Celeste comes with white chain and canopy. The glaze has a slight texture to it and highlights of tan gold.

The piece is adorned with fretwork detailing and has a beveled glass inlay. Five dovetail drawers with original hardware. Professionally repainted in navy satin lacquer. This selection includes fifty-nine pieces featuring a snowman pattern on a blue background with softly falling snow around the top hot wearing snowman.

Lautrec's fabulous style and a great palette combine for a great look!

The dish is used and in excellent condition, contains one small faint chip with paint loss on underside of lid 1/2 less. Not only is this an outstanding piece of fine art, it is sculpted from from an. Kennedy bust, comprised of chalkware/ plaster, is such a unique find!

The black faux-marble top attaches to a shell base with 24k gold leaf detailing. The vintage piece features gorgeous tones of green, peach and cream and is the perfect size for serving appetizers, cheese and crackers, etc.

The new attached cushion is upholstered in a black and white zebra print. A couturier twist on the club chair form. Tight rolled back with deeply cut rolled ends. Perfect for tailgating, picnics, as a room accent, on the foot of a bed. These blankets are not the same size ( large: 55" x 49"; small: 51"x 51") and vary a bit in tone. The rattan frames are adorned with three decorative circles and leather windings. The rattan frame has gently sloping arms and leather windings. The rattan frame has gently sloping arches and leather windings. The new cushion is newly upholstered in green and white stripe fabric with pink piping. The removable cushion is newly upholstered in green and white stripe fabric. The rattan frames have lattice backs and leather windings. View our collection of affordable vintage costume jewelry, handbags, hats and other accessories. While refinishing/restoring my parent’s antiques they had collected over the years or purchased from auctions, my work became noticed by their customers. After 31 years, we are still family owned and remain a sought after business. Most importantly, you must decide if the furniture is to be refinished (to give a new surface) or restored (to freshen up what you have). Some customers ask us if they should get an antique restored.

We tell them that most antique furniture refinishing is great to do and that there are many pieces in need of that out there. It's the pieces of furniture that you know the historical history on that should remain untouched.

I picked it up two weeks later and they told me that they had put it back on the floor and only would refund me half price for it.

We have always been pleased with this store. Candy is friendly and easy to work with and has always been very helpful. Most of the items we have been able to bring home ourselves, but we recently bought a large bedroom suite that had to be delivered. Candy gave me the name of a reputable moving company that was able to help the next day and did a great job.

We stop in regularly to see what's new in the store.

Architectural Salvage and Antiques Louisville KY 40202

Store Louisville Vintage Antique Used Furniture

I go there quite often and the items offered, unique finds and one of a kind, are always changing. Whether you're looking for ’40s slip dresses or ’90s flannel and leather, there's something for you here at a seriously awesome price.

You can find items like clip-on earrings, records, or adorable salt and pepper shakers here for as low as 25 cents. It may be cheap, but none of it is junk; the owner buys out estates and only puts out true, special vintage items. Prices range wildly, but you can always find something to fit the bill. If you’re after bold looks (’70s printed jumpsuits, 6-inch platforms), this is the place to go. There's a whole room upstairs of actual costumery to rent, and there's also a good selection of men's clothing and accessories. As far as clothing and accessories go, fur and leather coats, printed scarves, and some killers suits are never far from reach. Prices range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars, and there's even a "junk room" with damaged furniture at a steal, for those game for a fixer-upper. It’s set up more as than store, and it's clear that each piece is chosen very carefully. On display, you’ll find home goods as well as some spectacular women's jewelry and accessories (think lots of lucite, bakelite, and stunning rhinestone sets). Her range spans from the 1800s to the ’70s, but items from the ’20s to ’40s are her speciality. Highlights include a fantastic selection of bottoms: high-waisted and wide leg pants, loads of leather skirts in bright colors, and denim for days. There’s also a huge selection of fun men's tees and plaids, and you can score some unique sterling silver jewelry among the funkier costume baubles. Finding the perfect one has been on my pickin’ bucket list for a long time!

But here’s more enticement- when you enter, you are given a decoder because the prices are encrypted!

Oh, and if you ever see a crazy lady on the side of a highway taking photos of poppies and wildflowers, it just might be me on one of our adventures!!

I hope you checked out my other projects. My entire blog is dedicated to repurposing and upcycling (like that clutch) and the chronicles of my junking adventures.

Louisville Vintage Antique and Used Furniture

You shoulda shown us your purchases, but guess that’s coming, right?

They reserve those days to go to estate sales and yard sales. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in my hometown. Isn’t that pricing system the wildest thing?

Haven’t been to any of the others, but your trip sure looked like a great tour for junkies like us. Our main street has several antique . Both are great junking places and have much better prices than some you have listed. It’s a two-story house, plus a basement, filled with goodies.

I feel a fundamental need to repurpose and upcycle the broken, the neglected, and the tossed- and to avoid buying new whenever possible.

We encourage you to visit our website and showroom frequently. It is our hope that we can fulfill your collecting and/or inventory needs as we have for so many satisfied customers.

Our staff of master woodworkers, refinishers and upholsters specialize in antique restoration and custom built high quality furniture that will last for generations. Expert in furniture repair and restoration since 1930!

There are so many great places in town to find just the right thing for your home for not a lot of money. What is great about the space is that for being packed with fantastic finds, everything is very organized. Most furniture seems new and all is in good condition. Each piece is carefully tagged with its provenance and the price.

This is the place to find an inexpensive, sturdy piece of furniture for your home. They carry bed frames, lots of dining tables and chairs, and club chairs. Warmer months are a great time to look here for patio furniture, as well. Shoppers could spend hours just browsing the memorabilia. There are definitely more accessories and memorabilia here than furniture. This small venue holds a litany of treasures, especially for those who love to fix up old furniture or have an affinity for vintage kitchen wares. It’s hard to list all the categories of items you’ll find. It’s also hard not to buy something here every time you go. With 170 dealers, there is a varied selection from which to choose. They even have a dedicated section of the store for pianos. The furniture is arranged in room-like settings to give buyers a vision of how things may look in their own homes. You’ll find very current furniture in great condition. Some days there are antiques; other days more contemporary furniture.

Things move quickly through this store because the prices are low. It is definitely a treasure hunt worth return visits. With different vendors renting small spaces in this venue, there is a little bit of everything, from the high-end to the yard sale level. Serious hunters, who can likely spend hours in here, will usually come out with a treasure or two. There is a preponderance of clothing and vintage memorabilia here, more so than furniture. It’s a great destination for those who like to paint or recover furniture. They have great vintage and retro pieces that need no restoring, as well. Instagram , where we publish at least a find a day from local businesses.

We also had the orange pecan pie, also a great way to end the meal. There were also some items that were made entirely from re-purposed parts (see picture of the birdhouse). They also have great book booths and most items seem fairly priced. Jewelry is genuinely antique and vintage. Very fun selection and reasonable prices considering the quality of the selections. If you can't find it there, you haven't looked. Custom comforters, duvets and curtains available. Very reasonably priced with an extensive selection.

You never know what you're going to discover.

We were greeted at the door by the store's friendly staff. Four of us feasted on the chicken salad sandwich, large salad, vege quiche and asparagus quiche. They have many floors from floor to ceiling of antiques. It's like the clown car of antique malls. Very fun shop with lots of great items at very good prices.

I actually managed to buy some trains and other stuff here.

I am impressed with the vintage stuff here.

Store Louisville Vintage Antique Used Furniture