From wood and metal stripping to cane and rush weaving, we'll turn your old, broken furniture into a new work of art. The finished product will become the centerpiece of your home decor thanks to its beautiful finish and our amazing restoration work.

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We use our practiced furniture restoration skills to give it new life through wood refinishing, painting, and more. With loving attention to detail, we turn what's old new again. Every item that comes through our doors is treated as if it were a part of our family.

We take gentle care of your furniture, lovingly restoring it so you can hand it down to your children and grandchildren.

Our focus is on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

We understand that every piece of furniture we work on has a story attached to it and a special value to you. It is our goal to return to you a finished product that far exceeds your expectations and brings back good memories. Today the area is blessed with a handful of artisans who still take pride in their work and who consider a job well done something more than a trite promotional gimmick. These craftsmen don’t hustle business, don’t hurry and don’t return your work to you half done. But when they’re gone, there may be no one to take their place.

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Furniture restoration, repair and re-finishing. Schieffer’s aim is to do what’s appropriate for a particular piece. But don’t take your favorite hall tree to him and ask him to refinish it. Harrison’s forte is repair and maybe a little touch up. Chow delicately grinds the rim down all around until the chip is gone, then polishes the glass to a smooth surface. But if you have a hairline fracture or if gluing is needed, take the piece out in the backyard and bury it. Chow also repairs crystal and other good glass. These people have been working with glass since 1908. Be careful, though, when buying damaged leaded (stained) glass. It may be impossible to match the old materials. Noles charges 200 per square inch for tray resilvering. It’s as if an 18th-century master craftsman has been somehow transported into the present. Wells fixed his first clock when he was 7 years old, nearly 50 years ago.

I try to give the clock back to the customer like the master would have wanted it to look. He also has one of the finest personal collections in the country. But this is encouraging in itself – someone is still interested in carrying on the trade. He also repairs silver, gold, copper, crystal and china.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and have repaired fine quality new furniture and restored antique furniture for many years at our . This gave me the ability to make many repairs in a short amount of time making on-site repairs an ideal fit.

I strive to provide high quality workmanship with personal service at a reasonable price. Excellent communication, timely with very reasonable prices. He knows what he is doing and doesn't waste time in making the repairs and making sure they are done right. They know antiques and sincerely care about providing expert service. They kept me updated on the progress every step of the way.

Dallas Furniture Repair

They even provided weekly updates and pictures.

I definitely plan to use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have your furniture refinished. These were done in a timely and professional manner. They were on time for both the pick up and delivery. The quality of work they did restoring our antique dining room set was wonderful. He was prompt, professional and did a beautiful job of repair and refinishing on our antique that we have had over 40 years. He transformed my great-grandmothers' porch furniture into a beautiful set for my daughter's apartment. He responded immediately to my call and arrived for pick-up exactly when he said he would. The job was completed in 48 hours and he finished the assembly at my home. James is the third generation in his family to do this work.

You just don't come across craftsmen like this very often and the icing on the cake- a genuine, polite gentleman. It was my grandmother's dining table, and although we don't know exactly how old it is, it's at least 50-60 years old. She was very careful with the table and treated it delicately.

I hired him to upholster my antique chair and he made it very beautiful.

I will definitely keep hiring him for handyman work and upholstering my furniture. He upholstered all of my church benches very quickly as possible and neatly. It could be distressed, antique and faux finishes.

We are also repairing old decks and fences and repairing and restoring some furniture pieces.

We also do antique restoration and maintenance repair.


Any scratches, gouges, or dents in your furniture will disappear. Broken arms and legs will be restored to like-new condition. You’ll save money when your furniture is repaired. It’s more economical than buying new items.

We fix broken wood furniture, including pieces with sentimental value that have been passed from one family member to another. You’ll still be able to pass along a special piece of furniture to your children after we’ve restored it to mint condition.

We are the wood furniture repair experts.

We pride ourselves on quality antique restoration. Our company’s current owner grew up in this family business. His grandfather started the company in 1931, and we’ve been in business ever since.

We repair wood furniture damaged from moving.

We offer quality craftsmanship in everything we do. Many of our customers come to us through word-of-mouth advertising.

We look forward to repairing or restoring a cherished heirloom or other favorite piece of furniture. Call us for more information about how we can help you. As a locally-owned business, you'll always get the personalized service and unique furniture you're looking for. For a free, no-obligation quote, please today !

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We only use top of the line dye stains, which penetrate the wood’s surface and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Dye stains do not fade or break down over time like other stains, giving a lifetime of beauty to your furniture. Applying this type of stain is an art that takes many years of practice which is why very few, if any, companies will use this type of stain.

We also use the highest quality sealer and lacquer on your furniture. Furniture manufactures and most refinishing companies use nitrocellulose type lacquers, the most common type of lacquer which is susceptible to water rings or fading of color.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your furniture repair and will always strive to provide better pricing than our competitors. Get a free, no-obligation quote on refinishing your furniture.

We also offer upholstery repair, custom upholstery and other furniture-related fabrics. Our skilled craftsmen have been with us for many years, and their expertise allows us to thoroughly satisfy our clients- every time.

We take great pride in the wide range of services we offer.

We have been in business for fifty years, and for all fifty years, we've delivered quality and service that is unmatched by our competitors.

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