There are many small towns and it is great to visit all of them because they all have something to offer. Go to their farms and feed the cows and chicken and pet the piglets.

It’s just an amazing place to go and exhale. The countryside is beautiful to see and enjoy.

We steered off the main roads for some real ambiance. Came across a delightful farm where the wife was selling jams and jellies.

We went to their basement store and were delighted by the assortment of home made goodies. John who took us in his buggy was so informative he told us lots of stories and how they live. Beautiful terrain and farmland for as long as you could see. If you are hungry, there are many old fashioned recipes that will blow your mind!

Their retail have plenty of quality items, usually made on premises. Just a wonderful region filled with warm hospitality.

Inside An Amish Furniture Woodworking Shop Tour Millcraft (2018)

Thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful environment.

We came with a group of 24 and we didn't make a reservation but they were very friendly and accommodating. This site has been temporarily disabled, please try again later. They depend on their church and community to stand with them in difficult circumstances. As mentioned in another article if their house or barn burns the community responds by helping them to rebuild. In many cases if the family is unable to absorb the losses, the deacon will visit the families of the district to solicit funds for the family to help them get back on their feet. The receiving family knows that they will have an opportunity to repay when tragedy strikes someone. We offer a list of informative articles to help you understand their culture, and way of life. When you add a property or service to your favorites, you may receive additional information from those businesses via e-mail. Enter in our photo contest and you may see your work featured on our website!

A local businessman is working to change that. And this skill and expertise from a life of woodworking gives him discerning vision for well-wrought pieces. The direct relationships with the talented builders are important.

I place orders, transport to finish shops, pick up hardware, and freight small finished products back to the store. For custom work, which consists of over half of our business, he can envision what a customer needs and what the finished product will look like. Our vision for what is needed and what may look best is a gift we give the customer. Our is not the most expensive and not the least expensive, but it is the best value.

We cater to people who embrace the home as a place for family and friends. Roseanne specialize in furniture that will be passed down for generations. They sell all kinds of wood combinations and will also custom build anything to your liking. This is a must stop if your looking for custom, hand crafted, solid wood furniture. Furniture for every room, including several new upholstery lines. It is where you welcome special loved ones and friends, create family memories and retreat to after a busy day.

I have never had better customer service anywhere!

Amish Country Ohio

Local big box retailers had none in stock, only available with a 1-2 week delay. However, after that, things went downhill quickly. At first glance from outside, it doesn't appear to be too big. But, once we walked in, we were blown away by the vast selection of furniture.

We went to check mattresses out and was happy that we did not have to go anywhere else.

We are excited about all our new products. Our employees are waiting to serve you with a smile.