In a small community opportunities to raise funds are limited, and we are grateful to raise extra funds to help the library with things that are not tax-funded. Your knowledge and very personable presentation was very much appreciated.

Your appraisals, previews, auction and final postings have the nicest touch. So, thank you for the wonderful gift – a final hammer that brought more than expected so many times. It meant so very much to me to offer my late husband’s collection of coins and other collections and items he enjoyed with others in your extensive world wide buyers market to view and bid on.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is dealing with a similar situation and doesn’t know what to do.

They really came to our rescue during a very bad time.

You need to know that no one else even returned my calls, probably because the rug is not highly valued. The staff has always been really helpful and friendly and they really make you welcome.

I would and have recommended your auction to many of my friends. The auctioneer spoke clear and was quick and professional and got through the items quickly. The website where you can also watch the auctions was amazing.

We will be attending your auctions in the future for sure!

I was impressed with the organization of the items for sale, especially the online catalog. It is a plus that large items do not have to be removed on the date of the sale. We'll be evaluating 1 item per person for free. We'll give you a verbal description and opinion of value. Appraisals will be done from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Want to understand different kinds of values?

Collectors will also find accessories including clocks, oil paintings, sculptures and much more. Martin won’t give examples of her pricing, saying it depends on the project. Poor repairs, replaced parts, and refinishing hurt a piece’s value, so watch out for those.

We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies. Our group is committed to providing credible appraisal reports for our clients and reliable advice and information when asked to serve as a consultant. Post a job for help or find a job to earn extra income. They take time to explain everything to you in great details.

I also purchased my coffee and living room painting here. Larissa has over twenty years experience in the international fine art world, and offers appraisals of fine art.

We would be happy to assist you in determining what type of appraisal service best fits your needs.

You are assured the best in service with professional courtesy, confidentiality, and top notch analysis. An industry leader for personal property education and standards.

We also have experience with many types of restaurant or commercial kitchen and catering items including refrigeration and appliances. Brian offered to come to our apartment and review the coins. She had lived in her home for 60 years and had accumulated lots of nice things. They have high standards and everything is vintage and curated well. Had a great time trying on vintage outfits and later buying some smalls to put in my suitcase.

Gary Piattoni

Chicago Appraisal Northwest SuburbsIL

This is why it is important for you to hire a full-service professional appraisal firm.

You pay the price for their inadequacies by getting stung with their large hourly fees for their lack of experience. An hourly fee appraiser is an incompetent appraiser who wants you to pay for their education. They sound cheap in the beginning but wait until you see their hidden hourly charges tacked on at the end.

You are literally giving them a blank check when they leave your home. When we leave your home you know exactly what the appraisal costs.

We even quote you an exact fee on the phone before we come out.

We work with any antique appraisal and antiquing budget. Most antique appraisers own shops and use antique appraisals as a method to get into your home and buy cheaply from you. Never trust an antique appraiser with two agendas. Always hire an independent appraiser who represents you, not their antique shop or auction firm when you buy antiques or sell antiques. Our state charter forbids us to purchase anything we appraise.

We are not an antique dealer trying to rob you of your heirlooms.

We are a staff of full service professionals. Our expertise has never been challenged in court.

We are not dealers or an auction looking for merchandise, but independent experts that represent you.

We authenticate art and antiques for all world museums and the major auction houses. My weekly involvement with the appraisal and disposition of antiques, collectibles, accessories and home furnishings, assures my clients of the most current values and potential marketability of these items.