Just think about it for a minute; you can be your own boss and be surrounded by things that you love!

It pays to know your business well, so be sure to brush up on your antique identification skills!

As far as location is concerned, you have to think of locations that would have the antique-loving crowd!

Most young people don’t have a taste for antiques, so it wouldn’t make sense to put it in a plaza that contains a tattoo shop, a bar, and a nightclub. Common sense goes a long way in this aspect of starting your business!

Buying shelving and display cases doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

As a matter of fact, checking craigslist for these things usually yields results from closing trying to liquidate everything, so take advantage of this!

As far as stocking the store goes, check with local storage units to see if they will be holding auctions any time soon. This is a great way to score some great valuables for a small buck!

Considering the tips above, start making your list of ideas.

I need the name in a hurry, like a week, it's a vintage/ antique/ majolica very upscale items. Focused around early 1900's industrial america.

People are always looking for unique and one of a kind pieces for their home. If you are thinking about starting your very own antique business than a great name is the first step. Here is a great list of existing vintage furniture shop names to help you think of your own. This great and informative video gives the customer looking for vintage furniture great tips on how to find what they are looking for. This will help you know how to market and shape your stores so that they fall into these categories. A couple of years later he launched his blog. Today over 1 million business owners read his blog every month. It has the largest peaceful gathering in the world!

In short, come up with something that plays to the particular characteristics of your area, that is what branding does. Pick an adjective you want to be known for. In this case, 'vintage' is a good choice. This should give you ideas on generating a great name. The home decor items include quilts, cushions, coverlets, etc.

I am looking for a tagline that captures this feeling. Any suggestions on a wholesale home decor supplier?

I need a very classic name that reflects the business as a whole.

I am also planning to add other items, like mobile accessories, clothing, etc. Could you suggest some trendy shop names?

Four of us have new and repurposed home decor and furniture.

We want a really cool name that is inclusive of all that we will be selling.

I would love to include nautical items such as seaglass!

People will soon learn that aku is the place to go. Please help me with name suggestions for a trendy decor and clothing on-line business.

I am mostly creating decorative pillows and will eventually make liners, place mats, decorative picture frames and wedding albums.

Furniture store name generator Name ideas for furniture business

I thought of "home made", but don't want it to come across as it's been made at home (crafty), but more as the item will make your home. It needs to be short, 10 letters at most, as must fit on outer label.

I want to sell lovely home accents, lamp shades, ornaments, and lots of decorative stuff for the home. Once you've uploaded your product, you'll have everything you need to start selling. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest. Curated collection of high quality domain names with logos, audience testing and trademark validation. Do the above but with wood-related words instead. Just seo the crap out of the site, title tags, etc. A small specialty retail store in a custom craft domain is best named after the lead crafts person or owner. Is there a special technique or period style?

It'll be slower to build up a more human and artistic name, but you'll build a lot more solid brand equity, especially since you have physical retail going on. What are the benefits of custom furniture?

What should be the cost for new furniture?

Like mostly painting, restaining, or upholstering?

I would definitely stop in to that store!

I like your other idea, it does sound very chic.

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