This particular model is very popular and very highly rated given it’s not terribly expensive3. Breakfast nook benches and chairs sometimes have leather or cloth cushions in several different colors, and the chairs do not have arms to save space. With this nook you can create a cozy spot in any corner of your kitchen, perfect for meals and conversation, a great family gathering piece. The crisp white round top is elegantly contrasted by natural ash-finished flared wood legs for a look that can’t be beat.

Rounded corners offer traditional appeal, while four gently tapered square legs give off contemporary charm. The crisp white round top is elegantly contrasted by natural ash-finished flared wood legs for a look that canu2019t be beat.

Natural ash-finished flared

SpaceSaving Corner Breakfast Nook Furniture Sets (BOOTHS)

Cut a piece of real wood to size and screw it into the set instead of the cardboard, and you’ll have something useful. The seat depth is short and there is a lip at the top of the seats, the top trim molding kind of pokes your spine. If you don’t know how to hand drill holes straight enough into a thin piece of wood, you are going to be in for it.

While you can certainly engage a custom cabinet maker to design, built and install a breakfast nook in your kitchen, that’s not your only option. I was delighted to discover that you can choose from several pre-built breakfast nooks ready to install. One important design element to note is that the table is counter height, which is a little higher than typical dining room tables.

Crafted of solid wood, it offers a glossy finish for a more polished look to your entertaining space.

Start by selecting an empty corner of an entertaining space, then define it with a fringe-trimmed rug on the floor below. It’s also versatile-it’s reversible, and the corner shelf folds in to streamline the back silhouette for more room if you need it. Add this piece to the dining room to anchor the arrangement in traditional style, then pair it with a crisp white table runner for contrasting style.

Offering up four clean-lined legs connected at the bottom’s center, its base is crafted of plated iron tube metal and features a polished chrome finish. Assembly can be a bit of a pain because they didn’t always make things line up the best and the directions are pretty weak. I decided to do was buy the matching cushion set, and use the cushions from the side benches as backrests.