Both came in large boxes, and they were easy to unpack with very minimal assembly.

I have to tell you that hubby was definitely a bit skeptical…he really believed that we had wasted money on buying them, and that they would not hold up.

Floor Sofa Ikea Furniture

Now, before you comment that “you can’t have those with kids” or “you must not live in that room”…we absolutely live in the family room and the sofas get lots of wear.

We have children in and out, and my big granddog (95 lbs) thinks the loveseat is hers. But you can literally take off the slipcovers and wash them when needed. They are very easy to remove and put back on.

Also, the slipcovers come in different colors, as well as dark colors so it’s easy to change the look.

I have my eye on the beige slipcovers for a subtle change.

You can’t beat the price point or the ease in care. Slipcovers…they are so easy to keep clean.

You can wash the entire slipcover, or individual cushion covers if needed.

I usually wash the entire slipcover on both sofas every 2-3 months.

Slipcovers…new slipcovers are very inexpensive, they fit like a glove, and come in different colors so it’s easy to change the look of your room with minimal expense. They are nice and firm and after three years, they haven’t lost their shape at all.

We both tend to sit in the exact same spot and we haven’t noticed any misshapen cushions at all. The slipcovers are still like new, and the cushions are still firm after three years. This makes it easier to get the slipcover back on, as well as stretches it just enough to remove most of the wrinkles. They have held up well for our lifestyle and with our pets!

Riding horses wreaks havoc on the more “mature” low back, so we need a couch more on the firm side, and one that allows a person to sit up more rather than lean back. Ektorp sofa to have a very nice firmness. They are comfortable, but firm enough that you don’t have trouble getting up off of it!

Love how your puppy is in most shots you take as it always makes me smile. A professional photographer shared with me one time he missed out on taking pictures of a most loved pet, so in turn he always took lots of photos of his pets and never considered it a waste of film. The leather has held up wonderfully but the room is so dark because of the dark sofa, love set and chair. It’s so easy to wash the slipcovers when they get dirty.

I have new slipcovers now in a different type of fabric, but still white and would never give them up.

I too had a red-wine stain (by a house guest) that we removed in the washer—so practical. It was a floor model so the cover was filthy.

I bought the sofa and a replacement slipcover.

I looked all over and didn’t want to spent a lot either because my husband loves to eat on them and spills all the time. Did you have those beautiful pillows made?

You just cannot find a better sofa for the money and look!

They have many fabrics available and the prices are reasonable for custom covers. Have been looking at these for a while now. Had a question: some people have complained about the depth of the seat.

We had a steady stream of guests, teens and toddlers.

5 Flat Pack Furniture Companies That Are Cooler Than IKEA

Floor Sofa Ikea Furniture Store

It is still in service with the family who bought it when we left. When we wash the covers, we hang them out of the washer on doors to dry. The loveseats are terrific and have served us well.

I just take them out of the washing machine and put them right back onto the frame and cushions and just set the cushions around the room and let it all air dry…no wrinkles and no shrinkage.

I also love having extra slip covers and can change out the look when the mood strikes.

I washed the slipcovers to not let them dry completely!

I have a clean sofa, just by washing the slipcovers!

Ektorp sofas, and will definitely buy more should the need arise!

We did sit on it at the and it did feel comfortable compared to others we tried.

I did spill red wine on it the first week, of course, but it came right out. Not sure if it will fit in my standard washer, we will see. They were cane back and some had what looked like velvet seats. Can you tell me what color fabric was used on the seats. French hemp fabric on the seats in an oatmeal color.

I concur on the value for money and durability. After about 5 years the fabric of the inner cushions tore horribly and it is kept together by the vision cover. It is of course vital to have proof of purchase!

I wash the slipcovers, because it’s so rough on the fabric. Yes, they fit in my home washing machine!

Japanese style living room sofa fabric sofa combination floor sofa

This advice will help you make the right decision. But seat depths do vary, so try out different styles to ensure you get good back support. There's no right or wrong height so try before you buy to make sure it suits the whole family. Finally, check the total width, excluding armrests, if you like to stretch out. Take note of the guarantee before you commit, some manufacturers are so confident about their frames that they offer a lifetime guarantee. A solid hardwood frame is a good option, but be wary of a particleboard or metal construction. Feather-filled cushions are high on comfort but they will need regular plumping, while foam or fibre fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time. Natural materials may fade in strong sunlight so go for a synthetic fabric if the sofa will be near a window. It's particularly important in a busy family home, and if you have a dog or cat, opt for a fabric that's easy to spot clean. Also, check the dimensions of any doors and stairways the sofa will have to pass through on delivery. Get inspiration, ideas and advice wherever you are!

Is it wrong for your sofa to be against the wall?

It is now 75 years since we first made it our aim to create a better everyday life for the many people. It’s a great task and an even greater responsibility – and something that we’ll never be finished with. The fact is, we’ll never really, fully grow up. On the contrary, we are working hard to stay just as curious and playful now as we were back when it all started. Come and meet us – then, now and 75 years into the future!

Did we act differently from the competition when marketing our products?

Instead of showing individual products, we were inspired by home furnishing magazines and how they showed real homes and fully furnished rooms. Over the years, we have improved our images, filling them with function, beauty and inspiration so that they satisfy as many different tastes and needs as possible. How do we create the inspiration that’s needed to make homes even better in the future?

A bold decision, contrary to all accepted retail thinking. He wanted the building to have a bold, interesting look. How can we continue to be retail rebels in a fast-changing world?

We dreamt about how one little tool could be the key that would turn our flat packs into everything from modular kitchens to sturdy dinner tables. The flat pack made life a lot simpler, kept costs down and made it easy for people to take their furnishings home with them. But life in general, and assembling furniture in particular, is not always a smooth process. The upside, however, is a low price and that great feeling when you are done. Democratising the furniture business with the help of a handy little tool. How can we make things even simpler, easier and more straightforward in the future?

Innovation comes – at least in our case – from obstacles and challenges. Problems are treated like tangled opportunities. This is precisely the kind of tough challenge that forces us to think differently. Back in the 80s, we started to look at steel and metal in a new way. Steel can’t possibly just be for forks and trains, right?

The sofa was a success and we started to develop a number of metal and wire furnishings. Throughout the years metal has been a great material for us – durable, low priced and recyclable. How can we challenge ourselves to only use renewable, recyclable and responsible materials. Sure, it was a huge setback, but it was also the beginning of something pretty fantastic.

We made an even greater effort to come closer to life at home by creating over 200 unique interiors based on people’s real needs and dreams. To get rid of our insecurities and believe whole- heartedly in our idea and our vision.

We know that everyday family life is everything but easy. So over the years we’ve asked ourselves, how can we contribute to a safer and more playful home?

Washable sofa covers and easy-to-clean rugs make the home a great playground for every child.

We also developed a whole new range of safety products to make sure that neither kids nor their parents hurt themselves while playing in the home. In the 90s we adopted an even more serious approach to play and developed a range of products together with prestigious child specialists and serious play specialists – the kids themselves. Pretty much since the beginning of our existence we’ve tried hard to make everyday life for families with children easier, safer, more functional and a lot more fun. What will life look like for children and how can we make it more playful?

Imagine the irresistible combination of great form, good function, long-lasting quality produced in a sustainable way – and at a low price!

Our IKEA Sofas Three Years Later

Our dream is to make sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to choose according to their needs and taste, not the size of their wallet. But if we could manage to create beautiful and inspiring furniture and other objects at a low price, we would democratise the entire concept of form, function and quality as being something accessible only to the fortunate few. A low price is crucial if we are going to be able to create a better everyday life for the many people.

We want to make truly great things available to everybody. That’s why we always start with the price when we develop products. How can we make the price lower without sacrificing form, function, quality and sustainability?

We always try to think in new ways and look at the world with open hearts and minds. One of the greatest experiences in product development is when a group of dedicated people are working together, almost obsessively trying to figure out the best possible solution for creating something new and better. The tougher the challenge, the more we enjoy trying to find a solution. How can we take on the growing challenges of everyday life?

A long time ago, we figured out that the best way to develop and create something truly great is to be curious and open. Open to new angles and curious about how other people think. Because if you want to move from good to great, you’ve got to make sure you challenge yourself by adding a few more curious and creative minds into the mix. So we’ve started to move from creating products to creating platforms. The idea of an open platform is that anyone should be able to make our products their own, based on their dreams and needs. Our job is more or less to let go and see what happens when we share the process. At an early stage we invited students from three continents to see how they would take it further and make it more relevant to their lifestyles.

We had no control over the end result and, guess what – it felt really good. Open and curious is the way to go forward.

We are curious, how can we be even more open in the future?

Our curiosity is the fuel that get’s us moving every morning.

We make soft, cozy sofas and armchairs you can sink right into. Because when you have the chance to plop down into a couch and settle in, the only thing you should have to worry about is who’s going to refill the snack bowl. Tips to help you choose the right sized rug for your seating area. A sofa should be a natural, comfy extension of your idea of quality time, how you like to spend it and who you love to spend it with. So, ease back and browse our selected examples of sofas ready to receive you as you are - in whatever way feels true for you.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been constantly tweaking and improving our collection of seating, and it just seems to get better as time goes by. Your living room is where you share the story of who you are. There are lots of pieces to choose from, and the deep seats and moveable back cushions make it easy to create an extra comfy combination. There’s a big variety of seating, too, from sofa-beds to footstools, to help you suit your space and needs. They’re easy to convert from sofa to bed and back – just pull out or push in the underframe. The high back for your neck provides extra support and help you relax while you stretch your feet, read a book or chat with a friend. After all, a tidy living room means more space to live. That’s especially true for frequent movers, for whom it’s hard to justify shelling out big money for furniture that might get left behind. But other companies have taken flat-pack furniture and made it better: sturdier, sleeker, customizable, and able to survive multiple moves. Lately, these new flat-pack purveyors been coming out of the woodwork. The selection is limited–all furniture is wooden, and the offerings are basically tables and shelves–but you’ll have a hand in the creation. This month, it launched a new site and a complete .

5 Golden Rules For Choosing A Sofa

I love slipcovered couches with a preschooler and a messy mutt running around.

I sit back in it, so it’s going to be great for snuggling up with the whole family for movie nights in our house.

I can curl up in it easily with room to spare.

I can take off just that one dirty cushion cover and wash it, instead of the whole sofa. Easy to wash and you don’t fill like killing your child haha, if they spill some thing on it. Looking forward to seeing how your decorating changes with the new house, as well as how it stays farmhouse and authentically you.

I can change out for seasons with minimal cost. Aren’t you glad you painted the doors dark?

I currently have a chair about the same size that my cats mistook for a scratching post!

Love the mix of dark and light…great minds think alike. Beds, chairs, desktops etc… if you are concerned, check out the item on their website.

I am really curious though to see if it softens up with use.

I am hoping for good reviews once people start using it. Thanks for sharing your experience so far!

It’s so deep and cozy – made for lounging!

Glad to see a review and more pictures of it up.

I saw it; should have known you’d come through like always!

You have done so much to your new home and everything is coming together so nicely!

And tips on spotting and protecting are appreciated. Otherwise, loving the slip covered couch and chairs.

Don’t like to have to assemble my furniture.

I especially love your decorative style, it’s rock. With that being said, if ever in illinois, please look me up.

I just ordered samples to plan put my chair purchase. At that time they had a lovely creamy white/very light beige cover. Went back to buy the matching chair and no more of the light covers anymore!

In any event it has held up very well with a busy 5 person household.

I actually gave away a customer made downfilled sofa because it was such a sinkhole and the cushions always looked messy.

I wonder it attaching a strip of velcro to the back bottom of the cushions on the chairs would help?

I do hope it has a little more “give” to it when you plop down later on.

I wonder if you can add thin layer of memory foam mattress topper to the top of the cushion to help soften it. Add to that, we simply weren’t using the room it was in. It sure makes living with white much more tolerable.


It arrived yesterday and it looks extremely bulky in our living/dining room and it’s not very comfortable either. Do you find the seat height (floor to top of seat cushion) to be average or at all shorter than the average couch?

and our ceilings are 8 feet, so large furniture in our house swallows up the space because of that.

I do rotate the cushions and fluff them a little as you would with any sofa cushion, but definitely holding up.

I just cut a piece to fit the length of the sofa and put it under the cushions. Works great to keep the cushions from sliding out.

We could use a new sofa, but all the ikea ones have always seemed so small and low to the ground for me. We’re not tiny people and we don’t need too many space-saving types of furniture. Are you still happen with you living room furniture?

This multifunctional furniture is ideal for smaller living spaces and it provides guests with a sleeping area that is more comfortable than a regular couch. Sofa beds come in a variety of shapes and styles, ensuring that you find a product that suits your needs. There are many colors available, including green, white, and beige. A sectional sofa bed offers a modern look and can fit comfortably into larger spaces, such as living rooms. The convenient shipping options mean that your furniture can arrive before the next sleepover.

IKEA's New Sofa and Chairs and How to Keep Them

Floor Sofa Ikea Furniture Store

Lounge around in our chaise couches and made-to-order sectional sofas. Check out our accent pillows to go with your new sofa. They’re comfortable, modern looking and have washable covers. Unfortunately, there are not ikea legs to add to them. In our last house , the low height didn’t bother me but for whatever reason, they felt so bottom heavy and too low for this space.

I loved the set up we had in the space but it really felt heavy and the couches felt so bulky. Next, we install these industrial strength furniture brackets and screwed them over the existing hole, lining up the hole where the bolt of the leg screws in. Do you have a solution to adding legs with the chaise still attached?

and how to get them to an even height to match the legs exactly?

Ikea sofa on it’s back, it has a bracket that attaches the chaise to the sofa.

I used furniture risers to support that bracket since it would no longer be supported by the floors. In your first pic it shows the chaise attached.