They have a great selection and the sales people are very knowledgable. Amish furniture that can be fully customized for your needs.

Our 15, 000 square foot store offers a wide variety and our furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee!

We started in a small shop then in 2003 moved to our current 15, 000 sq ft location. Large purchases over the internet can be scary, but we are here to ensure you have a wonderful shopping experience in every sense of the word. A number of such businesses are merely distributors of goods made elsewhere.

Not all of our furniture is fancy, but every single piece is fine.

We mean that it is made of the best domestic hardwoods and built by the most experienced craftsmen in the business. This hardwood is then hand hewn, turned, or planed into the proper shape. It is hand sanded in our finishing shop where stain is then hand rubbed to a consistent depth of color. Depending on the piece in question, your handcrafted fine furniture is then hand assembled or hand wrapped in preparation for delivery to your home or place of business. If we were, our religious beliefs would prohibit our use of computers and our fine furniture would not be displayed in an online gallery.

Our furnishings do not include gun cabinets, kitchen cabinets, quilt racks, or novelty items often associated with store fronts frequented by tourists. Every drawer we build is dovetailed, every apron attachment is mortise and tenon, and every moving part is the very best available. By limiting our offerings to furniture and not accessories, we can maintain the highest standards for quality and integrity. Only the occasional hutch back or drawer bottom is even plywood and that accomodation is only made for weight and durability. There are times and places when a solid birch plywood is the best material for the job. Be careful of terms like "all wood" and "real wood" as those can be misleading. Our website and are 100% secure.

We manually process all transactions to guarantee discounts, shipping rates, and promotions have been properly addressed. Your card is billed for 50% of the total when we give your order to the shop and the other 50% when the finishing shop lets us know it is complete and ready for us to schedule shipping. Once your balance is paid, we completely eliminate your card information from our system. Stickley furniture they use for reference, didn't use staples and velcro !!

American retired steel worker has been fired now. He asked for a raise some months ago and was denied because he was" too old". It was received after 13 weeks with terrible finish. The stain on the drawers didn't match the rest of the dresser.

I shopped around several different in indianapolis to find a solid wood, quality piece of furniture. Much to my disappointment the finish scratches on a whim. In addition they have the largest selection. There are many smaller places we have not yet had a chance to visit. Do mud auctions ever contain furniture, or are they strictly quilts/tools?

One is always quilts (where we spend most of our time) and, at most mudsales there is usally a furniture auction-new or used.

I purchased my bed and night stands at peacefully valley 4 years ago.

I not being satisfied with any bedroom furniture we'd seen anywhere else. The owner has a nearby workshop where the furniture is crafted.

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Factory Review Furniture

Prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality of the workmanship and the fact that the furniture is locally made. Everyone who has examined it has expressed appreciation for how well it is made. However, these stores can vary greatly in price and features. Our apologies, but your testimonial hasn't been sent successfully.

I understand the point, but they really are "out there". It's really pretty hazardous the way they "drive". They will need to fit in a 7'6" square area. Do realize that there are generally no bargains as you might think. In general, if you need the furniture to be delivered within 200-300 miles, it is generally not a problem if you are flexible on delivery.

We live a short distance from the town where the business is located so have not used online ordering. Have not purchased, only marveled at the samples in the . They were custom made to my specifications. The table is a 48" x 72" double pedestal with two 12" leafs. My dad recommended them to me and he knows a little about woodworking as a hobby. The quality is much higher than what you'd get at a chain furniture retailer for the same price. This company has the size table we need in cherry. Good to know the background business model of some of the companies.

We are very pleased with the table and chairs - they seem to be very well made and look beautiful.

I would order from them again if we wanted similar furniture.

Panozzo’s Amish Furniture

The cadreamer part of my screen name is where we hope to retire in the near future. So we will pay the moving company to ship everything from east to west coast. That gives me a ballpark of what to expect in cost. The price was reasonable and the quality is good - all solid wood (except the back) and dovetail joinery for the drawers. These are substantial pieces of furniture - not light and flimsy.

We couldn't find anything in the style we wanted locally or in the chain furniture stores, and are quite happy with the furniture we got. Could you tell me your thoughts on the furniture you received?

If employees weren't taking jobs with bad 401k's, bad 401k's wouldn't exist. The company manufactures the items and then delivers them from the factory to your home and sets up the furniture. A truck is sent out to a specific area, and the driver is an employee of the company. Every wood furniture piece we own was custom-built by a man that lives a few miles away.

For the bar stools they could customize - so we picked parts and pieces (and stain) from some of the stools they had.

We could even customize height (most places have a set of standard heights) and even add swivel, if we wanted (we didn't). The stuff they had on display was awesome. One of the coolest things on display was an expandable bench. Bench's are a hot thing with tables these days, but if you have a table with one or more leaves the bench is too short (or too long).

I had never seen a bench with leaves - but they had it.

and it looked great (we unfortunately did not need a table). This was semi custom in that they added 2 extra leaves and strengthened the support system accordingly (we had 10 kids at the time, and it needed to be really really long). The dressers were custom sized (larger drawers). They were here by 630am and we fed them breakfast after the set up.

We evaluated furniture from all parts of the country, and decided on partnering the builders in this region due to the noticeable difference in quality. Our furniture is loved across the country because of its unmatched beauty and quality. Heat is generated from wood or coal burning stoves, and air conditioning, well, runs on electricity. The iconic horse and buggy is used for transportation, and modern communication methods are scarcely used. Out furniture is built by master craftsmen who have decades of experience. Their skill is the result of years of dedication that slowly transforms itself into a highly refined and mastered art. This skill is a result not only of time, but true talent and a passion for the craft. There is a pride in owning a one of a kind piece of art that is not only pleasing to look at, but has a practical use that will serve for generations. This furniture never becomes outdated, and after decades can be given multiple breaths of life through a refinishing process that many local shops can handle.

World" building techniques have been passed down and taught to today's craftsmen by previous generations of craftsmen. Craftsmen use their skill to capitalize on these techniques to maximize the structural integrity of the furniture, and in some cases enhance the look of the furniture, depending on the style. The mortise and tenon joint is the backbone for the structural strength of most of our furniture pieces. The popular dovetailed drawer has entire edges lined with tightly interlocking tails that fit into cut outs that mirrors the shape of the tail. These series of interlocking parts, especially once secured with glue and nails is supremely strong and durable.

We even carry a small but growing line of outdoor and rustic furniture made from yellow pine. The look of these styles is derived from the shapes and angles of the lines that make up the furniture piece. Mission furniture is associated with ninety degree angles and straight lines. Shaker furniture, on the contrary, is also simple and elegant, but incorporates more curves and tapers.

You will notice that the different styles blend and blur. Often times, for example, you might see a dining room table with shaker legs and a mission top and edges. Regardless, each furniture style has its own feel and personality that is a result of the sum of all its lines. No matter what type, style, or area of the room for which you are shopping for furniture, we think we can help you. Lets take a closer look at why so many people love our furniture and are, in fact, simply not satisfied with anything else and why it offers offers powerful benefits over the alternatives. It seems well-made to a non-expert like me, and we can customize a lot of parts of it (though the overall styles are a bit more limited). Just because it's not a major brand doesn't mean it's not a quality piece.

I think the key is that you are looking for craftsmanship. They used no power tools (fascinating, their drill was hand cranked).

You can find everything from farmer's selling out of a shop next to their barn, to a huge 'high end' furniture store located in town.

Amish Furniture Reviews

Shop is gone, so cupboard is in my kitchen now and holds some of my antique crocks and pottery. The detail and construction is solid, and although it's pine (natural honey stain, not the unfinshed-look ashen brown finish that you used to see in 'crafty' places') it's going to hold up a long time. As mentioned, it depends on the craftmanship. But now, so often, if you run your hand across certain pieces, it's rough. So it wasn't sanded well when it was bare wood, nor between coats of poly. Her table is solid oak, pedestal base, extends to a whopping size, windsor style chairs. Pieces are joined via dowel pins, biscuit joinery, dovetailing, mortise and tenon.

I mentioned above, that's gone 'downhill' in quality on some pieces - that's another thing, pieces with particle board backs have begun to show up. Amish communities, the good stuff is all 100% solid kiln dried northern hardwoods. Take someone who can evaluate construction with you when you shop. It really depends on the individual piece.

I did notice that the chairs (and most parts of the tables) are screwed together.

I believe the parts are also glued, but there are certainly screws at most connection points. The furniture feels very sturdy, for now, but is that something likely to change over time?

The chairs especially have been wonderful - as solid as new, even with kids (and their friends) and the fact that we are not small people (my 20 yo son is 6'7").

We have recommended this company to many friends. None of them use particleboard, all solid wood. However, in my experience, most are going to be far superior to store bought furniture. For one thing, they will use solid wood panels and ply-wood. Ive never seen any particle board or similar materials used.

You may see staples used for an application, but only if itÂs appropriate for the function. Generally youÂll pay only a little more than the cheap particle board varieties, but much less than the big-store furniture prices, and youÂll get a piece of furniture you can enjoy for years and years. This set was used once or twice a year in the dining room in our home and had no problems. Fast forward to 2015 when we moved and our new home did not have a separate dining room.

We decided to use this set for our everyday use. Less than a year later the chairs are falling apart.

Two are so bad, we don't take a chance sitting on them.

We took two of the chairs back to the store to be repaired. These chairs were rarely used from 2008-2015 and have minimal use in the last 18 months.

We are a soccer family so we don't sit down and eat dinner every day. They were very communicative in answering our questions. Thank you for crafting a piece we'll have for the rest of our lives!

When it came the chairs looked small and upon measuring them they did not match the measurements that were advertised on the website. The table was built incorrectly because the leaves didn't match up. He charged me a restocking fee to change out the chairs and they took the table back so the builder could fix it. The chairs are fine but the table has the same issue. The gentleman that came to pick up the table agreed that the table is unfixable. They have shaved so much off the leaves to try to get them to fit they no longer close correctly or meet up correctly.

9 Simply Amish Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

If you push one side the other side pops. He offered to give me my money back for the table and take the table back. He lied to me and told me he checked the table before it left their business. The guy who delivered the table said he just probably didn't want to unwrap it to check it so he didn't.

You should never order anything from this company. They need to build me a new table, let me keep this one until that one is delivered. They need to go through quality control and checks. As we worked with her on selecting new chairs, she advised us a slight issue had developed with her table. Working with the customer we determined we would pick her table up to return to the builder for repair.

We were told to wait to return the repaired table until her new chairs were completed shipping the entire order then. The table repair was to smooth the edges so the table would fit together better when the leaves were removed. This would have removed a very minimal amount of wood from the existing table, probably less than 1/16”. In the time since the table was returned, it seems to have developed a similar issue. This would again require removing a minimal amount of wood from the table edges. The total amount of material removed after both repairs would be less than 1/8”. She was only willing to accept this offer if she would be allowed to keep the table. Given the minor nature of this issue it would not call for the table to be replaced.

We have offered her three options that we feel are fair and she has not been willing to accept any of these. After their review they ruled that we were offering her fair options to settle her complaint. It arrived when promised and the men that delivered it and set it up were very professional!

When my bookcase arrived, it was noticeably unlevel, it rocked back and forth from front corner to back corner.

You know like at a restaurant when you have to put a shim under one leg!

The delivery man showed more concern than the manager.

We also suggested moving or turning the bookcase to make sure the floor was level where the bookcase was to be located. The customer would not attempt this test. Subsequent photos provided by the customer suggested the floor was not level.

I will have this very high quality furniture for the rest of my life and pass on to family members.

All the staff and the delivery team were also exceptional. They called in the morning to inform me that they were ready to deliver my furniture the next day. No lead time to arrange for the disposal of the furniture that was set to be replaced. The remainder of the order was picked up by a sub-contracted delivery company for delivery. Custom orders typically take 10-12 weeks to build.

We were able to have the replacement coffee table built in 6 weeks and released to the same delivery company for delivery.

Amish Furniture Makers

The timing issue for both deliveries was the direct result of the delivery company we were using for this area. Since this issue occurred, we will no longer be using this company. The workmanship is beautiful, solid and sturdy, everything solid wood. The other part of this order was the delivery. He didn't bang into the walls, he carefully unwrapped each piece. He didn't even leave dirty shoe tracks on the floors - a rarity with delivery people!!

He treated our new items and our home as if it were his own. Daniel was patient as he helped me get the furniture placed "just so". He was easy to talk to and friendly as he did his work. Your customer service, quality of furniture, and delivery is absolutely top-notch and worth every penny. It was made specifically for my machine with a pullout to store my embroidery hoops. It took about 12 weeks but worth every minute. In closing, my furniture was delivered by professional people who acted and cared about my product. The furniture was fully wrapped and not one scratch on it.

Amish Furniture in Fairfield IA

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I was a little hesitant ordering online sight unseen but they were very professional, they let me know exactly how the process would work (how to order, when to pay, time line etc). The entire process was easy and seamless, very professional organization. The weight is substantial, sturdy and impressive in every way. Its wonderful to still be able to find quality pieces that will last generations!

The drawers (6) are the deepest out there and the long (6ft) center drawer will be a blessing for blankets and such.

I also ordered it without the headboard as my hubby attached our own. The builder accommodated us by adding pilot holes for ease of attachment.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this company and online store. From my first telephone call, to the delivery and setup of our dining room furniture, every interaction with the staff was professional. By the time we placed our order, we knew exactly what we were getting. The delivery was made as promised, on time, even though we live many states away from the factory.

We were called by the driver in transit so we could make arrangements for delivery at an exact time.