Log Home Plans Everything Log HomesSo how do you go about choosing a lot for your new log home? You probably have a good idea of the location. What else do you need to consider?
You want to build a summer home on your favorite lake. You always wanted a rustic mountain cabin for skiing. You just want a little cabin for hunting and fishing.

Or you’re building your dream log cabin for your retirement home, and you want to be near your kids and grandkids.

You’ll need to wear clothing suitable for walking through the woods or unmowed fields, and shoes or boots that can get muddy and provide good support.

When you have purchased your lot, you are ready to start looking at log home plans. While it’s fun to look at plans for all kinds of log and timber homes, you can quickly become overwhelmed.
Before you get started looking at log home plans, quiz yourself on what you want and need. Here are some questions and thoughts to help you: