I don’t mind the trim around the top having gaps, but my ocdness kind of freaks about the gaps around the trim on the bottom. The 3/4″ is a popular choice for darker colors as the shadows of the panel still provide visible depth against the bolder lines.

Sections gaps

remodelaholic 2

We opted to have the tin go from floor to ceiling in one continuous piece on our sloped ceiling room so that meant we needed three 12 foot sections and three 10 foot sections for our wall. We could have used screws or hammered nails into the furring strips but the nailer made quick work of getting it up.

I are using this as our kitchen backsplash but can’t figure out how to do the plugs and switches.

Source: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/remodelaholic-2254410/diy-corrugated-tin-wall-tutorial-4171758980