Checking does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. The degree of checking will vary from product to product and even from log to log.

Small pinholes scattered throughout some logs create additional contrast and beauty. These characteristics add to the uniqueness of their and lend it a unique rustic appeal that is very popular with rustic furniture owners. Traveling between lakes and rivers in the wild woods inspired the creation of small "carryable" wooden guideboats and packbaskets. As old craft traditions are passed down, new ones evolve.

Some crafts are practical; others are simply decorative. Browse the gallery, or order pieces made to your specifications.

You may purchase hand-knit sweaters; stock up on needlework supplies and products (from yarn and buttons to spinning wheels and rug making necessities); attend classes in knitting and other fiber arts; and even learn to care for sheep. Taxidermy is produced in the shop out back, and the store carries rustic décor and accessories, camp furnishings,
and unique gifts. In 6, 000 square feet of showrooms, you'll find much more, including a shop devoted to quilts and gifts.

I am at a loss for these negative reviews!

Save yourself from an unpleasant shopping experience, unless you don't care that you will be treated like an inconvenience.

We own a dining room set, several end tables, mirrors and always love their soaps. The owners are always there and heavily involved and genuinely care about their customers and are genuinely kind and thoughtful people. Plan to take a good hour if you really want to see everything. Built in 1883, the old house has been updated with earthy, calm paint colors, rustic furniture and cedar beds.

We provide coffee and creamer for our guests and offer a full kitchen for them use and share. Innkeeper apartment is downstairs, so there is always someone around to help whenever you need.

You can sit out in the yard, hang out on the back porch or at the fire pit, watching the seasons change. Bowers says he makes fine furniture that just happens to be made out of slabs, roots, and twigs. For uses of a photo (other than educational or non-commercial purposes), contact the photo’s institution of origin. The lodge look brings comfort with a casual style to escape the outside world. For wedding and shower registries we will supply enclosure cards to include with your invitations. Our rustic gift baskets and crates can be customized to fit your needs. Rustics offers superior artisan craftsmanship. The amber colored stump quivered with outstretched roots that had been dug up from the earth, resting evenly on top of the bench like tentacles. Jaques finished drawing a deep cut into the knotted wood and quieted the chainsaw, explaining that the tree stump would be the base of a vanity — a custom piece, fitted with a petrified-wood sink bowl and fountain-style faucet. Jaques was carving out the back of the stump to make a little room for a drain pipe.

I can spend most of my time in the shop and focus on making furniture. He said he started with the small stuff, “chairs, lamps and things,” and moved on from there. In the soft light of the rustic store, the birch bark gives off a metallic glimmer. But he also said his aim is to create an environment that is friendly to everyone, complete with handmade crafts, for a reasonable price. It’s filled with both the basic elements — long straight yellow birch logs, a year’s supply of birch bark, boxes of deer antlers, a rack filled with century old wooden tops — and also finished pieces being held for clients or waiting for a turn at the show room. It’s dark and the air is heavy with rich wooden tones. At the backside of the barn, a walk through kiln is filled with yellow birch stumps.

Owls Head Mountain Rustic Furniture 3345 Route 73 Keene NY

Jaques said, knocking dirt off a moss-covered stump. The barn wood tops are literally salvaged from old barns. The wood is aged naturally, relinquishing the character imparted by decades of wind, weather and rain — a true exotic wood crafted by nature. Hews, who is active in finding and restoring barn wood. Another element that provides adirondack flair and interest are deer antlers, which come from farm raised fallow deer, which produce impressive broad-shaped antlers that they shed naturally. Everything is just such high quality, the selection is endless, and the people absolutely wonderful. They have a huge investment in their business and they obviously care very much about quality and taking care of their customers.

We have been building rustic furniture and fixtures all of our lives.

We have strong family values, and are involved in many outdoor activities.

We have outdoor furniture, weathervanes and handmade carved screen doors. Everything is custom made, but with very reasonable pricing. Very good prices and wide selection of locally made furniture goods. Steve’s workshop is in the large barn behind the store.

We invite you to stop by our gallery and view the many selections of camp and lodge furnishings that we offer.

We know each of our builders personally and can have a custom piece made for you within two to four weeks. The cherry wood that we use is from local property owners and is purchased in thousand board foot lots.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction in every piece we make and look forward to working with you. Decorating your home interior can be a fun project. If you are concerned about parking, you shouldn't be. There are plenty of parking options in the area.