American walnut, white oak and bronze , our pieces add a unique and stylish edge to any home. In their own words, our customers say: “it’s the place where mundane kitchen items, collectibles and rare valuable antiques sit side by side”.

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Definately worth to check out no matter if you are a casual buyer or a serious collector!

Clearly one of the best vintage and antique shops around.

You tell us where and when an item needs to go and we’ll sort out the logistics. From collectible cloisonne scores to tapestries hundreds of years old, the variety is just as impressive as the goods. Featuring a heavy rotation of covetable mid-century modern pieces, the shop is peppered with quirky and often humorous finds that boast historical provenance while lending any home a whimsical sense of play. Visit our live auctions page to learn about our bi-monthly estate auctions accessible both online and in person at our retail location. Featuring over 100 expertly-curated galleries with one of a kind antiques and beautiful vintage pieces.

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We take pride providing reliable service to all of our customers. Sure, you already know the best shops to visit for vintage clothes , but check out these antique stores in the city to find kitschy, crazy and absolutely perfect items that look like they came from fancy home decor stores. The four-floor store is filled with fixtures that make good on the business’ goal of reclaiming building elements to preserve architectural history. The rescued period pieces, including doors, balcony railings and actual friezes from 1905, can have a new life in modern projects. The shop has a pretty fast turnover, so if you see something you love, buy it. Needless to say, there’s not a lot of leftover cash for furniture (let alone inessential decor). That means thinking long term, and maybe buying fewer pieces. Use drapes hung from the ceiling, for example, to make a closet. They can be layered, moved around, and add warmth and depth to any space. Put a mirror where you wish you had a window, and bring a mix of lighting options into your place — overhead lighting, floor lighting, and (for the extra savvy) put everything on a dimmer. Do you collect old things with as much abandon as we do?

I pulled into 7-11 parking lot and next door is this hidden treasure. Carmel back in the ’70’s so now have a pair. The store is mostly open on the weekends and always has new things. Some upscoming sales even have photos of what will be available, so you can see if its worth it to go. Nordstrom’s (yep, not kidding) clearance rack has disproportionately been a source for odds and ends. Also, if you want quality items to use for entertaining (not just as props), get on the private mailing list of the best estate sale professionals in your area. But it didn’t stop with just the engagement ring. The store is a little chaotic with alllllll the stuff inside but its a controlled chaos. Generally ok prices for what you’re buying.

The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center

You can reserve incoming furniture before it’s out on display. Very nice, 3 floor antique galleries with various items from around the world.

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