Coffe Table Rustic Industrial Furniture Studio Cast Designs
industrial can be made from the unused material. There is always unused material or even something that is considered as the trash. Most of the people just throw it in the garbage can. It is not wise to throw everything. Until now, the government and people who care about the earth and nature do not have the best method to deal with the trash. It cannot be simply erased from the surface of the world. The best method is recycling the unused material.

In order to be someone who is able to take care of the earth and nature, the easiest method is stopping the usage of the new with lumber as its material. You know, a lot of trees have been cut down because of the new item made of it. If you really want to create furniture with lumber, you can find the old furniture that is not used in your house first. Perhaps, your neighbor does a house renovation and there are some pieces of old lumber. You can ask or buy it with very cheap price. Once you acquired the material, you can begin to cut it.

Here, there are some possibilities that you may encounter. The lumber could be in full shape (round) or it is already cut with fine shape (square). By neglecting the form, you are able to create a nice bookshelf. First, you have to create four pillars. It is about 2 meters and the form of the pillar is not a serious matter. Second, you have to make four boards. These boards are used to put the book, so it has to be flat.