This furniture store is poorly managed with an unresponsive owner. Equally important is the mindful use of these natural resources of the region.

Lang is committed to raising the awareness of sustainable forestry in the region. Much has changed during that time – but not the fact that every piece of rustic furniture is made to order and built with each customer in mind. Guided by your vision and the unique characteristics of the natural materials we use, each piece of rustic furniture, each log stair and railing system we create becomes a one of a kind – able to be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come. Special docent-guided tour packages are available for groups and students.

Still others actually set up shops in areas frequented by tourists. Some were itinerant workers who moved from area to area to sell their wares or to trade them for other goods and services. Others opened their wagons or trucks at the side of the road to hawk their material to tourists driving by. Photographers commemorating mountain excursions often used rustic background accessories. In keeping with their mountain locale, many hotels and spas employed rustic fencing, bridges, railings and outdoor seating to cater to the interests of their guests. It features solid wood framing and tapered feet for added appeal.