All our work is tailored to suit your requirements and with our experience you can be sure of getting the right advice and furniture that not only looks stunning but stands the test of time.

We believe that’s why every client we’ve had the privilege to work with has come to us through personal recommendation.

Handmade Furniture Hertfordshire Furniture

We are constantly exploring innovative materials, finishes, trends, and production techniques to inspire and enrich every project.

You are welcome to visit us and watch every unique interior concept come alive.

We have a wealth of experience there and a depth of knowledge that is second to none. They are flexible and considerate, as well as being meticulous artisans.

We always welcome visitors to our workshop. Whether you're looking for a chair or coffee table for your living room, dining room furniture or table, bedroom or occasional furniture, no request is too small – or too complex. Each piece is made to order and can be customised online or in our showroom before buying, with options of colours, sizes and styles. Hertfordshire come with a guarantee and our customer service, sales and after sales care is second to none. Hertfordshire of everything from metal garden furniture, unique restaurant furniture to metal bed frames and garden structures.

You can add patina finishes to the bed for a more antique look, should you be looking for more traditional-looking metal furniture.

We have used three screws on each side of our metal bed frame (most metal beds on the market have only two), which ensure a tight frame and offer a completely squeak-free sleep even after years of use. Read more about the technical details of our bed frames here. But externally it has more traditional, delicate detailing, including beading on the doors and drawers and an ornate cornice. As well as looking beautiful, your new bespoke kitchen must function flawlessly and provide a place for everything, making the best use of the available space. This means that the clean, precise lines and perfect functionality of the furniture will remain for years to come. We're so confident in our furniture that we guarantee all of the kitchens we install and paint for a period of 10 years, giving you complete peace of mind. Our hand painted kitchens can also be very easily refurbished in the future, giving you the option of completely changing the look of the room without the upheaval of changing the furniture.

We are small, friendly and professional company who specialise in handcrafted, truly bespoke kitchens and living solutions for your home that will last a lifetime.

We use all the latest materials, finishes and accessories which means that your new kitchen will not only look great but have all the latest gadgets and accessories to make it a joy to use. A good starting point when planning luxury handmade kitchens is to take a look at how your existing kitchen works and what improvements you would make. Is there adequate storage in your existing kitchen?

Where would it be placed ideally, next to the cooker?

Do you have to accommodate an eating space or breakfast bar for the kids to eat breakfast?

What appliances do you need to accommodate.

We know how difficult it can be to select the company that you trust to do a good job when you decide to make an investment in your home.

We only use the very best finest quality materials available. Choose from a wide range of carefully chosen products and materials to suit your style, requirements and property.

We can completely take on the project management of your new handmade kitchen from start to finish or we can work with existing tradesmen and undertake as much or as little of the project as you need.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional service and a personal touch. Whatever you are looking for we completely understand that this investment in your home and how the decision to select the right kitchen company.

We guarantee not to pass you round from pillar to post. If we agree a timing for your project, we will stick to it.

We are always realistic when confirming the timing for all of our kitchens, allowing time for the planning, building and installation accordingly.

I deliberated on choice of suppliers as my spec was so specific due to listed building, the kitchen had lots of quirks and angles that were hard to accommodate, however this did not phase them at all.

Handmade Bespoke Designer Kitchens

Hertfordshire Matthews Furniture Store

We have since had all of our fitted furniture throughout the property done by them and would not go anywhere else. If you are looking for any job at high spec and bespoke don't go anywhere else. Ricky and his team where really flexible as we changed our mind on a couple of minor details and their customer service was excellent.

We would highly recommend them and plan to use them again for our fitted wardrobes. Professional, friendly and so helpful, with great advice on the best way to make the most of available space. Ricky had great ideas which helped me achieve my dream kitchen. Very high quality kitchen for a very competitive price. The end product was excellent and we have regular comments about how fantastic the furniture we had made looks. The veneers are selected, matched and prepared by hand. The skilled craftsman then guides each and every item though to its completed construction. After all the careful attention, the furniture is passed to our polishing department to add the final finish. Only with experienced hands of our craftsman do we achieve the finish that commands a gentle touch. Our leather tops are covered with genuine leather, which is coloured, antiqued and tooled by hand. Each piece is hand polished, waxed and fitted with the finest brass handles before sending them to their awaited destination. The interior gracefully complements our handmade furniture. Featuring a functional island with stools, perfect for sitting with us to discuss your project. The modest size is not to be overlooked, as the encompassing south-facing glass front, floods the room with sunshine all day. Showing off our range of hand painted colours on display. These tried and tested colour combinations have a great harmony.

Oliver Matthews Furniture Store

Please bring the kids and the dog, everyone is welcome!

Rob who did a great job with the installation, and provided help and guidance every step of the way. We’ve been delighted with the quality of the work and the service we’ve received.

We will be happy to discuss the details and offer our advice.

We use the finest materials, and all our work expresses an understanding of technique, form and function that makes your commission unique and special to you. For the last three years he has worked on the installation of specialist kitchens. That’s where the phrase ‘living kitchen’ has come from. Quite often, children go off to university and then they come back to live at home. Kitchens need to be the ultimate family-friendly place. And rather than a table being in a separate part of the kitchen, increasingly people enjoy cooking while their friends and family are sitting at a breakfast bar or low level table – incorporated within the island. It’s informal and it’s also sometimes influenced by our experiences of going out to eat when we can watch the action in the kitchen.

Something we both really enjoy is getting to know the families we work with. We’re lucky to work with brilliant builders and we’ve got a really exceptional team.

I really like being on site managing a project because there’s a great atmosphere and we work with the same builders, plasterers, electricians and plumbers so there’s a proper family atmosphere. It’s important to us that people enjoy coming to work. Alexa has come into our lives and is here to stay and people are using smart technology for everything from switching on the dishwasher to ordering an espresso.

I suppose there is an element of laziness about it, but no matter how smart technology becomes, you will always have to get up and walk over to the machine to collect your own coffee.

We love it when clients come to the workshop to see their kitchen or bedroom furniture being made. When it comes to finishes and trends, we are currently being asked for concrete veneers on door and also doors veneered in ceramic. Kitchens are currently quite dramatic, and there’s a move towards darker wood and patterned tiles. Another trend is having things that have more than one use. So you might have a trough that’s a herb garden for a while but can also be used to store and chill champagne.

We pride ourselves on our showroom being a friendly environment that people enjoy visiting and spending time in.

We both feel very lucky to love what we do and we really care about every individual project and treat it as if it is our own. There are lots of aspects to consider; accessibility, cost, organization – and of course, the aesthetics – to display or not to display?

Others like a more homely feel with crockery and cook books on show. But, probably the most important thing to consider is how much storage you need or can afford and this is likely to come down to life-style considerations and how many people are in your home. Call us today to discuss how we can help you. No kitchen is too small nor any space too challenging!

Commissioning furniture can be a rewarding experience.

Unique hand-made furniture enhances your home or , and is also an expression of your personal style. Furthermore, a classic piece of furniture can be passed on to future generations as your personal legacy. Very competitively priced solid wood furniture that will not beaten in the “5 shire counties”, we will do our very best to ensure that you are pleased with price and service. This table is available in 9 different finishes.

We are a family run business who create custom made furniture, built to 'wow', and built to last.

We then converted the entire barn into our showroom that now has over 500 pieces of handcrafted furniture. A piece that the entire family of cheese lovers can use and enjoy. Oak feet are used to raise the surface to enhance the piece that is displayed on it. The result is a superb piece of craftsmanship, exquisitely and lovingly refinished and with newly exposed wood polished to match exactly the original surfaces. This was to enhance the functionality of the piece giving a smaller proportion and plenty of space to move around. The newly exposed edge were then sanded and shaped smoothly to the original shape of the cut off edges. A matching finish was then applied to the edges to blend in with the existing appearance of the table as if it had not be altered. The request was to cut the diameter of the table to a smaller size and to replicate the newly exposed edges to match the original edges of the table. The chair was to be stripped of its original finish and to have a light brown finish applied. One of the legs had fallen off that needed to be re-glued into position. Several existing thick layers of the original finish were stripped back and it was evident that all of the legs and lower rails were loose, therefore each of these component's needed to be re-positioned and glued. The entire chair was lightly de-nibbed in order to make each surface smooth in preparation for the light brown varnish to be applied. One leg was detached and the entire surface of the chair was coated with a thick and dark finish. The claw was purely being held together with a single screw.

Bespoke Furniture Handmade Kitchens Fitted Wardrobes by Gate House Furniture

These have been with us for 15 years, but unfortunately due to multiple transatlantic moves and wear and tear five of them were no longer usable - until now. Given the handmade quality of these chairs, it required high quality craftsmanship to be able to restore them while maintaining their original quality and durability. Restoring the quality of the aesthetic's and durability meant that the client could one again enjoy their set of dining chair's with their family for many more years to come. The piece had not been unusable of a long period of time. Until the client approached me to fully restored it back to a functional and aesthetically pleasing state, to be once again loved and placed in the living room where it can be used and looked at every day. The wooden grooves for runners inside the bookcase were made to fit the glass pains smoothly. A missing fixing on one of the window pains was replaced for it to be functional once again. There were several knocks and bruised edges on the corners and bottom of the piece that needed attention and re polishing. Many marks, scratches and stains were evident. The entire surface was striped and then re polished to match the existing colour. Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture for your home couldn’t be easier. Our team of dedicated craftsmen work to exceptional standards combining traditional and modern techniques with their artistic expertise. For ideas and inspiration for your own piece of bespoke furniture, browse the gallery pages full of previous commissions and then to discuss your exact requirements. Whether it is solving storage predicaments with style or reflecting your individuality we can provide you with a solution. Handmade furniture that can enhance your life and be enjoyed for years after you are gone.

We specialise in making quality, bespoke furniture and also stock a wide range of items in our showroom. Bespoke projects are not always a fitted bedroom or alcove bookcase for the lounge. Maybe you have seen something you like but it is not available in the size you require or the colour or finish just isn’t right. Or maybe you require a coffee table, bedside table or bookcase to match some existing furniture you already have.

You can find some examples of furniture we have crafted within the gallery section of our website.

We can also source manufactured items from a range of suppliers. If this is not possible we offer an alteration service. It really is appreciated and we are starting to enjoy spending time in there now that we are getting mostly back to normal!

The kitchen was well fitted and made exactly as requested and we appreciated how clean and tidy you were. Once again many thanks for the excellent job. My furniture is no more expensive than many high street furniture .

You might even wonder why you ever went to the high street in the first place. Richard is a great craftsman, producing very fine quality furniture and his prices were very competitive.

I was extremely pleased with the high standard of his work, and the finished result. He was painstaking in his preparation and the execution of the work. Piggeries is a family run business that has been supplying handcrafted furniture for over 25 years. Choose from several hundred pieces in our shop, or have your very own custom made piece, built to all your specifications and handmade in our rural workshop. Visiting our showroom is far different from high street shops.