And like so many other rooms—the bedroom and bathroom spring to mind—the dining room is mostly defined by the furniture that we put in it. After all, what would a dining room be without a dining table or dining chairs?

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On the other hand, when we think of wallpaper, our thoughts tend to dwell on living rooms and bedrooms , and occasionally on some very cool bathrooms. So, to help you keep an eye on all of your options for your next dining room upgrade, we’ve rounded up some of the absolute coolest dining rooms featuring wallpaper of all styles. Whether you’re looking for something with classic elegance or industrial cool, there’s a style to fit every eye. Far from overpowering the space, the wallpaper enhances the feeling of the space, creating the perfect backdrop for the style of the table and chairs.

And while it does boast a large amount of pattern, the white and gold color palette allows it to blend seamlessly into the background of the room for a cohesive and enjoyable look. Here, the pattern from the walls has also been applied to the backs of the chairs, creating a layered look that emphasizes the curves of the pattern against the straight lines of the ceiling. Again, a neutral color palette balances the busyness of the pattern, creating visual interest without crowding the space. Here a neutral, patternless, white rug plays opposite a world of swirling colors on the ceiling. While each helps to balance the look of the other, the colors of the wallpapered ceiling are reflected in the yellows and purples spread throughout the room while the pattern is reflected in wall art with a similar curving look. This dining room allows the two to team up with a faint echoing of pattern between the rolling clouds on the walls and the faint swirls of the carpet.

Here dozens of colorful butterflies pick up bright colors from around the room. As the same time, they create and air of lightness that is reflected in the furnishings and rug. Again in this example we see wallpaper used to reinforce a theme as the zebra print rug and jungle-inspired wallpaper come together to paint a clear picture of where this room wants you to be. In this space the biggest pattern is the colorful arrangement on the seating. However, the large grid pattern of the wallpaper is able to add another layer of pattern without creating an environment that is too busy. This eye-catching floral wall mural brings color, pattern and a touch of whimsy to this dining room. But that doesn’t mean that your walls can’t have color and pattern together. This wallpaper does double duty, providing the deep and moody shade of blue that this dining room’s white furnishings pop beautifully off of while also offering all of the room’s pattern. The stylish furnishings in this dining room are taken to new heights under a sky full of flying birds. Just pair a fantastic pattern such as this one with elements like this stunning metallic pendant lamp and you’re off. The biggest advantage to using wallpaper in your dining room is the freedom it gives you to combine color and pattern to create any style you want. The wallpaper functions as a counter to the warm wood tones of the rug and credenza while pulling together the seat cushions and wall art. Additionally, it is the room’s major infusion of pattern which keeps the mostly color blocked space from becoming boring. The hypnotic, multi-toned, natural curves of the agate-patterned wallpaper in this dining room are the perfect counterpoints to the straight lines of the black and white rug. Here an engaging and colorful pattern adds a new and unexpected angle to this dining room area. Even a simple pattern can take an otherwise plain wall and make it a meaningful part of the decor. If you have borders built into your walls such as chair rails , use them as a useful guide on where to stop. If your dining room is feeling a little dull, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your style is modern or traditional (or somewhere in between) these dining room ideas are sure to spark your most creative ideas for styling the dining room of your dreams. Tapered legs and vinyl seating on a monochrome metal chair blends 70s vintage with contemporary minimalism, for a touch of style in a classic silhouette. Of course, modern does not have to mean totally devoid of soft edges and weathered charm. If you lean modern, but find it tough to exclude cozy textures and rustic décor, go for an all-wood palette. Chairs with arms, tables with pedestal legs and benches with nailhead trims come together to create a refined sophistication of the traditional style. One of the easiest ways to seal in the the look of a traditional dining room is through an area rug.

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Match a white dining set with a white rug for uniform luxury – or try a heavier neutral for balance and contrast. Whichever colors and materials you choose, remember that the traditional style thrives off natural beauty. Warm tones and earthy textures – especially when set in a breezy, sunlit corner – will keep the elegance comfortable and the air light in any traditional style dining room. Well chosen art can enliven and add interest to the tiniest of rooms and dining rooms are not exception. Why not consider using benches instead of a motley assortment of chairs?

Extending tables are perfect for transforming a space on evenings you want to entertain and cabinets and dressers can cut down on clutter. Display framed prints on a sideboard – an excellent sturdy surface to display a plethora of artworks. A jewel-like wall colour is a clever choice for a small room. In the dining area he replaced clumsy window architraves with a narrow pencil bead, painting and staining them to match the plaster. A skylight is edged with shelving for elegant storage. The family enjoy most weekday dinners in this small space. These illuminate the small dining space below. Instead of using a tablecloth that would hide the table’s rugged patina, the homeowners use sage-green place mats to mark each setting. See more images from this rustic carriage house. The table’s rustic hand-woven silk tablecloth nearly touches a brick floor whose herringbone pattern seems as well suited for a streetscape as this farmhouse interior. The table’s driftwood color blends easily with the kitchen’s neutral palette as well as the sea- and sky-inspired tones of the family room. A globe pendant light fixture illuminates the table and ties in with the industrial-style brass pendants above the kitchen island and swing-arm sconces above the family room fireplace. See the next slide for a view of the showhouse’s loggia dining area. Furnishings include earth-color all-weather wicker chairs and two indestructible cement tables pushed together to accommodate larger groups.

25 Amazing Dining Rooms Wallpaper

The low-slung ceiling was vaulted to create a sense of more space. Guests enjoy a view of the fireplace and its eclectic mantel-top collection of old silver, ironstone, and crockery. A thoroughly modern sisal rug takes the place of walls in defining the dining area. Each chair bears a traditional profile along with a casual personality that comes from being made of reclaimed wood. Botanical displays and artwork connect the room to the out-of-doors. Skylights, large windows, and doors facing all four exposures flood the interiors with light. Handpicked salvaged chestnut flooring adds warmth and connects the room (part of an addition) to the home’s 19th-century past. Seattle’s sky and water inspired the neutral interior palette, with walls painted in oyster, flax, and sandy beige and dark-stained oak floors.

I love the fact that they could wear a classic outfit with a cashmere scarf thrown over a shoulder and be completely glamorous. Inside, a bank of large windows also provides views of the sea—a constant in a house where there are few interior walls to block traffic or views. Turquoise-blue accents—dining chairs with a multihued chevron panel, a drum-shade light fixture, and the ceiling’s coffered panels—glow against the deeper blue wall and white woodwork.

A turquoise-and-white cotton flatweave area rug centers the dining area within the open space. Cheerful reds and golds play up the warm textures of everything from the chandelier (which resembles an old wagon wheel) to a reclaimed wooden trestle-base dining table. A metal horse sculpture (formerly a weather vane) is displayed on the mantel in the adjoining living room. See the next slide for a view of antique country table serving as the sideboard. Two new zinc urns with convincing patina form the bases of lamps topped with rectangular parchment shades. Between them, three antique soda bottles add their quirky personalities to the display.

It doesn’t matter if your dining room is a cozy nook attached to your kitchen or a grand space with room for entertaining dozens of guests. No matter what the scale, you’ll find ideas to infuse your space with elegance and old-world style. Learn how to use toile, weathered woods, and slipcovered chairs to create a welcoming dining room where guests want to linger. See how to mix vintage treasures with new finds, work with florals and checked fabric, and offset everything with crisp white dishware, perfect for everyday and special occasions. Bring the outdoors in with botanical prints displayed on the wall or lively patterned drapery. Though its mostly done digitally these days!

An abstract rug zones a dining area – and hides crumbs until you get time to vacuum!

A sheepskin rug, natural textiles and warm wood help make this a snug and inviting space. Next add in some black and white patterns, for interest. And if you’re feeling brave, throw in a little bit of the unexpected with a palm print chair or cushion. If you do, make sure to have some natural greenery to complement it. It’s not just the structure that’s noteworthy, though. Pretty pink prints on the tablecloth, bunting and cushions make this space into the homely room it deserves to be.

Exposed brick is all the rage just now – it’s stylish, rustic and cool, adding fabulous detail to any space. Vintage finds, like the plate rack and dresser, are great in a scheme like this and lend unique character to a space. They offer plenty of scope for putting colourful crockery on display, too. Good-quality wooden furniture will last a lifetime and the inevitable knocks it gets over the years just seem to add to its character. This dining room benefits from an open-plan feel and connects directly to the kitchen. It’s round the corner, though, so it also has a feeling of being its own room. Artisan-crafted chairs in a polished or painted finish complement striped fabrics and weaves with geometrical patterns. The natural tones of wood are a great complement to white and this simple combination gives a typically country room a modern feel. A floor-standing candelabra may not be what you’d expect to see here, but the unexpected is often precisely the key to interiors success. To dress up the scheme for a special occasion, a shimmering table runner and metallic vase add a note of glamour. Decorate it with hanging decorations, garlands, holly and berries for an alternative centrepiece. Then keep the table itself simple with a touch of holly or ivy, dried nuts and maybe a candle or two. Tall candle holders like these are ideal as they leave plenty of room for all the food. Add a personal touch with home-made place cards for each member of the family. Here the red wall hanging taken from a 17th-century tapestry provides a grand backdrop to the antique-white dessert buffet table. This works particularly well if you have a traditional style to your decor, such as here. Invite your guests to dine in relaxed style with mix-and-match tableware and seating. Dress the table with a striking print tablecloth accented with a bright red runner and pretty displays of seasonal foliage. A country tartan tablecloth mixed with folksy florals adds a relaxed and informal feel.


Classic plates on rattan chargers with fabric crackers and chalkboard name tags make the look rustic and personal, but the wow factor in this dining room has to be the impressive chandelier of fir and ivy foliage, hung from black highland ribbons. Pick up similar shades in glimmering velvet for cushions and smart satin stripes at the window. Contrast heavy linen weaves used as a tablecloth with the magical glow of copper decorations, creating a backdrop that feels reassuringly familiar while adding rustic texture. A vibrant pink sofa dressed with pretty floral cushions and throws adds a burst of colour to this neutrally decorated dining room, which has a smart circular dining table and industrial-style chairs. The mix of old and new gives this room an easy to live with look. Another decorating style that captures this trend perfectly is ‘farmhouse’, with its lovely blend of contrasting natural textures and a relaxing vibe. While some strictly reflect the classic country cottage style, others bring the farmhouse look to more modern spaces and blend in diverse elements to produce stunning results. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the dining room?

It is essential that you let the table set the style and mood for the rest of the room, and in the case of a farmhouse-style dining space, a classic wooden table is the obvious choice. Think of those simple farm tables or even upcycled pieces crafted from reclaimed wood that are not too ornate. Simplicity is the key here, and once you have the table picked, you can mix and match the seating around it to create a truly exceptional and distinct dining room. Since summer is all but here and you will soon be planning for fall festivities as well, keep things cheerful and bright with a neutral color scheme and decor in natural materials. Wicker, bamboo and wooden surfaces in light grain are absolutely ideal for shaping this chic farmhouse dining space. When it comes to farmhouse style, try to be a bit more imaginative than normal and do not paint by numbers. Add unique decorative pieces and accessories that might remind you of your childhood without disturbing the theme of the room. A gallery wall with artwork crafted at home, a few woven baskets, antique stoneware pieces or even the latest flea market find that you uncovered; give your dining room a personality of its own that will charm your friends and guests. Lighting is key when it comes to elevating the appeal of your country cottage dining space, and as always, it is a sensible balance between natural and artificial lighting that works best. Make sure that the pendant or chandelier you pick steals the show as a standalone addition while adding to the aura of the room. Use some color to let it shine through, and even if you do not have a truly classic piece, try giving it an aged look with a clever custom paint job. So what better way to shape the entrance of your revamped dining room than by adding one of these sliding wooden delights!

French doors that give the dining space an airy and stress-free ambiance. Both styles revel in simplicity and practicality, and that definitely makes it a lot easier to effortlessly bring them together. Relaxed, comfortable style that is an interpretation of a traditional look. The colors are muted and natural, and there are textural quality interior and exterior achieved through the use of wood, metal and stone. The fabrics that are used are embroidered rugs and carpets and fabrics in muted floral motifs. The furniture varies from dark-stained chests, to the bookshelves of pine wood.

Decorating a dining room in this sleek style gives you amazing pleasant and relaxed dining. There are two sides of decorating with this style – casual and formal. Dining room ideas, from small kitchen diners to formal dining rooms. American black walnut wrapped in brass, with a nano-lacquer coating to prevent oxidation. In bronze with brass details, it measures 85 x 160 x 130cm and costs £3, 420. Nicola of the brilliant white floor in this dining space. One of two seating areas is at the end of the table. Sofa’ is similar to the one in the seating area, with a neat single seat cushion, woven cotton/wool upholstery and mango wood legs. Choose something hardwearing like sisal or coir. For the evening, line the centre of the table with candles, clustered together at varying heights, for fairy tale wow-factor. Time to hit the antiques shops and flea markets. Swathes of striped, colourful fabric, shadeless lights and potted bulbs turn this conservatory into a jovial space more like a circus tent than a traditional dining room; one thing is guaranteed: everyone will be in the party mood.

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Their eye-popping stripes might make these blankets seem difficult to incorporate into your home, but a touch of zingy colour is very effective in even the most traditional surroundings. Make it modern by incorporating it everywhere from the wallpaper to tableware.

We also like how the green stems of the flowers contrast with the red. To keep it from looking sombre, add pops of colour throughout the room, whether it’s the chairs or decorative elements like fruit, flowers or books. Modern furniture and simple white walls create a calm space to eat in, while the colourful little fruit chandelier adds decorative charm. Finally, the shelf under the window, painted in fluorescent pink, is just pure fun. Take the look even further with mismatched vases, dishes and glasses – the options are endless. When combined with ghost dining chairs and a chic chandelier, the look is oh so glamorous. The white lampshade and monochrome rug also separate the space from the eclectic, colourful accessories that surround it. Stereo which matches the wicker front of the sideboard. If you feel at ease in your surroundings, so will others. Create a simple farmhouse look with abstract prints, natural wood and an array of ceramics. Spend money on things you use all the time so they become things of beauty.

You can never go wrong by decorating with fresh flowers (or a loaf of fresh bread). Natural light from the internal courtyard suffuses the open-plan kitchen and dining room. The limed-oak flooring and beams give a sense of age to the newbuild. A bay window is the perfect spot to accomodate a round dining table and chairs. Edmund chose the west wall for his frame of pots, as the shadows are best on that side of the room.

We worked with a subdued palette: soft gold, greens and blues.

We had a special grid made for the skylight to secure both.

We were working to a budget, so a mirrorball used instead of a light feature creates dynamic impact without going crazy. But thanks to an open-spirited approach to the coalescence of ideas, the result is a lesson in balance and harmonious contrasts. A collection of old pitchers is displayed on the table. India, being a true believer in the importance of perspective and focus believes when you enter a room, something strong should be there. In this case, it is the colourful dining chairs that add a pop of colour to the room. The ornate dining chairs and textured grey fabric compliments the grey walls and gives the room a fresh and airy feel. The most striking aspect is the gold wallpaper, which completes the opulent style of the room.

From here, there is a view of the tree ferns outside, bright green against the darker leaves of the substantial hedge that separates the house from the pavement. The deep sky paint extends from the wall to the ceilings. The dusty pink tablecloth matches the details on the chairs and maya blue rug. A modern pottery piece stands in the middle. It can be a grand setting for entertaining. The other purposee is served by the smaller table in front of the windows, which can be used for intimate dinners or tea for two, as well as seating with views out over the garden.

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In keeping with the rest of the interiors, the dining room is predominantly white, adorned simply with a small painting and pretty flowers. A similarly long kitchen, at one end of which is a more intimate dining area, completes a triumvirate of zones. It took six months to create the right shade for the herringbone flooring in the dining area, which contrasts with the dark hammered metal light above the table. The bluestone surface of the six-metre dining table adds a somewhat rustic element, while above it hangs a hammered black metal light with an industrial feel; neither would be words typically used to describe her work. Fancy returning from your next holiday feeling relaxed?

The chair seats are covered in antique silk bourette.

We will be using this view of the showroom as inspiration for our next dining room overhaul!

A bouquet of airy hydrangeas and scabious adds lightness to the room. Colourful chairs add interest to the otherwise minimal scheme. The metal furniture is softened by the verdigris finish. Beyond this well balanced space, there is a wonderful view of the formal courtyard garden at the front of the house. A trio of vases display blowsy white peonies and a glass chandelier glistens against the mid blue of the walls. He thought long and hard as to whether he could justify the space needed for an island. This furniture sits on top of parquet that was laid over a new rubber acoustic floor after the whole house was gutted.

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Country Room Idea Amazing Dining Rooms Wallpaper

That said, the statement red wall is an exciting and modern shock of colour that works wonderfully in this traditional home. The select items sit well against the period features such as the marble fireplace. French country kitchen – the bronze pans shining on the walls, the red and white checkered floor tiles, the unfussy wooden furniture. Fresh flowers and bottles of local wine are the finishing touches. The minimalist scheme really allows the art to sing. The overall effect is modern and graphic. Hannah has been clever with her use of mirrors – not only do they make the space feel bigger, they also reflect back the plethora of patterns, multiplying and manipulating them. Mario’s friends are a well considered personal touch. The original beams have been painted white to match the wooden table, benches and unusual ceiling installation. The walls have been painted a pretty blue that picks up the blue in the wall-mounted plates and table cloth. A blue velvet armchair, the colour of which is reflected in the artwork, includes a feel of comfort. The dark colour scheme featuring with grey painted walls makes for a smart space refined further with antique paintings.