As if in a fairytale, the forest will open up into a meadow and you will be standing in front of … a glass house. Though the two log cabins available for rent have road access, inside the you will forget civilization. The eclectic interior decoration – stairs built around a tree trunk, a beautiful hand-carved canoe hanging from the ceiling, kitchen and counters hewn from the same tree – all contribute to the sense of spirituality and of being deeply connected to nature around you. Cabins can be reserved 11 months in advance or as little as three days before the day of arrival.

Cabin access

Most Luxurious Cabin Rentals On The Planet

Morel provides access to all sorts of high-end restaurants, shops and bars – so even when you leave the house you’re still in the midst of grandeur. A glorious mountain pad is perfect for the winter—skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or snowmobiling—and also ideal for outdoor pursuits during warmer seasons – hiking, biking or off-roading. The dramatic view of hilltops and the valley below often includes migrating eagles flocking around the river which here never freezes over. Sit back and enjoy old vinyl albums on the turntable, read from the many books on the shelves or play a quiet board game.

American budget airline has announced its intentions to begin flights to the islands, many are hoping it could mean lower fares.

Cabin occupancy is limited to one family unit (persons living under one household) or one non-family unit limited to the number of beds in that cabin.