rid of the item and will take any reasonable sounding offer. However, if you need a written appraisal for insurance purposes, we would have to charge a fee.

We schedule home visits for a free antique evaluation, however you are under no obligation to sell to us. If we feel your antique is better suited for an auction setting, we use our connections to identify the right auctioneers for your antique.

We can also help facilitate estate or tag sales and deal with specialists who are experts in specific types of antiques, thus protecting your interests always.

We look forward to assisting you with any and all of your antique appraisal and sale needs.

The debate surrounding fashion as art has been argued for centuries.

I will present some arguments and examples from the last three hundred years. The show is comprised of new acquisitions from the past ten years that showcase fifty masterworks from the last three hundred years. Linda was extremely knowledgable, complete and explained her rationale in detail. They have an eclectic variety of all kinds of antiques !

I was looking for and the staff was very friendly. Our team are the go-to local antique appraisers and we also buy antiques at the best prices. Whether you’re buying or selling, purchasing online or at an auction, we can help. Wondering what to do next once you’ve inherited an estate?

With possibly the best retail clientele in the business, we are one of the most active and well respected auction houses in the region.

We would love to get a closer look at your treasures.

We have the clientele and the expertise to bring the right buyers to the table for your fine antiques and art. If you have inherited a large estate and don’t know what to do with it, today to learn more about how we can help you.

We buy whole estates and single items as well. Rest assured, when you entrust us with your antiques, it’s backed by years of trust and a very active client base.

We have the expertise to offer both private sales and auctions for collections and estates ensuring the right buyers come to the table for your estate, collection of fine antiques and art.

We provide online antique appraisal services and also buy at best prices. He was very professional and his assessment was on point. What stopped me in my tracks was the bling bling shimmeriness from the front windows. Was able to appraise a ring for me and walked me through all the steps. He even taught us how to look at a diamond with a loupe!

Not only was he incredibly responsive but he did a thorough and complete appraisal.

I brought in a gold, diamond necklace and an antique ring. Free confidential consultation on the sales process and how to maximize the success in selling your property. They were fast and met my deadline no commissions.. The real estate agent recommended them as they work quickly and are allways fair.. Her firm specializes in fine art and photography appraisals, charitable donations, curatorial project management, and collection strategic planning.