Not that i don't love antique , but it is hard to transport and you have to have the right spot to put it in. It is extensive, eclectic, and an awful lot of quality pieces.

Antique Furniture Frederick Maryland Furniture

Window treatments ranging from curtains, valances, and draperies can also be made to compliment your newly refurnished . See our services section for more details.

We are committed to doing the finest quality and custom work on furniture and draperies projects.

We have over 3000 rolls of discounted fabrics to choose from in our .

Our upholstery and draperies consultant will then provide free pickup, and free delivery of your furniture or draperies with absolutely no extra pickup or delivery costs to you. Call 703-780-8899 to setup an appointment today. Do you have a family heirloom in need of repair and refinishing?

Did you pick up a beautiful antique chest at a yard sale but it needs restoration?

Was your favorite bedroom set damaged in your recent move?

Do you have a wooden keepsake that needs repair and refinishing?

It's a huge space and their prices are incredibly reasonable. The large barn and outbuildings are filled with wares from antique dealers across the region. The staff is always friendly and you can't beat the prices. Beautiful jewelry, accessories, clothes, and don't get me started on the furniture /house ware. The staff is super friendly and they have a nice selection of smaller items and larger furniture. It's a little bit of everything marketed to women who love vintage , flowers, glitter, and a little bit of kitsch. First of all, the prices are extremely reasonable. Very well kept, very easy to maneuver through, and full of all sorts of fun things.

I always find great treasures and very good prices.

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