As with all our outdoor storage buildings , the possibilities for a prefab are numerous. It does not have as steep of a roof and is all around more simple.

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Nonetheless it is a great addition to your backyard retreat area where you can hang out with friends, store your hunting supplies, keep your camping equipment safe, and much more. Call us at (270) 726-7948 to get started.

You can go the more easy route and use the cabin as a decorative storage building for your backyard or hunting equipment. Or you can go the more demanding route of setting this prefab cabin up to be used as a backwoods getaway or living quarters in the backyard.

We give you the structure and you can finish it or upgrade it to your likings. What sets it apart as a cabin is the added porch and a house-like front door. Plus upon your request we can add additional features such as window shutters, stylish windows, better doors and more. In addition the inside is built in such a way that it is easy to insulate and add drywall to create a comfortable indoors atmosphere. With these structures you get more than a storage shed; you get a great addition to your living space. However, we are offering a complete assembly service by our trained and experienced installation crew.

Whichever option you choose we will provide complete support to make sure you will be happy with your cabin!

Each cabin comes as a pod with a tall diagonal ridge roof that creates an open interior space. The modular pods can be set up in numerous configurations to create different sized footprints to cater for homes, offices, hotel rooms and pool houses. Bespoke window seats connect the inhabitants to the outside world while making use of every last inch of space. Other space-saving features include concealed storage walls and fold down beds.

We will never give your details to anyone else without your consent. Explore the pages listed below to learn more about the logs we offer, key facts and terms about logs and log homes, and the advantages of kiln-dried white pine. Instead of removing the granite ledge for a level building area, the uneven topography of the bedrock was embraced by hand pouring nine concrete footings for a prefab timber frame. The minimal homes for new living conquer your city’s upper-most level – its rooftops. Berlin alone has space for 55, 000 apartments on unused roofs that are unsuitable for regular development. This is a multifunctional space; it can be a dining area, or a place to get some work done or curl up with a book.

We carefully asses the existing structure, maximizing the potential impact of the renovation scope for modern updates, efficiency upgrades and better use of space.

We empower our clients with the knowledge necessary to take their project to the next level with confidence. Materials are honestly expressed, and used with sensitivity to the natural world. The only difference is in the construction method. The context of a given project dictates our approach. Allow us to create a residential masterpiece that you can call home…a modular log home that is awe-inspiring, welcoming and cozy. In addition to being custom built to your liking, these modular log cabins are energy efficient and affordable. The attention to detail our craftsmen put into each residential log cabin and home is evident and exceeds expectations. Check out our display models or view one in person at your local retailer and make it a firsthand experience!

Have a unique log home floor plan in mind?

Although these are individual structures, they act as a collection, a community organized in such a way that social spaces are created as a result of the relationship between these modules. The assembly involved connecting the two elements of the structure, the box and the frame. They raised the cabins off the ground and placed them on wheels.

Mono is a ‘plug and play’ prefab cabin costing just

Prefab Cabin Cabins KY

The interior is quite small but there’s also a generous outdoor deck protected by the roof which extends the living area outside without even interfering with the land below. The interior is organized into three different areas which combined measure 27 square meters. The spaces include a kitchen and living room zone, a full bathroom and a double bedroom. The materials used throughout are sustainable and recyclable for the most part. The main material used throughout the cabin is wood. It comes from regulated forests and it gives this prefab cabin and very simple and at the same time warm and calming appearance and ambiance. The smallest structure they produce measures only 15 square meters but that doesn’t stop it from being packed with function and style. The company describes there as “plug-and-play houses with the sophisticated features of a custom home or luxe resort”. Use them as garden home offices , forest cabins , guest houses or whatever else you want.

You can choose between three types of materials for the exterior cladding of these prefab cabins: wood, stone or metal. The cabin is unusual in more than one way and there are a lot of cool and interesting things about it. For example, the fact it has triangular walls is definitely not standard. The structure has a square base and a minimal footprint measuring 17 square meters in total. Inside there’s an open-plan living area, a sleeping area and a small kitchen and a bathroom. One of them is clad in whitewashed oak and incorporates an open living, dining and cooking area plus a bathroom and the other structure houses the sleeping area and some storage space. Both of these prefab modules have steel frames, sliding glass walls and corrugated steel elements. The studio offered her the perfect solution: a small prefab cabin which can be transported to virtually any location in the world. The region is not exactly suitable for traditional building techniques and so alternative options are being used. Prefab cabins are perhaps the best option.

Prefab Cabins in KY and TN

Surrounded by dense vegetation and mesmerizing views, this cabin was transported as several modules and assembled on site using crane trucks. This also makes it possible for anyone to live off-the-grid and in comfort. It was partially prefabricated, the major goals of the project being to offer high quality living conditions at an affordable price and in the form of a structure which can be easily assembled and dismantled for easy relocation. The project is a hybrid which combined traditional crafting techniques with digital fabrication and the result is this simple and at the same time eye-catching building with a small and compact form and tons of functionality. Our unique process removes the worry and hassle.

We are grateful for such a wonderful place to live and call our own. Building a log home may be your dream, but finding the perfect piece of property to build that dream can be a very daunting task. Once a symbol of humble, backcountry origins, the cabin lifestyle is now an aspirational goal for those looking to downsize and reconnect with the great outdoors. Also attractive are panoramic windows that make you feel at one with nature. Just a few of the cabin's striking features include exterior siding made of reclaimed snow fencing, large trapezoidal windows, and impressively tall ceilings. Perhaps that's why the global retailer is getting into the small cabin business.

There you'll find free study guides, downloadable building plans, and a calendar of upcoming workshops for build-it-yourself novices. Depending on style and size, the micro-cabin sleeps two or more people. Find out what you need to know about adding a tiny guesthouse on your property, including the ins and outs of building permits. The 280-square-foot getaway packs a private bedroom, living area, and bathroom. The third minuscule structure is a bathroom with a composting toilet. What sets these roaming abodes apart from the others?

The company says its unique approach to prefab construction slashes weeks off building time while reducing material waste. Steve, the self-educated homebuilder who created the blog, shares four years of lessons learned while building his stylish retreat that includes beautiful wood flooring and a beadboard kitchen. Expect to find brutally honest posts including one explaining why you shouldn't build a ​shipping container home. How resilient are these galvanized steel structures?

While the single room cabin doesn't include a kitchen and bathroom, it does celebrate the great outdoors with floor-to-ceiling windows and a small wood deck perfect for outdoor entertaining. When you walk in the door of these modular cabins there is a large open great room perfect for spending time in and sharing meals. Keep in mind that, like all of our floor plans, this prefab log cabin can be customized to fit your specific needs. Not all cabins are available in all sizes, so if you can’t find the size you’re looking for, check one of the other cabins. And if you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to . Delivery, set-up, and crane charges are included. All floor plans are customizable, so let your cabin project manager know what personal touch you would like to incorporate. Here, we take a look at 13 prefabricated cabins that are modern, sleek, and eco-friendly. A mildew and fade-resistant cover features a hidden zipper closure for easy cleaning and fill replacement.

For this variation atop a hill, a cross-form plan was developed to allow views looking out to each of the cardinal directions. The home comes preassembled—all that needs to happen is for it to be lifted into place. All homes are finished with hardwood floors on the interior and wood panels on the exterior. The home is intended to be a low-energy kit home, with minimal operating costs and a positive environmental impact. Consisting of "building blocks" of 300 to 850 square feet, the small homes can be modified to clients' needs. The exaggerated width allows you to make more adjustments while lounging for extended amounts of time, and there is room for two if you want to get cozy. Three main spaces comprise the interior: a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom, and double bedroom. Most of the materials on the interior and exterior are sustainable and recycled, and the exterior is covered with grey cement board.

We have been building and manufacturing tiny homes since 2006 and know exactly what you want to see in a tiny house.

We prefab all our homes off site and deliver the finished cabin to your desired location. Pricing can vary from state to state due to local requirements. Yes, within reason and dependent upon work load at the time of order.

We will always strive to accommodate our customers as best we can. Appliance warranty based on individual manufacturer. However, this may fluctuate due to permitting, load level, etc. Below are our 10 most frequently asked questions for turnkey pricing. This price typically includes a full unfinished basement and septic. These home utilize round handcrafted logs for the superstructure, then standard building materials to complete the home. This home is sometimes referred to as a hybrid home or hybrid wood home.

Prefab Cabin Kits and Wooden Cabins for Sale

Locations such as tourist towns or exclusive areas can be much higher. Once the owners have the contract in hand they should go to the , choose the finish material they want, and write down the costs of each item they desire. Then the contract should be adjusted accordingly. Some of the most common cost increases are seen in the driveways, septic systems, well, and access of utilities on the job site. It is up to the homeowner to pay to run the line to the home of the property. Most commonly electric suppliers will only run a few hundred feet above ground for free or a very small price per foot. If an electric line is to be run underground then the homeowner has to pay for all of the line extension. Another popular choice is alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power. From talking with installers for these types of systems it can be a large up front cost, but very rewarding with the electric bill is only a few dollars per month. Major headaches come into play where there is not enough drainage for the system. This can be the case if the ground is sheer rock with no topsoil. Sometimes holding tanks must be used instead of a septic system. Septic problems can also arise when a home site is close to a body of water or river. The ground water can be high and provide difficulty for septic drainage. Well depths are another unpredictable item. The deeper the well, the more you will be charged. Also the deeper the well the more powerful of a water pump the well will require. Even if you have three contractors bid on it, the safest thing to do is to budget for the highest bid plus 20% more. And don’t be surprised if that isn’t enough. Also consider installing the drive when the weather is the optimum. Mud, wetness, and rain and cost the home owner substantially. If the soil is fairly rock free, digging costs will be less than if rocks and boulders are discovered. A smart idea is to tell your excavator ahead of time that slightly adjusting the footprint of the house is allowable. Sometimes a slight shift of a few feet to one side or the other can save the homeowner the cost of heavier equipment or dynamite blasting to remove the boulder. The most accurate way to get a good cost estimate for the home site you are considering is to have a builder visit the site with you, even before you purchase it. Locating someone who is experienced in building in similar locations can give you the most accurate cost estimate for your home.

I could not resist to try to create this house,' says the swiss architect. While aesthetically pleasing, it provides extremely versatile space. An enchanting three-room cottage, complete with a bathroom is a wonderful place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An enchanting three-room tiny home complete with a bathroom and solar system is where to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax. This cottage comes standard with a wood stove, plumbing package, electrical package, and is outfitted for immediate 4-season cozy living.

We have the expertise and equipment to deliver and place your pre fab cabin project in just right the spot. This page will list all the pre built cabins we have in stock, as well as pricing and any discounts associated with them. The modern cabin has a simple truss frame, two walls of windows, birch wood floors, and a small front deck. These are advantages that provide long-term benefits. All of our cabins are built in a controlled environment, delivered nationwide, and can be set up in as little as 1-2 weeks!

Plus, we’ve partnered with a bank that specializes in mortgages for prefab and modular cabins!

Living the cabin life is doing as much…or as little, as you wish.

Koto's flexible prefab cabins are designed for a Nordic lifestyle

It’s spending time with those you love or getting away from everyone for some much-needed solitude.

You pursue your passion, we’ll provide the cabin. They go above and beyond with every customer. She loves helping achieve their dreams of cabin ownership. He enjoys working with a team of like-minded guys, unified around pursing the same goal of quality and hard work. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, traveling, working out and reading. She’s also an artist and loves taking photos. Kristen starts with plan and elevation drawings that match the customers’ dreams and ends with production drawings for the shop to build it. She spends every weekend with family, and is looking to pick up aerial silks this year. Kyle enjoys playing tennis and softball, hiking, and running. Eric is also responsible for ensuring that each cabin is built to the quality standards of the state, the customer, and our company. He really enjoys answering all of the homeowners’ questions about the cabin or even why he wears suspenders
. Kenton ensures we use quality materials in our building process and ensures that each branch has materials on hand to keep our shops moving along and our building times down. He likes to bring a method to the madness and keep the team pulling in the same direction. His goal is to promote, drive, and develop people through creative ideas and processes, encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. One item on his bucket list is to never retire. He supervises the production of the cabins and keeps operations running smoothly. He is teachable, always wanting to learn and grow in his career. Nate is the bridge between the cabin sales team and the construction crew, working directly with both teams in order to build beautiful, high-quality homes. The attention he pays to even the smallest of detail, his organizational skills, and his techie personality all blend together perfect for his job position.

Nelson has a dry sense of humor and is a great team player. He does well with relating to his team and making sure communication is open between all of them. He organizes the building process, inspects the team’s work, and completes the state-required paperwork. If there is any time left, he helps build!

He works with the cabin team and communicates with the customer through the process to make sure all needs are met and everything goes according to plan. Andrew enjoys his work greatly, and can’t imagine working with a better group of people. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, and dealing with the unexpected are also a perk of his job.

Myron is also responsible for ensuring that each cabin is built to the quality standards of the state, the customer and our company.

Prefab Cabin Cabins KY