You can dry the stump outside for a couple of months, then bring it inside for a couple of weeks. If the bark is particularly stubborn, like this stupid thing was … do the same thing but with wood chisels. Once all your holes are predrilled, place your legs and brackets back on and screw them into place. I have thought about making one, but thought it would take much longer for the stump to dry out.

If you’re worried about termites or bugs put the stump in a plastic garbage bag, spray it with bug spray that contains pyrethrins. You can try to seal it with the bark on, but it’s probable that your bark will start to fall off on its own eventually and you’ll have to reseal it without the bark. If you have a chair with a lower arm, or even just a corner, the stump with no legs will look great.

When you get your stump, if you buy it from someone make sure to ask them if the stump has been cut and dried for a few months. I loved the tutorial for the ; now can you do a tutorial on how to make that swear jar?

Sap/resin/gooey stuff from things like pine or spruce is super sticky and tends to stay that way. I know what the impatience of waiting for it to dry out feels like, but if you plan on sealing it with the bark off, you really need to let it dry out.

If it’s just got the odd bug on it just drop the stump straight down a few times to knock the bugs off. I have no idea how long they sat out by the side of the road, but the bark all came off with relative ease. Weigh it again in a few days and you’ll be surprised at how much lighter it is just from drying out inside. It might last for a month with the bark sticking, maybe a year … but it will eventually fall right off. I noticed a few survivors popping up under the shrink wrapped and took care of them as well. My mom has been keeping 3 stumps for 20 years and just left them as is with the bark and all. Try asking at garden centres or any sort of government where they do roadside cleanup. I came across your blog via the chicken coop page and have enjoyed reading all of your projects and antics. I want to do just this for give my transitional/contemporary living room a bit of earthy flare. As far as the word “stupid” goes, it’s repeated in the first paragraph to create a point by using literary rhythm. I have is probably 12 inches on top the e regular shape and feathers out to about 14 to 15 inches on the bottom. If you type “whitewash” into my search bar you should be brought to a post on how to white wash.

I drilled holes in the bottom 1/16” bigger than the pipe, which gave it a very tight fit, & put cane tips on the bottom of the new legs. The reason you have to dry your stump out is so it is dry before you put the polyurethane on it.

Plastic garbage bag

If the stumps have been drying out for long time (a year for instance, lol) then they should be fine. Taking one of the worms into a garden centre and asking them what spray to use on it is a good idea too. The polyurethane is just to protect the table from spills and stains so it doesn’t really matter if it makes it right into the centre of the crack. Sealing is important if you want the stump to last outside, otherwise it’ll just eventually rot.

Your legs will be 6 inches high, so figure out how tall your stump needs to be for where you want to put it. Coincidentally if you allow yourself to dry out for a month you’ll lose several pounds too. If your stump was already cut and dried from wherever you got it, you can just bring it inside for a couple of weeks.

Stump bark spray

Stumped How To Make A Tree Stump Table

They’re sharper and will cut through the fibres between the bark and the stump better than a prybar. If there are any sections where you accidentally took too much of the wood off you can skim over it with some stain. They have to enter at some point of the stump and if there are termites, you should be able to notice the entry point. Place the wood it on its side (gravity is your friend) and let it dry (solidify) for a long while, and once done, it will look like smooth glass filled with sparklies.

I make sure mine are dried for 2 years before starting work on it, since wood moves as it dries.

I am going to go right out to the nearest plot of trees and find a fallen one just to make a table like yours!

If you bring the stump inside it’ll dry faster, but the fast it dries the more likely it is to get cracks.

Also, on a side note it’s worth mentioning that three legs on anything makes it more stable on uneven surfaces.

It’s mostly because we’re impatient and want to get our end table finally ready, but also we don’t want to make any mistakes.

Seattle, so putting it outside to dry/debug it wouldn’t be effective, as it would just get more damp.

If you’re still worried about it (and you may be opposed to this) you can put the stump in a garbage bag, spray bug killer in it and then tie it up.

It could mean that the tree is rotting, which wouldn’t make for the best tree stump table.

As the wood dries over time the stump shrinks as does the bark, creating a gap in between the bark and the stump.

I first applied a liberal amount of carpenter ant spray into the larger holes at the top of the log, so much that it actually pooled up inside.

I have access to a large oven used for powder coating do you think it would hurt the wood to bake it some?

I hope using part of it’s trunk to make a stump table will give me some peace about losing the tree by letting me hold onto a piece of it. In addition, you can get screw-leveling feet or gliders at most local hardware to really fine-tune a level top.

You may be able to bring it to a lumber yard or a place that sells firewood and have them straighten the ends for you. My husband does woodworking for a hobby but he wasn’t sure how long to let the stump dry out. If u were to estimate, after the wood drying process, how long do you think it takes for you to make one?

You could research to see if there are certain types of wood that this is less likely to happen with. Come the following summer, peeling the log was a cakewalk(super easy) & it sanded up really nice!

The only thing in your instructions that stumped:) me was bringing the stump inside for several weeks.

But if the stump is old (and was cut months ago) then you don’t need to do that step because it will be dried out already.

I would do is put the stump in a plastic garbage bag and spray it with bug spray that has pyrethrin in it. Then remove the stump, bang it on the ground several times to knock out any dead worms that you can and leave it to air out for another few days.

Do you have any suggestions for how to do this and also where to find a piece of glass for something like that?