We love the idea of using metal pipes in new and ingenious ways, especially if this can help create some amazing furniture and home decorations along the way. It’s actually a wall unit with three separate shelves.

Pipe Barn Wood Furniture

It’s something that you could add to your bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway or even spaces like the living room or the dining area.

We were convinced about this once we saw this industrial shelving unit from onebroadsjourney. There are shelves for displaying stuff on like books, framed pictures and other items. This shows just how creative you can get using just a few simple things.

You can keep the cost super low if you also decide to use reclaimed wood or leftover pieces from other projects. In any case, you only need a few things to make stylish and functional shelves like the ones featured on thediyplaybook. The shelving unit featured here looks really nice and elegant. For example, you could turn this into a planter shelving unit for the kitchen so you can grow fresh herbs there.

You could build individual shelves out of pipes, fittings and a solid wood board.

You can have as many of these shelves as you want and you can install them basically anywhere such as above the door, on the wall above the toilet, by the sink, etc.

They can hold extra towels, toiletries and other things. Check out houseofhawthornes to find out all the details about this particular project. If, for example, you prefer something simple so the focus can be on the books and the other items you’re storing on the shelves, check out instructables to see how these lovely pipe shelves can be built. L shape and wraps around the interior corner of a room, with pipes serving as supports for both the shelves and the accent lighting. The top shelf is perfect for displaying artwork or tall objects on and the lights literally put the spotlight on them. In fact, they’re each unique and different from the rest. Some have a strong industrial look, some tend to rather look more rustic and some have a modern vibe, like these ones featured on instructables. They complement each other in a truly wonderful way and that’s why we’re going to show yet one more project from instructables which focuses on this exact idea. In this case there’s a clear and strong contrast between the pipes which have this metallic finish and are thin and slender and the shelves which are made of wood and are quite thick.

We suggest using reclaimed wood if you’re a fan of rustic beauty or pallet boards if you enjoy recycling and upcycling items and materials.

We live by a lake so it is a style that suits our home.

I also wanted to bring in some bold colors, as the rest of our home is a little more muted. This gave the boards the look of weathered wood, without having to go find an old barn. My shelves are 22″ long, but your measurements may be different depending on your space. If you can not mount into studs, you will need to use drywall anchors and long screws.

You can adjust the cap so that the boards sit flat on the pipes. Measure and cut strapping with tin snips, then fold the steel strapping around the pipe and attach with 3/4″ wood screws on the underside of the shelf. If you would like you can give the screw heads and pipe threads a touch of black paint to make them blend in with the brackets.

I used the same style of bracket to hang the mirror, which added a nice repeating element. In this room alone there is matte black, chrome and copper all in one space. The variety makes things feel co-ordinated but not too matchy matchy.

I am always looking for simple projects to personalize our home. Find us on facebook or use #imaremodelaholic to be featured over on instagram.

I will try to remember to post a photo back here!

Industrial pipe and reclaimed wood mini coffee stationFunky Junk Interiors

Pipe Barn Wood Not Found

Message to begin a custom order of this table. With your piece, you’ll receive an info sheet with care and assembly instructions.

I was sick of looking at all the same stuff.

I like to ramp up the area around the coffee pot a little, so there’s extra room.

I wanted something a little lighter looking this round. This is so easy, it’s embarrassing to showcase as a tutorial. Place board on pipes, and serve coffee!

Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to change my mind yet again, right?

I have got to go to a hardware store and shop the aisles for some industrial pipes. Isn’t it fun to shake things up in as little as ten minutes, and it comes out looking great.

I want you to come to my house and do a complete make over on it!!

I could adapt it to a tea station easily.

I need to find a way to make this work in my kitchen!

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How To Build DIY Pipe Shelves For Home Scratch

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You may also be requested to provide your authorization for any personal data that may be collected and stored. Therefore we ask you to review this policy now and check it regularly if you are a frequent visitor to our website. The pipes have been joined in ascending order with metallic elbow joints to give a minimal and trimmed setting for clothes. With the right bit of creativity and imagination you can make all sorts of projects with recycled wood and vintage hardware. Each natural cowhide rug is hand-pieced to create extraordinary depth and dimension, accentuates interiors in supple, organic. Deep cleansing formula discourages pets from re-soiling the same areas. Safe for carpets, upholstery and most other fabrics.

Akari is a large ceiling pendant lamp in. A doormat that is just perfect for the fleet of foot!

Floor lamp giving direct and reflected light. Painted metal structure, turned aluminium reflector. Dimmer power control and brightness adjustment. The next dilemma was to figure out how to hang the shelves.

To put the brackets together, we just simply attached the iron caps to each nipple. Then the nipple was screwed into the floor flange, that was screwed onto the wall.

We made sure that we hit a stud when we screwed in each flange to keep the shelves from falling on our guests in the middle of the night.

I come to find out, after we had it all hung up, that there’s a lot of folks using plumbing parts to hang shelves so my idea wasn’t so original. A quick word of caution, you want to make sure you wipe down all the pipe fittings. They are really greasy and can make a real mess of your freshly painted walls (cough, cough…hubs). Another project to cross off the old to do list. What kind of project are you working on now?

Now everything is coated in fine dust and saw dust. Thanks for dropping in and hope you have a great week.

I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. The industrial look is so on point at the moment.

I was surprised how easy they were to put up.

Right now i am painting a china cabinet with homemade chalk paint.

I just painted a cabinet with chalk paint too…good for you for making your own. Thanks for visiting and sharing your latest project.

I love to read about what everyone is up to.

I would love to do something like this in my son’s room – thank you for sharing how you did it!!

Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

You have to wonder how they can get away with charging so much. All the kids used to love playing with it so the stem has been glued back on quite a few times. Maybe you could just very lightly sand any rough spots you don”t like (very lightly).

I helped a friend make a bookshelf out of similar materials. This would have been much simpler, but she didn’t want to put holes in her walls. The bookcase you helped your friend make sounds awesome.

I need to find a space in my home for some of these. In my room, it looks like a very pale gray with a hint of blue.

I really love it and would like to use it in my new house!.

I was finding in store- this is perfect, thank you!!

I love how our shelves turned out, and they were super easy to do. However, did you get larger pipes than the actual depth of the wood.

You will have an end cap on the pipe so you may not be able to do an 8 inch pipe with an 8 inch deep shelf.

Console table reclaimed wood pipe legs and pipe drink rail

If you want to go the safe route, do the 10 inch but you may end up with a bit of extra space. It should be fine though because, again, you will have the end cap on it. Wondering how much weight they would hold?

I think that as long as you screw into studs you will be just fine. And if you go long, do 3 supports instead of 2.

I looked around yesterday for barnwood shelves on local home supply stores in my area and unable to find any. Unfortunately you can’t find them as a set, or kit, in the home improvement store. Of course they won’t be as inexpensive as if you did them yourself, but it is an alternative. With cool barnwood-finish shelves and geometric accents on its powder-coated metal finish frame, it blends in with a number of updated casual schemes. This brown driftwood and metal tray four-shelf bookshelf finds a home in a spacious living room or a compact dorm room. Crafted in part from mahogany and embellished with ornamental mirror elements, this warm pewter four-shelf looped. Showing off a maple cream finish, this closet offers eight adjustable shelves, three drawers, and two. Featuring chrome stainless steel accents, the appearance boasts a detailed quality to stand out in any space. The clear acrylic frame reinforces the stability, and completes. Because of this, you will not be able to view our web pages or use our site features. Every shelf is slightly different and unique. Matches our toilet paper holders and towel racks perfectly. It is constructed from solid reclaimed wood in a natural finish that is lacquer sealed for protection and durability. Black metal hairpin legs add an industrial component and complete this versatile piece. This bookshelf is perfect for anyone who is looking to add a unique, authentic piece to their collection. Each shelf is spaced approximately 15 from one to another. The nonprofit then sells the reclaimed materials and invests its profits back into the community. Each piece of reclaimed lumber is unique and has its own character. As with any handcrafted piece, slight variances in wood grain and stain are possible.

We make every effort to replicate the item in the picture the best that we can!

We currently have a 34 week lead time for shelves.

This time frame may vary depending on open order levels.

We do our very best to beat these estimates but if you ever would like an update on your project just shoot us a message!

The mix of warm wood and cool metal gives this shelf organizer an industrial chic edge. This versatile wall shelving unit will go just about anywhere. This unit is great for your bar area to hold bottles and mixers. This decorative shelf is perfect for displaying your favorite photos scented candles plants and more!

Select from three finish options and allow this purposeful piece to fit your space. The mix of warm wood and cool metal gives the functional shelf an industrial chic edge. Each coupling flanges are mounted to the wall with two screws. Three seperate 8-inch wall mounted pipe shelves are perfect for use in the bathroom, displaying small artwork above a sofa or accessorizing your kitchen walls. Each decorative shelf is lightweight and easily mounted to any wall in the home or office. Use the open shelves to store everything from folded clothes toiletries spices books and art.

Reclaimed Wood and Iron Pipe Table

Take advantage of the metal rod to hang plants towels mugs pots pans and more. The rustic piece also features two convenient hooks for hanging towels, hats, and other belongings. As it is reclaimed wood there will most likely be dents, cracks, and/or old nail holes. Reduce clutter and maximize space with this lively industrial vintage pipe desk that is equal parts of form and function. Its industrial mid-century style is sure to make this desk the centerpiece of your workspace. This bookcase or display unit can be used to showcase books plants picture frames decor items and more!

We got to the point where we were going to get rid of the whole bar cart.

You decide whether you want to include piping or not, see pricing for details. Please allow 58 business days for all orders. Every piece we make is its own creation because reclaimed lumber has natural variations. This uniqueness is one of our strengths and makes every one of our handmade home decor items a one of a kind. Thank you for keeping these unique traits in mind when placing your order!

The house on the farm was built in the late 1800’s and the barn was standing when the current owners purchased the land over 50 years ago. The age is apparent in every single inch of this item.

I went to great care to make sure the original, unique character stayed that way too!

Listed table dimensions measure the same for both sides.

You may send a message for custom sizes and quote. If you want a different finish please ask!

We provide step by step video or picture instructions. These display pictures are examples of previous finished products.

Every piece is unique to dimensions, color, and grain pattern. Forming equal length sides, please ask for customization of any combination of length and width for both tables.

I love the sturdy structure and industrial look of this desk. The wood is super solid, smooth, and without any grooves that would catch my papers. Everyone in my office wants the same desk now. Great looking wood and sturdy iron looking legs are a great combo.

I would certainly feel better paying a little more.

I have house guests this week and they all commented on how much they liked the wood finish. The whole setup is very sturdy – no wobbles at all. There were some delays in shipping but the seller was very responsive and kept me updated. Which leads me into my next praise of this company and their desire to make everything as easy as possible, by ensuring their customer (myself in this case) was completely satisfied. His patience and willingness to provide samples and expertise in the form of ideas was spot on and helpful in making my final decisions.

I just wanted to make sure the 3 weeks was a reality and would not go beyond that time range.

Riverside Coffee Table

Seller was super helpful and respond promptly to my inquiries. The quality of the desk is superb and really well done.

I like the knots in the wood and the nail holes that give the wood great character.

I could not be happier with the style, the quality, the craftsmanship and the great communication of the seller. Definitely recommend both the item and the seller. Absolutely love the desk and my overall buying experience. Coverage from single use failures including tears, stains, punctures, fluids and gouges begins on day 1. Mechanical failure coverage begins the day after manufacturer’s warranty expiration, typically 1 year from purchase date. Includes parts and labor coverage for workmanship and materials failures, including electrical mechanisms, spring and frame failures and other covered repairs. The wood could be nicer, definitely natural and real, just more gray than brown. Was delivered a lot faster than anticipated. With a durable frame and a sleek wood grain finish, this piece is reliable to hold all of your books, trinkets, and collectibles. The two shelves give you lots of storage space. The product slatted back gives it a modern farmhouse feel, and the pipe rod adds a hint of industrial flare.

Diy Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Cloth Rack

Pipe Barn Wood Not Found

A lovely addition to your master suite or study, it showcases two shelves crafted from imitation wood laminate planks, which are supported by a metal frame with a pipe-inspired look. Crafted from solid pine wood, its frame features a clean-lined silhouette and a rustic finish. Metal hardware defines its look and also mounts it to the wall in floating fashion. This piece is perfect for displaying everything from small potted succulents and framed artwork. The manufacturer for this product provides a three-month warranty. Put your books, your pots or even your bath essentials and enjoy how it compliments them all. The texture of the wood, gives it life, bringing beauty to whatever you use it. Featuring a durable silver brushed gray piping frame coupled with a sturdy walnut wood panel, this shelf offers an attractive look without compromising on quality. Perfect for the living room, but practical enough for just about any room of the home. Can be used in a modern office, dining room, bathroom or can display book and be used as a bookshelf. The sizeable and sturdy circular sculpture is crafted from metal and finished with wooden shelves. Try it in the den to put favorite books and framed photos on display, or add it into the bathroom to tuck away toiletries.