They made my life much easier from the beginning (booking) to submission of insurance certificate and moving my furniture. No hassle, no issues, just well organized, top notch service!

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They even came through for us on a last minute booking on a holiday weekend. The movers were great -- very friendly and efficient.

We have already recommended them to our friends that are moving in the coming weeks.

We do both local furniture delivery and long distance furniture delivery moves.

We can also provide mattress covers and blankets to protect the furniture.

We will do everything possible to go above and beyond your expectations and at the same time to fit within your budget for the furniture delivery movers. Please for more information on the furniture movers rates for the furniture delivery movers. As a reliable lond distance moving company we also provide senior moving services at affordable moving cost. Please visit the commercial moving services page for detailed information on our commercial moves and relocation. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

However condition can be different for each.

We can offer end-to-end packing and shipping services including packing or crating, pickup, insurance and delivery.

We have a wide variety of packing materials, shipping boxes and supplies!

Packing and shipping antiques can be a stressful and frightening experience. It often is difficult because of unusual packaging requirements for shipping fragile artwork. Antiques are often irreplaceable, so making sure they are packed well and handled properly is important.

We recycle and properly dispose of all of our waste. This is also the reason why it is so important to find a reliable furniture shipping company you can trust. Professional movers experienced in the transportation of small and large art pieces are the best choice as they know how to provide the required level of care. However, even if you order moving services from the best furniture shipping company, there are still several things you should provide for yourself. Only in such a case, everything will go smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises. Consider professional appraisal of your possessions. This will help you get proper insurance coverage and protect your antique furniture from damage or loss that may occur during transit. To photograph each item you are going to ship is always a smart solution. Such ‘before’ photos can be very helpful in case of damage, especially when it comes to antique furniture and heirlooms that already have certain marks and scratches due to their age. They will provide these areas with extra care. Before to actually ship any piece of antique furniture, make sure there is nothing being stored inside them. Keep in mind that tape may ruin the finish or leave marks that are impossible to remove, so it is not recommended to secure doors, drawers, and other furniture parts with a tape. Let professional movers do that with special rubber bungees or another packing material. Antique furniture and valuable heirlooms should be properly wrapped, especially when it comes to long-distance and international transportation.

You can use professional protective wrap and furniture moving blankets for this purpose. If your piece of furniture is extremely valuable and you want to protect it from any possible damage, consider ordering crating services offered by professional shipping companies. Custom crates are actually the best choice for any valuable item you need to ship.

We can offer you many options for packing, crating, and shipping fragile items of any size.

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Moreover, all our services are reasonably priced, which makes our father and son company the number one choice for many. Compare prices and read previous customer feedback to pick the right delivery quote for you. Sit back and relax while your item is safely delivered by your chosen transport provider.

I received an offer that matched my budget from a company with very good feedback.

I accepted were lovely, good communication, and helpful. Giving the responsibility of handling your heirlooms over to a stranger can make finding vintage transportation companies somewhat stressful. Obviously, the type of antique goods you plan to transport will dictate what type of packaging it will require, but there are a few general rules to abide by whatever you’re moving. This is important because you need to know whether or not it will be covered by the antique shipping driver’s insurance. Make sure you protect it with bubble wrap or polystyrene, especially the corners. When handling glassware or other delicate items it can be a good idea to wear gloves to avoid marking the surface. Rolling up most vintage paintings is usually a no-no: make sure you read our article on fine art transport if you need to transport paintings. Above all you should emphasise care when transporting any vintage items, after all, your grandfather clock didn’t get to be so old being chucked around the back of a van!

Handing over your treasured items to a antique shipping courier can be a daunting prospect, so making sure that you hire a delivery driver that will handle your goods with care is imperative. When picking a vintage transportation company you should look out for a few things. So it will benefit you and your fragile items to hire a delivery driver that is well versed in transporting similar items, be it art, pottery or classical furniture. This is sufficient to cover most moves, however, specialist and antique shipping firms can well exceed this, which is why you should consider paying the extra premium for more extensive cover. With a complete service, the packing and unpacking of your vintage gifts can be left to the transporting company, which can be beneficial from an insurance standpoint. If an antiques transporter has spare capacity then you may be able to fill up the extra space. The option is there to hire a van, but it often isn’t worth the cost.

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Shiply can make it easier to find antiques delivery companies.

You can then compare quoting services on price as well as reviews from other users. Then you need only find the transporter who suits you best and accept their offer.

You will have to wait until they are unboxed to truly recognise minor damage though.

We are your partner, and your client’s satisfaction is how we measure our success.

We are your best resource for both large and small jobs. Photographing receivables; forwarding notifications and invoicing. Preparation of items for shipping or storage. Secure environment with controlled/monitored access, 24-hour exterior and interior video surveillance, motion detectors, sprinklers and fire trouble monitoring. Inventory management system for all wares entering the warehouse. Experienced, trained professional movers.

Setup, assembly and disassembly of furnishings and accessories. White-glove handling and installation of fine art, mirrors and antiques. The goal is to completely eliminate item shifting and damage in-transit — and this can only be attained with proper packing. Our packing crew uses wooden crates or boxes and various padding materials that allow your item to fit snugly and securely in place. Our employees are trained in the handling of high end furniture, antiques, hanging of art and mirrors, as well as earthquake proofing and more.

We provide our customers special care, including, but not limited to, blanket wrap delivery and blanket covering for floor and railing.

Please contact us for further information. Our facility provides over 15, 000 square feet of racked storage.

We keep our clients up to date with received product and existing or new inventory. Each item is inspected, carefully prepared and expertly packaged for delivery, with custom packing determined by a comprehensive evaluation of each piece. Our teams are experienced in providing touch-ups as well. Not always because of the price, but because of the hassle and cost of having to ship antiques back home. Particularly when your home is 5, 000 miles and an ocean away.

We have compiled a thorough guide that will help you to choose the right transport method and transporter to ship your flea market finds and antiques home. Of course, picking the right shipping method will depend on the size of the item you want to ship. In case you bought a piece of antique furniture or voluminous decorative objects you would like to ship back home, using a shipper or a transporter can be a good and less expensive alternative, as many of them use extra cargo space to consolidate shipments. Here are a few tips on antique shipping, and what pitfalls to avoid in the process. Ask the seller about overseas antique shipping. Many flea market vendors have been in business long enough to be experienced with shipping antiques from one country to another.

Especially merchants specializing in bulky, or heavy antiques. Some big flea markets or antiques fairs usually have an antique shipping office. It might be worth checking with them first. Find a forwarder/customs broker in your country, and tell them what you want to do, and ask them for their advice. You’ll have to discuss with them how to get the antiques to them. Forwarders are not package services, and they may have to make special arrangements to receive your antiques so that they can get them packed for shipment. Check with antiques importers in your area (where you want your purchase to be delivered to) and find one that you can ‘share’ a freight container with (that way you’ll know it’s a container coming close to your home). Less than a 20′ container will be more difficult, because of the extra paperwork involved, but it is doable. But that holds up to 35, 000 pounds (16 000 kg) of merchandise. All depends on weather and the volume of commercial freight shipped at the time you make the shipment. The collation of antique shipments using consolidated shipping is a highly economical method of transporting shipments. Four days after pick-up, all goods were delivered in perfect condition at our door, and with a smile!

The longer you are willing to wait for your antiques to be delivered to your home, the cheaper shipping can be. Shipping sometimes ends up being more than the price of the item itself. Consolidate shipments, instead of shipping each item individually. It will be much easier (only one shipment to deal with, and only one set of paperwork) and much, much cheaper. Checking additional baggage can cost a fortune nowadays. Consult with a personal property appraiser before you ship your antiques: standard shipping insurance may not cover the value of your item if it is damaged or lost in transit, and you might want to have an appraisal to document description and condition in order to purchase additional antique shipping insurance or for supporting documentation when filing a damage-loss claim. There may be extra duties/taxes to consider when shipping antiques (you don’t want to be surprised by that).

Freight depends on a lot of variables, so there’s no way to know what shipping antiques will cost until you know exactly what you are buying, exactly what size it is, and exactly how much it weighs. Size matters (more than weight): an item that takes up a lot of space might cost more to ship than a smaller, heavier item because shippers bill on cube weight: every cubic inch costs money in air or ocean shipments, so a bulky item gets billed for more than its actual weight. Don’t forget the duties when shipping antiques: charges vary, depending on what you have purchased. Air freight vs ocean freight: which one is best for you when shipping antiques?

Whether you decide to go with air or ocean shipping, there are always going to be trade-offs. The cost is probably the number one factor which influences the decision to either ship air freight or ocean freight, but there is also the question of time, and many other nuances to be considered. Deciding which one is better than the other for shipping antiques, also depends a whole lot on your personal requirements. If you need your antiques delivered fast, then one might opt for an air transfer. If you are tight on your budget ocean freight will be your natural choice. Shipping antiques by ocean means getting your cargo to a loading warehouse close to the port of origin. Any recommendations you would like to make about this topic?

Besides, as always, we only recommend products and services we truly believe in.

We are a of vintage enthusiasts who travel the world to discover antiques and new flea markets!

Hand-picked and reviewed by local experts around the world. Right in your inbox, no more than twice a month.

We understand that buyers are more likely to purchase again when the seller demonstrates care and professionalism in making sure items are packaged for pristine delivery. Need to ship multiple items to multiple locations?

Call us to learn more about our auction services!

Each item is carefully wrapped in cotton shipping pads.

We tie each item off, from it's strongest structural points, using customized straps and logistical tie downs in the truck cargo area.

We have the expertise to custom pack and crate any fragile item. Our office coordination staff communicates throughout the day with each driving team via cell phone, so that we are able to track shipments and keep our customers informed of delivery schedules.

We do not share loads with other trucking companies, and we take sole responsibility for the safekeeping and handling of your items. All we need are the dimensions and a general description or name of each item, the pick-up and destination cities and states and the value of the shipment.

We feel we understand antiques better than any other moving company or comparable delivery service.

We feel this is the reason why over 90 percent of our business is repeat and referral from antique dealers and private collectors.

Professional antique furniture movers can provide this level of care, but there are still some steps you can take to make sure everything goes smoothly. This will allow for proper insurance coverage and be helpful in case you need to make a damage claim. Next, photograph the furniture from all angles. Having ‘before’ images helps when filing claims for damage that may occur in transit. If there are loose shelves or interior pieces, secure them and let the movers know about them. Also, inform them of delicate areas or pieces of the furniture. Additional weight and items may damage the furniture during transport. Avoid taping drawers and doors shut or using tape to secure other parts of the furniture, as this can ruin the finish. On that note, moving blankets and some protective wrap are a must for long transport in the back of a box truck. Smaller carriers may offer more personal attention to the furniture, but for optimal protection without crating, the piece should be properly wrapped. If you’re piece is extremely valuable, ornate or you just want the absolute best protection, crate or box the piece. Many moving companies will provide this service.

Also consider the type of wood when shipping, as temperature extremes and moisture might damage certain wood pieces. Ask your antique dealer or shipping company for advice about shipping and storing wood pieces. Our company has handled moves for several museums and has experience transporting nearly any item. Use our online price calculator to see how affordable this type of shipping can be or call our helpful phone staff. She was so impressed with packing, she sent me photos of how it arrived!

It was so nice to see the care taken with my things. Antiques were delivered in perfect condition at the time promised. From million dollar museums pieces to private collections we can help. Old items are often fragile, and it can be nerve-wracking to move them on your own. Please call (866) 333-8018 and we will connect you to a friendly representative who will be happy to answer your questions. To receive a discount on an estimate mention the discount code: 19000. These discounts are for customers who call in only and not for online estimates. But it’s always a little nerve wracking, putting antique furniture into a delivery truck. Older furniture in particular needs protection from the rigors of the shipping environment. Thinner, fragile legs are particularly vulnerable. Boxes lose strength through repeated use.

You want a strong shipping boxes that can support the weight of a heavy box being placed on top of it. Double-walled corrugated shipping boxes with specialized reinforcing inserts and foam padding are ideal protection for antique glassware and other fragile items. Some antiques are quite valuable and can truly be one of a kind. Additionally, there are now tracking tools that make it simple to know exactly where your antiques are as they travel to their new home.

The company was great at accommodating my schedule. Please note that quotes are good for 30 days only. Once you have received your personalized shipping quote with us, please call to schedule your move. Dispose of all shipping and packing materials on our way out of your home or office!

Upon delivery, bring the item(s) directly to the first floor of the buyer’s home and assist with set up and placement of items for up to 30 minute (if needed, additional time can be set up with the driver at time of notification of delivery).

We will notify you if your item qualifies for our "two person rule" when we provide you with a quote. Quotes are only good for first floor deliveries, and do not include additional charges for flights of stairs, curb side or driveway delivery service.

Set up is limited to 30 minutes per delivery. If there is a flight of stairs involved at either the pick up or delivery locations, it is left to the driver’s discretion whether it is safe for both the driver and the antique(s) being moved. Whether or not it is safe to move said item(s) up and down the stairs (additional charges will apply). When sensitive and fragile items are to be moved, expert handling and special equipment is necessary. Do not make the mistake of getting amateurs to move your precious possessions.

We have used our expertise and skill in many instances where delicate handling was a prerequisite.

Whether you want to move locally or to a distant city, we can help you. Why should you choose our moving services over another?

Unlike other moving companies, we deliver what we promise. Once you hand over your items to us for transport, rest assured.

We will ensure that your package reaches its destination safely. Our furniture and antique moving crew is well trained and highly experienced in moving precious cargo.

We depute only the best movers for this role. No matter what the item, we understand the need for absolute care without questions.

We can also undertake specialized crating, packaging, dis assembly, and placement or installation of furniture and antiques.

We can properly pack and ship your valuables of all shapes and sizes.

We carry boxes in a variety of sizes and all the necessary supplies, such as bubble cushioning.

We can even make custom boxes and crates. Let us handle all the details to crate, pack and ship your fragile antiques. Need help packing and shipping a loved one's estate?

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Our locations are staffed with packing professionals who take great care in securing your item(s) for shipment.

We uphold quality packaging standards for the safe arrival of your item(s). Just ask our packing experts for advice on what supplies will best suit your needs. How much do you charge for packaging supplies and services?

Contact your neighborhood location for pricing. To order supplies, contact the package carrier directly.

You can bring your package in already packed, and our packing experts can determine if it’s properly packed to withstand shipping stresses. Or you can trust our packing experts to do the job for you so your items arrive safely and intact. Many of our locations are capable of shipping large or odd-shaped items, such as furniture. Large or odd-shaped items often require specialized packaging. Your neighborhood location can advise you on the best packaging method for your item(s). If you would like to schedule a pick-up, contact the package carrier directly.