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We make unforgotten furniture unforgettable!

Our stunning repair and refinishing services will erase years of aging and protect your furniture for years to come. So, we can color match to other items or create exactly what you want!

You've made an important and wise decision.

I would be happy to visit with you about your project; studio hours are by appointment only.

Our goal has always been to provide the finest in. Leather on seating surface is unsalvageable (brown, smooth finish). Also, the springs need to be either replaced or re-strung. The top is 68 inches with two leaves 20" each. The table base looks fine--no work needed. The leather has light to medium pet damage on the and the coffee table.

Aaron'S Touch Up & Restoration | Furniture | Dallas Tx

Aaron's Touch Up and Restoration is Dallas' premier Furniture and Upholstery Repair provider. They specialize in full service.

Frame on the sofa will need to be repaired/strengthened 2. Frame on chair will need to be repaired/strengthened 3. Would like the frame on the love seat to be strengthened 4. Coffee table frame should be inspected and possibly strengthened 5. Our skillful craftsman are always devoted to offer the best treatment that your furniture deserve. Have that family heirloom that you would like to restore?

Expert insurance claim estimates for repair or restoration from damage done by water, fire, smoke, or other disasters.

We can refinish any type of furniture to your specifications!

We actually build back the damaged area, similar to how our skin heals. This method deminshes the appearance of "scars", while promoting strength that will last for years.

We have a large selection of fabrics, leather, and vinyl from the highest quality suppliers in the country at ten percent off!

This safe alternative to yellow foam is over one hundred times more durable and comes in five different firmness levels. Save your favorite couch or recliner with new cusions and webbing. Ask us about our on-site repairs, pick-up, and delivery.

We paint all type of furniture to specification by our of experts.

We fix and restore old cabinets and cabinet color matching. The "before and after" photos are attached. The furniture literally looks like new and we are so pleased with the results. For a nominal sum they even refinished my antique 18th/19th century cast iron garden urns. After one month, however, one stool started making a very audible creaking sound whenever it was sat upon. Over several days he said alternately he'd been sick, had an emergency, and would call me that day (he never called). He eventually quit answering my calls and texts all together.

I finally had to send my boyfriend with a truck to pick up the sofa. He went back three times over three days ("it'll be ready tomorrow") and finally was able to get the sofa on the third day.

Furniture repair Onsite in the greater Dallas TX area

It is obvious that he was rushed doing the job. The cushion enclosure finish out on the seat cushions is different from cushion to cushion, and the rear cushions which previously had removable covers were covered without any zippers or other way to remove them. Also, he said he would restore the fluff of the seat cushions, but no they no longer fit as they did and shift around when sitting on them. The quality of workmanship seems as good as the original. Labor costs appeared to be more than competitive. Replacing the chairs looks like about twice what we spent to have them redone.

I texted him a photo and he texted back a price and told me how much fabric to buy. He came to my house to pick up the chair, kept it for the time he said he would and delivered a beautiful new chair. When finally delivered the table was worse the when we first sent it. Dan became unresponsive and finally would not return calls and, certainly did not stand behind his work.

I had to call another company to fix what he had ruined. They worked fast and repaired the furniture right in my home.

I contacted the store and they acknowledged this is an issue with my model table. The company picked up my table and issued a full refund.