But suspicion sets in once you look at their website closely.

We believe in an old-school approach to creating furniture the way it was meant to be built with each and every piece carefully thought out and tested by real-life humans.

Seam Fit Furniture Portland Furniture

Should "finest materials" be used next to a photograph of plywood?

and what's the "old-school" approach, are they using handplanes and spokeshaves?

And sorry, complaining about using "walnut wood" instead of just "walnut" just seems petty and clearly a vent for some personal issue with the company. It's "walnut wood" instead of "maple wood" or "beech wood", and not instead of "walnut metal".

However, this article is missing the point. It's visible on every single picture on dwr's website. Fiberglass was new in the 50's and production expensive. It's pressed in a form, done in a matter of minutes and the only manual labor is taking it out of the mold. Marketing can't be an issue, it's already popular. This is a bad article, there's way too much personal opinion in there to be taken seriously.

I get it, it's a blog, but this rant and picking apart any word it says on their website is just unprofessional. Calling this piece opinionated is an understatement. This post makes the author seem as bad as the company he's judging !

The author berates the company on such petty things to the point where one would swear he has some sort of personal grievance. As others point out, it has technical benefits over solid wood. A top of a desk can be made of 100% walnut and still edge banded with real walnut veneer to give it a better finish, anyone who works with wood knows that. End grain really isn't the best to look at and doesn't give it a finished look. Do you expect them to make a sofa frame from walnut or something?

There's no shame in saying you use veneer. With mass deforestation of old growth timbers we can't keep mass producing credenzas from solid timber for billions of people in the world.

We use ply moulded shells and solid timber frames but for tops of desks and tables using solid timber is quite often wasteful excess. A veneer top will often give a flatter surface and can still be fixed if dented. !

Core77 should take away your writer's card. They don't say, in your example, "solid" wood. Also, veneer is often used in high end furniture, as is plywood - and they have all the dimensional stability benefits called out by other comments. They may also capitalize on the storage footprint better - less wasted space under the cabinet. Market-speak is in every industry the whole world wide. It would be different if the furniture was vintage and out of production. Would have been nicer to see more of ethical nightmare business practices and less about plywood and veneer. !

They are using the phrase "walnut wood" because they cannot claim to use "solid walnut," and yet want readers to think they are using solid walnut. If they were being straightforward, they would describe their furniture as rubberwood with a walnut stain (as a lot of it is), or walnut veneer over plywood. The dining chairs looked like they had been drop-kicked or served as the ball in a soccer match.

You will wait for it for four months, and then find yourself either returning it or paying someone to fix it. If the furniture's quality were the only reason to be suspicious of this company, you'd be naive.

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Seam Fit Portland Problem Joybird’s Affordable Century Modern

Therefore, all plans to take time away from the , scheduling the removal of your old sofa, and arranging the delivery with your building will be for naught.

You explain to them that the sofa was thrown onto their flatbed truck, material-side down, with nary a drop cloth to protect it and have the photos to prove it. They will of course "make this right" and you trust them to do so, even if it means making a new sofa for you. Also, by the way, you then learn that they have a secondary shipper who could have handled the delivery from the beginning, but it would take two weeks to arrange shipment with them.

I think their 90 day guarantee is built upon the premise that by the time you receive your furniture, assuming you actually do receive it, is that even if it is not up to your exacting standards that you will be grateful to have anything to put your butt cheeks on at all. The thought of that sort of ordeal is simply too much to bear. Love the idea of the company but the quality and customer service are seriously lacking. Big learnings came from talking to the furniture repair technician and delivery teams about what furniture they would buy themselves and what they would avoid. If we had written a review in the first couple weeks it would be a positive one but as you can see, problems started after a couple months and only got worse with time. It was a little disappointing how the matching ottoman was taller than the sofa, just a little awkward but nothing terrible. The back of the sofa had loose / broken springs that made a horribly loud noise every time we sat down. It took until the forth delivery for the sofa to finally make it to our apartment. Joybird's part, they are extremely slow to respond to customer service issues especially those made by phone.

I shared how it was not only frustrating but also expensive as we had to pay for missed delivery windows not to mention the many hours off work costing us a lot of time and money. Even after that, they missed the third delivery window. After everything we had just been through we tried to ignore it because we couldn't imagine going through the process again. As time went by, the seat cushions started to fall apart like the foam was too big for the case. Surprisingly easy, especially compared to other experiences.

I showed them the squeak and the cushions and laughed.

The Problem Joybird's Affordable Mid Century Modern Inspired Furniture

If you are just someone who likes reading long reviews, hope it was worth it :) !

But then a seam split open and a corner of the new cushion just kind of broke open.

I had the sofa barely six months and it had very light use.

I have been in the market for a new sofa for about three months now. Now with them, talk about a nightmare on customer service.

I started my joy bird experience yesterday and am already very pleased with the company.

I have worked in sales my whole life and if you treat your customers with kindness and respect, they will be life long customers. It's especially important when buying online. Also, all marketing can be looked at as deceiving.

I think the images are renderings, so it is hard to conclude much from them. The claims made by furniture manufacturers are reliably misleading.

As a quick indicator you can defiantly see the the veneer panels on the sides of the desk are completely different grades between the sample used in the video versus the one presented in the article. But again the entire industry is about getting away with as little expense/ quality as possible with very rare exception.

I if it takes over a month then forget about it.

I purchased a sofa bed and desk from them. The sofa was beyond redemption, with upholstery that was shredding, holes and all, after less than six months. One of them even has plywood in the name.

Some things may reference more directly than others, but there are few originals. However, some disciplines have come to understand that originality isn't as important as the march toward general progress. This allows them to, as it were, stand on the shoulders of giants. The lone (tortured) genius/artist is an arcane notion. They are very well made, so most people won't notice, but there is clearly no end grain. Most of their shelves and tables are plywood with edge banding. And those pieces aren't any cheaper then their solid wood pieces. Even the highest end brands use veneers and edge banding. This is why the best brands use it so often. Craftsmen have been using it for hundreds of years.

I have no problem with the drawer boxes being veneered plywood. Hopefully they used solid edging instead of tape (doubt it). Just because we want it, and want it for cheaper doesn't matter.

Make modern mid-century furniture by attempting to modernize it. Give a nod to the original inspiration, perhaps. Crafted with a solid wood frame, the cushion used is to maximum comfort. The fabric upholster finish adds an elegant touch that is easy to clean and maintain.

You cannot go wrong with this ideal contemporary sectional sofa with chaise addition to your home. The finished contemporary modern options add the remaining final touches to your dream home decor. What did you #learn or find most surprising?

Each business is unique—so it only makes sense that your donation experience is as well. Sherry is true to herself and her vision while remaining considerate and thoughtful of others.

I love a scarf for an accent accessory any time of year. How has it changed or evolved during your life?

Do you think it’s important to blend in to your surroundings?

I have always believed in creating your own style, feeling good about yourself in your own eyes, rather than the elusive styles of the moment. Do you ever find yourself talking with women who wish they had more occasions to dress up?

Yes, especially those who have moved here from places that afforded more opportunities for that as a general trend. What made you want to open a home store in addition?

Furniture and home decor can be viewed as just another element of fashion in my mind. My clients for all these years suddenly had a venue to recycle their home goods as well as their closets. Besides, home decor has always been my first passion before clothing, from a young age!

Seams To Fit in Portland OR

We have always passed on any of our donations in the store to a few non-profits that focus on women and children.

We learned that anyone could donate a certain percentage of proceeds from that site to specific non-profits directly. It felt well rounded in the community, and as a small business, we could really make a difference. What is the greatest extravagance in your own wardrobe?

How do you fight the urge to bring home all the beautiful things that come through your store?

Do you have a rule as to if you’ll allow yourself to purchase an item or not?

What is it like being in business with your daughters?

Since our extended family has been gone for many years, our immediate family has always leaned on each other for support. What advice do you give young women regarding how to dress?

Writing to others with pen and ink makes me happy.

I remain humbled by the trust that is placed in my hands daily to bring new life and new ownership to some of the most beautiful things around us.

We can help you find the sewing furniture that fits your work habits and needs. Linder already wishes the space was three-stories tall. They do sell resale furniture - sometimes things are a good deal, many other times they are reselling hotel art for ridiculous prices. But it's on the back end where they really fall down. Maybe if you can spend all the time in the world dealing with this stuff, you can deal. Elegant and versatile seating options fill up our latest arrivals this week!

New seating options and a stunning mid-century modern dining round out our new furniture arrivals!

Very helpful and with suggestions and understanding my budget limits. Gorgeous jewelry which they take the time to display beautifully. It's also expensive but it's worth it (most of the time). They were very rude and whatever you do, don't take your well behaved children in to this store.

I paid good money on a high end item only to find out that the item is a replica. Didn't know why that should make any difference. The woman looked over my bag at least 3 times as if the repeat inspection would show anything new. It just looked like she was wanting to find something wrong.

She also pointed out a dark area around a seam line on the inside of the bag. There was no glue on the bag as it was sewn, not glued.

I was running lots of errands and not dress up on a hot day.

I was wearing flip flops which may have made me look unlike their other customers. Great selection of items (including shoes and bags) in really good condition (some with tags).

I couldn't even find shoes in my size (6 1/2, not that rare of a size).

I can tell they only choose items they would wear. Everything in the shop is definitely of a certain style. It's like they have a shop tailored for their specific tastes, with very few items, in very few small sizes, so that other women who dress just like them and are their size can shop their "closet" essentially. That's exactly what this place feels like. They have good curators for high end fashion - really high end to just plain high end.

I thought everything was going to be over priced and out of reach for me!

Amazing Deal

This store feels like a high-end boutique - excellent quality clothing and superior customer service. Prices are excellent for such great pieces.

I also noticed every fixture had a few day dust build up. The lovely clothes and accessories are something to behold. All the girls there are so nice, we usually go in at least once a week to see what's new!

I felt represented the item as a discounted high end item, so naturally didn't think twice before buying.

I have shopped and sold here several times over the last few months. No one greets you, and when you do have to interact with an employee, the pretentious attitude is incredible. Baggalini purse that was brought in was not accepted at that time. They carry a gorgeous collection of dresses and purses as well as jeans, shirts and shoes. The shoe collection was a little bit of a let down, but that didn't surprise me. The two shops shouldn't even be compared. Go here for those long-lasting, well-fitted, beautiful pieces you will wear time and time again.

I dropped by, but the ladies working didn't even greet me. Have to agree, sadly, with the other negative reviews.

I live in the neighborhood and drop by every few weeks, and it's now amusing to see how long it takes before anyone looks up to say hello -- and forget anyone offering to help. Still, they're better than their associated , next door, where no one ever speaks to customers. The clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories are in perfect condition and the prices are usually pretty good. The pieces they choose are absolutely gorgeous, and in mint condition, and there is a wide range of textiles, styles and sizes. They also have a blog where you can see the latest acquisitions.

If you come in to sell your stuff don't expect crazy money for your items. Smaller items can be brought in with no appointment necessary.

We work with a number of local delivery companies that we can recommend upon request. It also looks quite at home in more contemporary living spaces, too. It also has comfortably placed arms, supportive seats, and a firm back. It includes all the best retro details: button tufting, welted seams, and track arms supported by slender cone legs. Comfortably placed arms, supportive seats, and a firm back make this an ideal reading chair.

Its simple style allows it to mix seamlessly with furniture from different eras and to look at home in more contemporary living spaces. The slender frame sits atop simple cylindrical metal legs, creating an airy, streamlined silhouette that is well suited for dressing uptight quarters or dividing larger spaces. If you leave this place empty-handed – or uninspired – there’s something wrong with you. Think glass-and-wood; textiles and ceramics all of which make great gifts for friends or self. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Oversized and large in scale, this sofa features white double row contrast stitching and adjustable armrests and pillow-top cushions.

We may also be able to remove your current set on the day of delivery.

Seam Fit Portland Problem Joybird’s Affordable Century Modern