We get lots of compliments from family and friends who visit and the is just the style we wanted and has the durability that we need with 2 little ones who use this table as their art station, play area, and impromptu percussion instrument. Red ink from "2017" confetti stained the table in about 8 different places after the confetti had a drink spilled on it.

All this did was start to dull the finish.

I thought our table might need to be completely stripped/refinished, because nothing was removing the red ink.

I would never in a hundred years think this was a good idea on a table - acetone would strip away the finish and stain, wouldn't it?

Well, the nail polish remover with acetone wasn't strong enough to remove the red ink, but the straight acetone removed it with no problem!!

We will definitely be purchasing some additional soon and will continue to share how much we've enjoyed working with a local craftsman with spectacular skills and products. All reviewers raved about the quality and how solid the end tables were. With glass paned metal doors, a wood frame and latch closures inspired by cargo trucks, our substantially sized -material cabinet exudes an industrial air. It features six generous shelving compartments that are ideal for storing electronics as a media unit, or dinnerware as a buffet.

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