Get to know them and where they come from. If your donation is too big to bring down to the store, we can always come pick it up!

It’s our expressed goal to not only employ , but provide opportunities for education both in school and on the job. She also offers her appraisal services at fundraising events.

I got into the antique business to be a dealer. When did you realize that appraising antiques could be a career?

How do you go about appraising, say, a painting?

I turn the canvas around and look to see if there have been any repairs.

I go through a whole series of questions. And silver is very hot right now – anything made with sterling, because the commodity is very hot. An appraiser should be able to tell you what the weight of the silver or gold is in an item. Some things are worth more than their weight, and some things are not, depending upon the quality of the material.

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Has the recession affected antique prices?

Prices are back where they were maybe 10 years ago. What have you appraised that was worth much more than the owners thought?

Are there still treasures out there in people’s attics and barns?

Are estate sales a good way to dispose of antiques?

Can they be a good place to find bargains?

So, yes, it’s a good place if you know what you’re doing. What item today will have antique value a century from now?

What advice would you offer a novice antique collector?

You’ve got to read in order to know what you’re looking at.

I wanted a job that would allow me to bring her along and still provide for our family. The company specializes in restoration upholstery for a variety of fabrics using traditional methods. The restoration of antique furniture using traditional techniques is a time-consuming and effort-intensive process. The initiative will put new restrictions on the sale of semiautomatic rifles and required guns kept in homes to be safely stored. Forman, the department's public information officer, said. Let our friendly and courteous staff to help you find your item.

We have many special offers throughout the store.

I will certainly look them up and add them to my plans.

I have a new rep now in the area, hopefully with the region represented they will get on board…thanks for reaching out!

Our curated collection is available to rent for weddings, photographers, event planners, and stylists. This also includes living room, dining room and bed room pieces as well as antique mirrors, lighting and clocks.

We have over 20 dealers in 8, 000 square feet of space with something for everyone.

We are known for our eclectic and unusual selection of fine home furnishings and accessories. Our friendly staff is happy to help you find just what you are looking for.

Local antiques appraiser is an expert on art of business

Stop by our today to see all of the wonderful pieces we have in. Also handcrafted goods from local artisans. Our fast-turning inventory means buyers get a brand new shopping experience every time they visit.

We specialize in quality home furnishings that are distinctive, eclectic, and sophisticated. Portland's most desirable used fine furnishings and accessories. Unique finds, up-cycled furniture, and home decor. Thank you so much for the great treasures and the equally great conversation!

So happy with my new hutch, buffet and painting.

I will be sure to keep checking back for more goodies to fill up my space. Gorgeous hardware, smooth sliding drawers, and the original casters. She is clean and ready for clothing, linens, fabric, or snow gear in your entryway.

We will have wacky hours for the next two weeks. Feel free to message me if you need something. With our huge space and variety of antiques you will surely find something special here. With over 25 years of experience selling the highest quality antiques, our family owned business provides our customers with the largest selection of antique and vintage collectibles at the most affordable prices, while still giving the highest quality service available. The area was once its own town during the city’s peek as a railroad hub, and you’ll find the appeal of discovering a relic from that period positively alluring. The variety of sellers gives you a vast and varied selection to choose from, spanning two entire floors and thousands of square feet. Whichever antiques destination you choose, you’re sure to encounter knowledgeable proprietors ready to share their expertise to guide you toward the next addition to your collection. If furniture is your favorite type of antique, there’s plenty to choose from.

Blue Cat Vintage Vintage Store Antique MCM Industrial Salvage Store

You might just walk into a shop and find the vintage record player of your dreams spinning that familiar crackle of vinyl and know it’s meant for you. Perhaps you seek cowboy boots with just the right amount of give and softness to the leather, you’re sure to find those too. Perfect place to decorate a space and give it a unique feel. The owners were great, even giving a discount on top of a discount. Lots of antiques collectibles furniture clothes.

I see that they have frequent sales and always have cute items on display outside.

I love the artisans work displayed for sale and have purchased many very unique pieces of jewelry and clothing here. Good toward items not already discounted.

We have had sooo much trouble with different furniture and even big name brand furniture stores. Prices are pretty reasonable, especially if you're not one to dig for treasures at your local thrift shop.

We stopped in to this store and loved the layout, the employees, and the selection.

Step inside and you'll find a 12-vendor co-op stocking vintage light fixtures, suitcases, theater seats, rugs and mirrors of all kinds. The shop has a slightly more sophisticated style than the popular shabby-chic spots, leaning more toward pieces with sleeker retro silhouettes. But don't be mistaken — it's still full of creative upcyclings, including art and clothing. They'll also be your stylist and florist. Find perfectly distressed shabby furniture, handmade feather earrings and crochet pillows, and vintage home décor from buying trips around the country. The selection of antiques, tools, collectibles, books and furniture changes nearly every day.

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Furniture goes in old and faded, and comes out restored and ready for a new life. This shop is great for picking up charming, upcycled vintage furniture without the hassle of painting it yourself. Or, if you'd rather try your hand at it, stop by for a workshop. They gather their impressive inventory from vintage shows and local estate sales in the area. Stock changes nearly every day, but you're always likely to find typewriters, clocks, vintage furniture and high-end upholstery fabrics by the yard at wholesale prices. This neighborhood store stages its shop with themed vignettes, to help you score mid-century modern starbursts for your living room or the shabby-chic dresser you need for your daughter's room. But don't worry if you're intimidated by the two floors packed with items — the expert staff can help you locate exactly what you seek.