They often depend on a particular board with extraordinary features. Philadelphia is quite the industrious city with a history of perseverance.

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It’s definitely worth browsing and exploring. Check out their perfectly curated online shop here. Manayunk is an outdoor shopping district named after the main thoroughfare. It’s slightly hilly and plays holiday and classical music through vintage megaphones that gently distort it.

One side of the street stays shady through most of the day while the other side is sunny so it’s perfect for walking regardless of the weather. It’s so perfectly idyllic, like stepping back in a moment in time (except with really modern goods and shops). Some of the buildings were textile mills and date to the 1850s. He was inside of a cloud and a rainbow array of party pom poms. One of my favorite things was a small section of prints on the walls. The clothing they carry is absolutely stunning – mint condition and very unique.

They had a lot of eras that you don’t see in other places. No polyester and no space age was to be seen anywhere. They also had an array of hand knit finished pieces like scarves, shawls and lots of items for wee ones. All of the pieces available for purchase were masterfully crafted with expert patterns and adorable little buttons. The last place is a little bigger, a little more high end, and absolutely amazing.

I love hearing about handmade business success. Their furniture is made of natural materials, mostly wood, and is quite modern and stunning. The pieces are luxurious and you can find just about any piece of furniture you can think of – tables, bed frames, desks and more. There were lots of other shops that carried local and vintage goods. Handmade items are always so much more personal than mass produced stuff.

I love the interesting, independently owned shops you can find throughout the city. She is always talking about all these amazing places in town.

I love the concept of homemade items featured in shops!

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Since 1929, where style, selection and great prices meet!

We're here to help transform your dream house into a dream home.

We know furniture is a journey and we're here to help you at each step. Come on in and walk our 7 levels of accessorized showrooms. And most importantly, get inspired because furniture doesn't just happen every day!

We have since moved on to our current cabinet shop location where we make our furniture. In our small , you can see completed pieces or projects in the works.

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Philadelphia   George Nakashima Woodworkers

Our clients are comprised of repeat business and referrals due to our expertise, punctuality, and giving our clients more than they expect.

We are enthusiastic about extending our reach through our website where you will find a sampling of photos of our work, and look forward to continuing to serve our loyal clients, as well as sharing our craft with new clients.

We keep a wide variety of wood species on hand, including solid woods and exotic veneers. Our finishing is a multi-step process that results in the most beautiful feel and look.

We look forward to any inquiries about our work and excellent craftsmanship.

We provide our clients with the highest quality custom cabinetry, furniture, architectural millwork and finish carpentry.

We are able to execute any style: modern, traditional, contemporary and so on.

We are available for small, medium and large scale residential projects, and small to medium scale commercial projects. He and his crew make furniture and cabinetry, like this oak speaker housing. But he loved making things and always kept a small shop, even when he pursued a career in finance. His hobby turned into a sideline, which in 2012 evolved into a full-time pursuit. Lockerby started out by saying yes to every project, then going back to his shop and quietly panicking over how he'd get it done. Now, he has a team of four employees with varied expertise who work on projects ranging from front doors to kitchen tables to cabinets and mirrors for hair salons. Every hole that's drilled, every part that's put together, was done by one of us. Instead, we might get a self-storage facility. There's really no reason to rush to the finish. To extend dignity and peace to another is to extend it to yourself. Thank you for your patronage over the years. It has been a pleasure to bring your distinct style to life.

Furniture — George Nakashima Woodworkers

This can be made in custom sizes. Please feel free to inquire about any questions!

Our tables are custom made to your specifications. The additional square footage includes exciting new features like a bedroom with floating desk, a walk-in closet, and bookcases that act as interior half-height walls. They are composed of multiple pieces of glass mirror of varying tints and shapes that together create optical illusions of three dimensional shapes. Each mirror is framed with a line of thin solid wood. Shape mirrors extend beyond everyday function, crossing into the realm of aesthetic value in its own right, while at the same time allowing you to check your makeup. Utilizing vacuum pressure and super-hot glass, hot patches of glass become scenes of controlled implosion. The result is a stunning, and wholly unique, distorted sphere with an interior landscape of satellite shapes. Marble stands for strength and stability like hardly any other material. Large slabs of natural stone seem to float over the delicate framework.

The organic markings criss-cross the top. An abstract painting of white strands, a still sculpture – reserved, elegant and powerful at the same time. A real treasure: the variant made of crystalline, white onyx marble. The proprietary dimmer allows for fine tuning to achieve the perfect light output for your mood. The ball joint base allows the lamp’s arm a range of angles and to swivel a full 360 degrees. The chairs can be seen in the showroom window.

Ross’s work of hand-made artistry resonates with the soulful history of the reclaimed elements. This intimate relationship with products reveals much about our needs, our values, our desires, and our ambition. It takes center stage in any living environment, becoming the centerpiece for family life, entertaining guests, and relaxing leisure time. Freeman presents an elegant, yet informal composure. It features intelligent cushions that can be formed to fit you. The result is a sophisticated refuge where the tensions of the city are absorbed providing unexpected moments of relaxation.

We build all kinds of furniture, from headboards and wardrobes to offices and kitchen cabinets, with every detail customized to your precise specifications. For those of us who work at home, carving out a quiet corner to get work done can sometimes feel like a struggle. But, when you work with an expert in handmade furniture, it’s possible to build the exact workspace you need without sacrificing space. Whatever space you need, we can accommodate. Thankfully, what they lack in square footage, they can make up for in charm. One great way to add a ton of charm to your master bedroom is to have custom wardrobe cabinets installed. Of all the handmade furniture projects we complete, these are some of our favorites because of the dramatic improvement that new storage and organization brings into our client’s daily lives.

To see an example of how a headboard can be great looking and functional, take a look at the headboard in the photo above. This gorgeous red oak really sets off the room while saving these homeowners a ton of space. Having lights installed in the headboard saves precious square footage that’d otherwise be taken up by nightstands. When you choose handmade furniture, your customization options are limitless. Check out our portfolio to see more examples. The adorable store is a must-go for fans of the farmhouse style look. It also offers custom build services, so if you find some material you like there they can build a new piece of furniture for you. No doubt you'll find something here you like given its massive collection of furnishings in every style. We're pretty sure there's something for everyone to fall in love with in this massive 60, 000-square-foot store. The showroom offers live kitchen demonstrations using all bulthaup products. Not ready to commit but still want to impress?

It's been around for 20 years, collecting donated furniture from around the city and putting it up for sale. Each of the five places listed below are as unique as the handmade furniture sold there. The company specializes in handcrafted iron pieces but also sells handmade wooden furniture. With encouragement from people in his life, he turned his woodworking hobby into a business about a year and a half ago. Our staff carefully selects manufacturers that focus on building handmade furniture that’s made to last and sold at an affordable price. Since we appreciate great value at great prices, we’re committed to passing that value onto our customers. Our staff wants to help you transform your house into a warm, comfortable “home” that you enjoy living in. This space is essential to helping families strengthen lines of communication and develop healthy, nurturing relationships. Enhance your work or study space with any of the modern and studios desks displayed inside our showroom. Known for wood slats and straight angles, mission style continues to possess a timeless appeal. She has enjoyed working with an exciting artisan community on historic fabric row for the last 6 years.

Philadelphia   George Nakashima Woodworkers