It’s small but very comfortablly allows 4 guests plus room on the for all the pretty table setting!!

I first saw this table online and then went to the to se it.

Modern Square Dining Table Furniture

It’s heavy, solid yet so famine with the scalloped edge.

I want to say that the 2 men who delivered and assembled my table were awesome!

It didn’t matter enough to me to return it (especially since living spaces said it’s supposed to be that. This table is full of details that add extra character to any kitchen/dining space.

It is perfect for my small kitchen space, it actually makes the space look bigger and the shape helps me save a lot of space. Be sure to put placemats or something to prevent chipping. It is a subtle light gray and brings a fresh look to any casual dining area. Sits so comfortable that it does not need cushions which is great for just wiping clean. Worth buying the care plan that does with it.

We wanted something bigger than we had and liked the rustic/weathered look.

The top is put together with lots of pieces creating an authentic look so its not perfectly even. It has the storage we need and the look we love!

It's simple, sturdy, stylish and looks great with my banana leaf chairs. It is a classic look and goes great with my other living spaces furniture. The espresso color works great with the grey walls. A little worried that the top of the table could scratch easily but can remedy that by putting a piece of glass over.

We turned right and he saw a white table and said, "this is a nice table with the drawers at each position. The delivery guys were great, clean and efficient.

I waited patiently for about a month, and then ended up canceling it altogether once they tried to deliver a floor model that was filthy.

I ended up repurchasing it and it was delivered that same day.

I have learned that it wipes beautifully with a non-scented baby wipe from any spills or smudges from the kiddos.

I wanted something traditional and yet uniquely new and stunning. This is the first piece of furniture you see when you walk in.

I got doesn't have as much variation in color. The table is very solid and heavy--seems like a great length. It is on the heavy side but that is what makes it a solid grand table.

I could not be happier with the entire set. It looks stunning with so much detail and great workmanship. Beautifully made as all the furniture at this store. There is nowhere else better to shop for great quality products at reasonable prices. With this purchase, our family has united more at dinner time and has giving us the opportunity to bond. The base doesn’t move when you add the leaf that extends the table to seat six or even a cozy eight.

We did buy the protection plan because it covers nicks and scratches and we have already encountered some so we will be calling them shortly.

I love this table, matching armchairs and the diamond back side chairs.

50 Most Popular Contemporary Dining Room Tables for 2018

Modern Square Table Tables Dining Room Decor

Table grain is beautiful with natural characteristics, color is deep and no flaws, the edging/skirt under the top makes it hard for tall folks to cross legs underneath but it is very nice.

I was looking for in both style and functionality. Delivery guys were super great, on time and made sure everything was assembled and working perfectly. The table is of good quality and attractive. Beautifully constructed for the rustic look we wanted. Rustic it is with a weathered finish and worn tabletop details. It is somewhat rough on the surface, but seeing it in person at the store it was not unexpected.

We liked the color and the rustic feel of the table and bought six of the matching side chairs, even though four would be just fine. This table is made from recycled wood, an idea that we liked. Each table is unique in patina and grain. The color fit perfectly with the brown sectional we bought from the same store and fits well with the kitchen cabinets and island. It has received complements for its looks and was easy to assemble and also light weight.

I looked at other chairs but ended up with the ones shown and love them. They delivered the table earlier than expected ( time wise)which is great as well. The delivery men were super friendly and quick to assemble the table but gentle at the same time. Christmas party and were blessed by all the compliments. It was easy to put together and the look was perfect for our kitchen. The wood shade and size is perfect for the three of us at home.

I move it to the wall when it is just us and move it in the middle of the dining room when we get guests.

Dining Tables to Fit Dining Room Decor

We also bought the bench and happily speaking bought the. I got this table as i needed a table for my eat in kitchen so works well for my family of four. This table is great quality and the perfect size for a dining room. Paired with metal and wood chairs that actually look like they were made for the table. What kind of dining room table you get depends on how you’ve furnished your house or how many people are in your family.

You may want a circular table with a glass top that comfortably seats four.

You may want a square wooden dining room table that can expand with a leaf when you have guests over for dinner. Or you may want a tall dining room table that works best with barstools as opposed to chairs. Whatever kind of dining room table you want, we’ve got one that will look great in your kitchen or your dining room. They are all made from solid wood and protected with a durable finish. And if you're going to go to all the trouble to have a nice dinner, or a good bottle of wine, why not ensure your table matches the level of quality and appeal.

But at home, your lighting is probably a lot brighter. You'll receive them free of charge in about 3-5 days. The hand crafted elegance of this table will be a pleasure to have at the center of any entertaining you do in your home. No piece is made before it is ordered so that every piece is customized to your preference. The sleek angles and lines bring everything together into a modern dining table that will fit beautifully in your dining area. The leaves are stored inside the table, making it space efficient and allows you to accommodate two to eight people.

The solid wood of this modern extendable dining table, make it a sturdy place to hold many dishes while you enjoy your time with friends and family. Stem offers three different stains for this made to order table. This modern square dining table can quickly become the center of attention during any entertaining. Customize your table with a choice of stains so that it fits your home perfectly. This transition gives the modern dining table a unique look and a profile that is thinner like the curbs. Stem offers three different woods to make each piece a unique addition to your dining room. Choose the wood and color that will complement your home. With the convenience of having the extendable leaf stored within the table, this modern dining table makes it easy for you to entertain guests for dinner, or just enjoy a quiet meal with your family. The attractive legs complete this light and balanced look, giving an overall appearance of class and style. The offset legs makes it comfortable for more people to sit at the table. This modern table is stylish enough to use in a restaurant or , and yet still sophisticated to be an attractive addition to your home dining area. The round table creates a more personal and intimate setting and the edges show the layering of the bamboo used to create a solid surface for you to use. Choose to have the trough in the middle for candles, dining accompaniments, or small plants.

You can also choose from two different stains, making this modern table the perfect addition to any dining room. The plus shaped trough in this modern table gives you a functional space that can be used for candles, flowers, or whatever else you can imagine. The modern table can be made from four different colors in bamboo, adding an elegant touch to any dining area. Stem offers multiple options in the color of bamboo, as well as whether or not to include the trough. This modern table has a functional space that can be used for flowers, candles, or anything else you want to use as a centerpiece, all contained in the plus shaped trough. Choose from four different colors for the bamboo, to either match your décor or make it pop!

Your dining room table is at the heart of your home. It’s the place where people come together to share meals and celebrations with family and friends. Your want a table that’s both functional and attractive and that will fit your lifestyle. Compact or expansive, for a cozy corner or the center hall, our tables are the stylish centerpiece for your dining style. Whether you’re looking for ultra-modern and architectural or classic and streamlined, we have options. When it comes to dining room tables, size is a critical consideration. Whether you want a round, square, or rectangular table, we can help you determine the size that will maximize your available space without crowding the room. Or choose from glass, quartz, and marble for a polished look. Using your table as a starting point, choose from our dining chairs to create a set that’s uniquely yours, and add a cabinet for storage. Then set the table and get ready for family and guests to gather. While decorating your home, a dining table set is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy. It is where you’ll sip your morning coffee with newspaper in hand, or where the kiddos will spend hours knocking out homework. Our collection of white dining tables and black dining tables make for an artful arrangement.

Modern Dining Table Collection

Whether it’s a casual weeknight meal with your family or a sophisticated soiree with friends, these tables are sure to be a part of many memorable moments. Browse our collection of dining tables to find just the right pick for your space. Our wide array of dining tables will allow you to pick just the right table to meet your needs and tastes. Are you looking for a selection of square tables for more intimate settings?

We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of products so that you can always seat your guests in comfort and your chosen style. Do you need a large rectangular dining table that can seat more than four people comfortably?

If you want to encourage more dinner conversation and have everyone see each other easily without having to crane their necks, a round table is probably your best bet. Home dining will never be out of fashion, and the right dining table is a prerequisite for a happy get-together with your loved ones or a romantic candlelight dinner with your own special someone. It is a beautiful color and the plank top is super charming. It is browner than it looks in the pictures it is not a weathered gray, but it goes with the weathered chairs that we bought separately. It really adds a lot of personality to the space and it's very solidly made.

We have it closer to a painting in our dining room and didn't want a table that makes you sit the chairs on the ends of the table.

We also wanted to show off the legs of this piece. Quality looks good so far, if the color won’t change along the time, it will be perfect.

You cannot get a same quality with similar price!!

If you have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to reach out.

We focus on a pressure-free sales experience and emphasize being as helpful and informative as possible so you can shop around, get price comparisons, and decide what is best for you and your home. This is where you share those intimate moments with your loved ones and friends that you will remember forever. During ordinary meal times, small gatherings, and special celebrations, the dining table provides the canvas for these occasions to unfold. The modern dining room table is a perfect piece to add for this setting. However, choosing a table for your modern dining table set or kitchen table set depends on a number of different factors. There are also modern wood dining tables with glass , metal or wood tops. Looking for a formal, rectangular and white dining table that can seat more than 10 for the next time you host a party or maybe a more casual modern round table for get-togethers with friends?

Able to extend with a leaf or simple mechanisms, the modern extension table can easily accommodate both your large party, providing the needed extra surface space, and private meals with your partner without being too roomy. If you're looking for a functional small modern dining table and a larger table for those last minute guests, the extendable table is an excellent choice. More and more families are starting to move away from having a separate dining room to incorporating the dining experience into the kitchen space.

These modern kitchen tables for small spaces are great for dinner, while not taking up too much space. Perfect for smaller rooms or apartments, the cafe table is a splendid alternative to standard dining tables. Use the bar or counter height table for an additional prep area. The height difference between those sitting and standing makes the environment more relaxed than sitting at a lower, more formal dining table. Create a more conversational and casual atmosphere with a bar table. Don't forget to pair your modern dining table with dining chairs that match the look. May not be combined with any other coupon codes, promotions or discounts. It's fun for two, tight for three and impossible for four diners. The set looks much more expensive than it was and is a very pretty color. Although it is shown with 4 chairs you couldn't get 4 plates on the table. My fault but we opened the chairs first and put them together - they are very nice and very sturdy. Then we opened the table and the table was damaged.

Dining Tables

Now, we have to take the chairs apart and repackage to return - hassle!

The table is a little too small for 4 chairs, in my opinion. An innovative material and the craftsmanship in the wood manufacturing have created an authentic masterpiece. Quite a few of our dining tables have extra leaves that are permanently built in and always with you. Never again will you worry about having to add extra leaves from their hidden spot only to have to spend even more time cleaning them to prepare for extra guests. Just use the simple and unique mechanism, each table has a different method, and voila!

Cantoni is home to hundreds of contemporary dining tables, many of which are completely customizable to fit into your home. Choose from several different materials, leg options, colors, sizes and features to make the perfect dining table. Some of the options available for selection are wooden, glass, plastic, marble or metal materials.

We also have a large selection of modern dining tables featuring extremely rare and unique base options. Shop for a wide assortment of dining tables from our other brands. Our expanding dining room tables are versatile for holiday get-togethers, celebrations or even for growing families or spaces that may change over time. The sustainable solid hardwoods of our tables that are made in fair-trade certified facilities meet the demands and sensibilities of eco-minded consumers. Our expanding dining table features an optional drop-leaf that easily and seamlessly expands the table to provide comfortable seating for up to 10. It can function as a kitchen table in an eat-in space, or even be an end table that converts to dining table during dinner in spaces that function as living, dining and sleeping areas. With the right furniture pieces, a small space can be transformed into a pleasantly functional floor plan. A solid wood dining bench can easily be tucked under the table or even put in another space until it is needed, whereas the modular upholstered dining room banquette pieces conspire to create a built-in look with tufted cushions, high backs and corner seating arrangements that allow for left or right configurations. Each piece is sold individually, so you can customize it to fit your needs. Often spanning the table at eye level, the lighting you choose becomes a table’s suspended centerpiece. Our chandeliers and sculptural glass pendants are ideal because they suspend in the center of the table and offer direct lighting that is both needed and appreciated.

Kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood and engineered wood with. We offer fixed and extension tables in all sizes, with clean lines that are perfect for casual or formal entertaining. Our hand-picked collection of modern dining tables accommodates your sense of style, your desire for quality and need for practicality and function. Who knows, you might even find the perfect dining chairs to match?

Consider size and shape two of the most important factors when shopping—long, rectangular styles work well in traditional dining rooms, and urban spaces necessitate more modern dining tables. Match metallic accents, wood finishes and silhouettes, and you're ready to set the table!

Usually the dining room its the place where to collect the entire family for dinner or supper.

This is the reason why every person wishes to have a comfortable and stylish dining room. Usually a dining room consists of just a few main items. The most important parts of a dining room is the dining table.

We also have all kinds of size from very small that can be part of living room in small apartments, to very large items, which can place a huge family. A very important advantage of this table is its ability to expand, so if you have guests you can easily increase the size of the table. Glass countertops looks stylish and beautiful.

Kitchen and Dining Room Tables

It also looks pretty comfortable and smooth. The dining set consists of eight beautiful, super comfortable chairs. The slightly curved back provides a strong hold and support while the seat that curves downwards fastens to the chrome frame. The round dining table spins 360 degrees for a more satisfying dining experience. Our product catalog is by far the largest in the industry. Tables and dining sets in round, rectangle and square to match your space. A beautiful table is the focal point of any dining room, here is where you share meals and memories with family and friends.

We have many styles and options to choose from. Our contemporary black and white tables will make a classic addition to your room, however we have many other colors available.

We also offer unique dining room sets to fit your space. Our round sets are great for families with kids because there are no sharp corners and our modern glass dining room sets offer a lighter alternative to wood. Our black and white modern sets are popular however, we have many colors to choose from including brown, grey/gray, walnut and more.

We have sets to seat 4, 6, or large parties of 8. Complete the look of your modern, contemporary or mid century modern dining room with our unique chairs.

Modern Dining

Modern Square Table Tables Dining Room Decor

With many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, our chairs will keep you, your family and guests seated in comfort and style no matter the occasion. With round, square, rectangular and extendable tables to choose from, we are confident you will find a table to fit your space. Our wood and veneer finish tables will give your dining room a sturdy surface and a beautiful and simple addition to your space.

We offer modern leather chairs and fabric chairs to compliment the aesthetic of your dining room and keep you seated in comfort. See more selection in ourmodern dining room furniture. Improving its functionality, a hollow core base provides added storage space with three open shelves perfect for showcasing extra dining accessories. It’s perfect for any occasion from family game night to a romantic dinner for two, and is easily accessible by wheelchair. The table features a rich wood and veneer top in a marble finish composed atop a metal frame in contrasting black. The perfect centerpiece for contemporary dining areas, it features a clean-lined pedestal base and tabletop composed of four squares. Its simplistic styling allows you to easily accent it with colorful place settings and your favorite chairs, or keep your additions minimal and monochromatic. Crafted from manufactured wood, simply wipe its surface with a dry cloth to clean. As soon as you've pulled up a few coordinating bar stools, you're ready to entertain!