The modern barn-style house with wooden trusses features large glass fronts with view of the peaceful rural surroundings. A sheer gray linen drum shade conceals the chandelier, leaving only the crystals to twinkle above the .

Minimalist Interior Country Furniture

White slipcovers on the dining chairs look fresh around the wood table. Words printed on the sack become the focal point on the back of the chair. A large double window over the sink lets light fill the space. Toile slipcovers turn a chair and ottoman with red leather upholstery into a modern country set that is right at home in this romantic bedroom.

A large white cupboard dominates the corner without overwhelming the space, and a sisal rug adds texture along with a natural touch. Mismatched chairs are united with natural linen upholstery and painted white finish. A marbletop steel computer table is tucked in the corner -- a reminder that this room is more modern than it looks. White walls, linens, and create a serene mood in the master bedroom. Light blue paint on the ceiling gives the sense that you're always sitting under a clear blue sky. Antique treasures like the stone guard dog and ball make their way onto the porch, bringing the home's eclectic style outdoors.

Interior Design – This Modern Home Is A Lesson In Minimalist Living

Architect Gillian Green took a pared-back approach when designing this home. See how she transformed a dark and dated space.

A large mirror on the wall reflects the light from the window, making the space bright and airy. The arrangement is simple enough to change regularly. An eye-catching schoolhouse window was converted into a mirror. A crystal chandelier adds a glamorous touch. Every element of the home is edited down to its simplest parts. Here, the pairing of a chair and old circular wood window creates a beautiful vignette. The window's distressed finish and the chair's feed sack upholstery add character to a blank wall. Linen curtains casually drape the front window and drag on the floor. A demilune table with a distressed white finish sits over the radiator. It's a detox for your decor with some seriously stylish results and mood boosting benefits.

I mean, have you seen an all-white room that didn't look chic?

Not relying on accessories means you can focus instead on investing in strong statement pieces of furniture, full of character. A mid-century side board perhaps or an upholstered armchair ?

If you think transforming your home into a minimalist haven is harder than it looks, then help is at hand.

We have created a roundup of some of the most delicious and beautiful minimalist rooms around, along with tips on how to get rid of the unnecessary, keep what you love and celebrate simplicity in your home. This dresser is ideal for keeping your kitchen clutter at bay and surfaces clear. It looks bold, calming and most of all sophisticated. All-white rooms mean you can have fun with the small amount of accessories you have and can add depth by using a variety of different textures and gradients of colour. By creating a focal point to the room by centering the dining table and chairs and sticking to a muted palette like this crisp white, means all you need are a few accesories and, really, only a few. Some pendant lights look chic, perhaps a vase or cookbook here and there but kitchens are great places to be clever with storage. If you have a certain number of hangers, make sure that's how many clothes are in the closet. Shoes and other items can all be stored away in drawers and beautiful boxes. Try contrasting the muted colour scheme and lack of furniture with fun toys, perhaps oversized, unusual shapes. Something as small as having two identical plants on either side of a sink or a simple large rug in the centre of the floor is all you need.

A taste of India can make a minimalist interior pop

Minimalist Interior Modern Country Villa Rural Setting

We also love the contrast of the open beamed ceiling. Just having a toilet, a bathtub a duo of paint colours and bright coloured throw to pop - it's genius and less hassle to maintain. Start afresh and give your bathroom a beautiful clean lick of paint. Not only are lighter colours great for bathrooms in creating light and making spaces seem bigger, it also means the few accessories you do buy can be bright, colourful and cheery. All you need are the basics, a wooden table, unusual wooden chairs a sideboard and perhaps some wall art. Why not try investing in some large well-made items like this black metal shelf, pendant light and black metal chairs. In fact, it stands in complete contrast to the recent popularity of pale, soft shades. And they perfectly accompany cooler fall temperatures. For longevity and freshness, focus on integrating a singular gemstone hue in an otherwise neutral space, where it can carry the colour load. Placing small, medium, large and extra-large scaled patterns next to one another allows for easy cohabitation. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent minds. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. And how breezy do those drapes look on the back patio!

Tones of yellow, blue, green and browns are common. Softer tones like grey, terracotta, pinks and off white also feature.

You won’t find unnecessary accessories or decorative elements in a modern space, as this style is much more about simplicity than clutter.

Minimalist Modern Country Villa in a Rural Setting

The negative space, is considered just as important as the furniture and objects themselves. Basic geometric forms and simple materials help to create a sense of order and represent high-quality. You’ll see concrete floors, exposed timber beams, steel, and unfinished surfaces. Natural light is celebrated, minimal accessories and a few pops of colour is thrown in. Will it fit through the doors and passageways?

Despite common misconception, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a bleak, lifeless room colored only in black and white – it simply means decorating for function and doing away with what’s unnecessary. If you need further proof that minimalist bedrooms can be beautiful, then check out the eight rooms featured here. Serene, clean and uncluttered – just looking at them is relaxing. This isn’t a decorating theme that works well with elaborate canopies, sleigh beds, four-posters or other more ornate styles of furniture. You’ll also rarely find a large or elaborate headboard; frequently, there is no headboard at all. And in keeping with the style’s less-is-more feel, there shouldn’t be an abundance of throw pillows, shams or other bedding extras.

In fact, having plenty of open space helps keep the look clean, streamlined and unfussy. That doesn’t mean every wall has to be bare , just that there’s no need to hang as many pictures as you typically would with other decorating styles. Along with unadorned walls, you’ll generally find little beyond necessities on dresser tops or nightstands. While those are undeniably very popular colors in this style, it’s perfectly fine to use other colors if that is your preference. The key is to keep the palette very simple – this isn’t the theme for a riot of brights, a medley of pastels or any color combination that goes beyond one or two hues. Generally, neutrals work best for the minimalist look, along with moody darks, white or mid-tone shades.

Creating Depth & Texture With Minimalist Home Decor | Home Series

Here are some of my favorite ways to add depth and texture to a minimalist home interior. PRODUCTS MENTIONED:


The subdued look of these colors keeps the room serene. Ornate trim, curves and details are best left to other decorating themes. The key is to keep those elements under control. More importantly, keep pattern contained to just a few areas in the room – minimalist style relies mostly on solid blocks of color for its tranquil feel. As for artwork, just one large piece hanging on the wall is enough, as long as that piece is well chosen. That means paying close attention to scale; no overly large furniture in a tiny room, or conversely, tiny pieces that feel lost in a large space. It also means keeping the furnishings balanced – while you don’t need to arrange your furniture and décor as symmetrically as the bedroom shown here, you do want to keep the overall look evenly arranged so that the eye moves smoothly through the space. When a room’s layout is properly balanced, the feel is calm and controlled – both trademarks of minimalist style. Check out this room: it’s welcoming and lovely, but there are no collectibles, no unneeded furnishings and just a few pieces of artwork for interest. The floor plan includes four bedrooms and a “great room” with soaring 22-foot ceilings that points to an open kitchen. With its airy interior and modern decor choices, you’d never realize that part of its history dates back to the early 20th century. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a place like this, now’s your chance. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about minimalist decor ?

The most common minimalist decor material is cotton. Tapestries add a wonderful mix of pattern and texture to a room. For all sorts of reasons – whether economic or environmental – provenance really matters. Antiques can be restored and we should be able to fix modern furniture, too, however inexpensive. There’s nothing hippyish about wanting to be surrounded by natural materials – they look, feel and smell far nicer than plastic. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages. If the flooring is not white wood, then it still remains light in color with wood such as birch or pine, or a cool grey stone tile. What better way to let in the much-loved light than large windows?

With past-times revolving around outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and swimming—they take every possible opportunity to be in the great outdoors. Interiors reflect this by bringing in numerous natural plants, and furnishings that mimic nature through their rustic wood grain. So, loosen up; open your windows, letting in the cool breeze and natural views—this is a look that says relax and stay while. Homes are meant to be open, airy and have a flow that allows easy living. Maybe we should all take a cue from this simpler lifestyle and get rid of some of our un-required clutter. A simplistic, yet artful, approach reveals itself in all their furnishings through simple straight lines combined with understated ornateness. Quite literally, their furniture is like an object of art, and it will last for a lifetime. This is the reason that there are still some great antiques that remain on the market. Rather, these fireplaces were functional and meant to provide warmth and a place to cook. Scandinavian homes feature world-leading green technologies that are exported around the globe. So go ahead, paint your walls a lovely muted grey or blue; throw some white slipcovers over your furniture and maybe pick up an antique or two.

Country French Decorating

What does modern farmhouse decor really mean?

When looking to cultivate your own take on modern farmhouse decor, it always pays to put a fresh spin on rustic elements so your home feels unique to you while remaining thoroughly modern in spirit. Considering the many highs and lows of modern farm life, it’s no wonder that everything starts and ends with practicality. Take in every element and detail like the flow through a room, the lighting, and furniture scale and placement. Consider what works and what doesn’t, along with what alternatives you should consider in order to make ease your major priority. Here, furnishings and storage solutions should take center stage for every room, even before you begin to usher in decorative elements. How to create a modern farmhouse interior?

For a modern farmhouse interior, it’s all about a vibrant mix of the old and the new for a comfortable, soothing vibe. Source a mix of industrial metals for modern farmhouse kitchen decor counterbalanced by sleek white marble countertops and a large farmhouse sink. By sticking to simple sophistication, you’ll also be able to inject natural elements to highlight a truly modern farmhouse interior custom to you. To avoid the pitfalls of getting carried away, use caution and ask yourself what purpose will something serve in your home, and how will it enhance it?

As today’s modern farmhouse decor is shy on old-school country elements like gingham, keep it cool with the classic mantra that less is more and do edit carefully. Unless you’re living in an actual repurposed barn, there’s absolutely no reason to install one in a contemporary home. For one, they’re childish, and more importantly, they’ll become a costly trend you’ll tire of quickly. If it looks like it’s on it’s last leg, leave it out at as it won’t help to create an elevated first impression and it will eventually need to be replaced. The original features of the 18th century style architecture — the rounded windows, thick walls, and beams — have been kept in tact. And in true nordic style, the home itself has been renovated in a modern way, but with the same materials that were originally integral to the style of architecture — lime-washed walls, wood panelling and stone floors all feel natural to the house. The modern updates in the kitchen and bathrooms are incorporated into the structure by maintaining the color palette of beiges, grays, and whites. Some of the best choices made for this spare yet welcoming country home are the limited furnishings and accents. In a place that should be about good company and your surroundings, editing down the decor is a must. Bedrooms are outfitted with cozy and high quality bedding with little else, while in the living room a few cushions and throws invite lounging. However, this intriguing home décor style is a situation in which opposites definitely attract. The look is steadily becoming one of the most popular aesthetics in today’s landscape—and it’s not hard to see why people are falling in love. We’ve outlined exactly why this look works as well as it does, including a few pointers on how you can pull the look together. Rooms often felt cramped, even if they were sizable—it was just a little too much. Then, trends headed in the opposite direction, as ultra-minimalism became the style du jour.

People began to favor huge, nearly-empty rooms that were based entirely on functionality. Furniture styles became slim and lightweight, and there was hardly an accessory in sight, yielding interiors that often felt stark and overly clinical. Do this by building the room around your furniture. Keep it simple—you’ll have plenty of time to focus on aesthetic additions later. In particular, you’ll layer pieces that create a contrast with each other texturally. Doing so helps the room appear much more interesting, and also helps it feel purposefully put together. The above photo is an excellent example of layering the right way. Remember: texture refers to the way an item looks like it feels. An “accessory” is considered as anything that adds aesthetic value to a room. In some cases, it can also serve some sort of functional purpose, but that’s not always necessary. However, at the same time, your space shouldn’t feel cluttered. If you’re ready to join the trend, keep this post handy, and create the perfect balance for your home.

Minimalist homes that will make you hate clutter

Unlike other tendencies when strict and cold motifs were more preferable, today the accent is made on softer and live variants of this style. Fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and pastel shades. Although, lately there appeared softer shapes, more colors and textures. The main element of this style is attention to shape, color and texture. Planning doesn’t suppose dividing into rooms; furniture, cloth or glass partitions play the role of separators. Furniture must have streamline shapes and upholstered with neutral colored leather. Shiny surfaces and straight lines look amazing in this interior. Details should be made of stainless steel or chrome. The amount of accessories should be minimal. Floor should be made of materials that are easy to clean and take care of – wood, linoleum or stone tile. White should form basis for walls, floor and furniture. As an alternative you can choose neutral colors such as beige, grey, light-green. In the basis there should be unshowy color, to make accents you can use any bright color, but only one. Bright red color is traditional and the most popular choice for highlighting details on a white background, although this is a matter of taste and there can be chosen any color you like. Very often people hang a picture or some large details on walls. Big windows that usually do not have curtains or shades, create an effect of lightness. Minimalism is especially popular among businessmen and creative people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicalness. Minimalism allows expressing yourself without using any screaming accessories or unusual furniture. This webpage provides useful data to us, keep it up. Here’s everything you need to know about the two aesthetics.

It emphasizes simplicity and function in furniture, but modern minimalism has become softer and less strict over time with a wider range of textures and other cozier aspects. It's now used in reference to everything from pant suits to silverware. Not only does this mirror use almost the entire wall space, its frame actually dictates the style of the room!

This mirror is not only functional, but serves as an art piece and adds some elegance to the space. Two mirrors - double the light and double the space!

This mirror lengthens the room- perfectly positioned!

This mirror is working on many levels - it adds height, light, elegance, wealth and art to the space.

You almost can't tell which one is the mirror!

Not only can it show off your personality, but it can take the place of 20 nick-nacks in a fraction of the space and decrease clutter in a room. Check out the next post about how large mirrors can enhance your living space.

We just want you to know that we are getting back in the saddle, so to speak and will be updating here shortly. Especially when you're touring another country and (for me) you see all the vibrant fashion and because of time limitations and also (for both of us) because you're on 'vacation' you become accustomed to eating out everywhere. This is the great thing about living minimalistic.

Luxurious Minimalism

We noticed we hadn't checked out of 'vacation mode' until almost a month after returning home!

Being minimalistic is a number of things, but most importantly it is a mindset that leads a way of life.

You truly do live happier by owning less!

You invest your money most often in items you will never see a penny return on.

You spend more time with, taking care of or worrying about items than for family, friends or other more valuable and rewarding activities.

You have the potential to create a habit that causes you to be unhappy because the more you spend the more you see your own need for wealth to buy even more.

We didn't have much time to pack because our jobs were nuts so we only loaded up everything that was absolutely essential. Can you believe that we still had half a house and a garage left at the old house?

Now if anyone had taken that 10s of thousands and invested it in a high return portfolio such as those offered at 9-12% (mainly mutual funds) you could have compounded a great deal more in a very short time. A wealthy person stays wealthy because they make their money work for them - not the other way around. Its very unsettling to see so many people waisting their hard earned precious money freely and on a daily basis.

I guess the term cozy minimalism just hasn't translated on the living room front yet. And, on rare occasion love the extreme modern look. There is this odd connection with "white walls", "white couches" and "minimalism".

A minimalist country home

Minimalist Interior Modern Country Villa Rural Setting

The rock brings a lot of warmth into this space.

I promise it wont take so long to write next time - there is much to tell so see you soon!

Below are just a few of my favorites and they generally fit into my idea of keeping the home minimalisic but cozy. Where in the world do you get stuff like that?

I love how the boards on the wall give the room dimension and character without invading the space. Stay tuned for more cozy minimalist decor ideas.

I thought, hey maybe there is a 'cozy' type of minimalism!

I was worried it would be stark and cold. The bathroom shelves were airy and light, but still cozy and inviting (picutres to come soon).

I believe especially for a family, that is very wise to have). Pictures of my purges will be coming soon!

I hope it encourages someone to embrace the simple but cozy life too.