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During this period, it was jam-packed with marvelous finds.

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This is an amazing original log furniture for the area. Real rittenhouse, rare and functional furniture!

Unlike most wood that is cut from live trees, barnwood is primarily standing dead or reclaimed wood from farmers’ ranches or old barns. It was the proverbial first step of a million miles.

Even those who like contemporary furniture appreciate the organic feel of real wood as you get a very unique look by combining thick organic natural slabs with modern bases.

We would welcome the opportunity to handcraft a custom-made piece of for you and your family. Come on over and cure that sweet tooth with our smooth and creamy ice cream, home made fudge and piping hot out of the oven fresh pizza. Our craftsmen and women are truly amazing – and love the challenge and excitement that come with filling your custom orders. Submit your own success story and we’ll add it to our growing list of glowing testimonials. But a global market has its dark side as well.

Lakeland also would like to pump up institutional and commercial sales.

You have many different options as the sturdy elements enable it to hold up for many years to come. Check out our collection of natural furnishings and see how they can stand the test of time. Beautiful natural black walnut slabs are matched with a solid wood trestle base. Using a wide and professionally selected range of wood elements, our rustic furniture truly adds meaning to those sentiments that are stirred up in the mind. This solid wood dining has clean lines.

We offer special fly-in packages and complimentary airport transportation. It arrived late and defective - the hex bolts that hold the frame together were not lined up correctly so the bed couldn't be fully. We highly recommend the white glove deliver service as it was flawless.

I needed the table to be enlarged from what was being advertised.

We ordered 4 of the modern stools with backrests. The furniture arrived exactly as the photo shown online. These vanities are made to order so they can be made to the size you need. Please check our website for a small sampling of items we carry. Friendships were made and wood was traded. The wood is primarily standing dead or reclaimed wood from farmers’ ranches or old barns. With the rise of globalization, most local furniture manufacturing jobs in the past 50 years were sent overseas for the nearly non-existent environmental laws and inexpensive labor. Evina is part of a burgeoning micro-manufacturing movement taking root in this country. During his travels he came across beautiful exotic woods. Some started with no skills as general laborers and because of their natural talents have evolved into incredible rustic furniture artisans. Our artisans will show you the different woods, and you are welcome to get involved in the project. They told us the bed came in with the wrong headboard so it was going to take 2 weeks longer.

I thought the product was exceptionally beautiful. But the customer service has been a nightmare.

Rustic furniture has its roots in Edmore

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The order process was fine and they were quick to respond and thorough. Upon arrival one chest had a ding in it (that was not from shipping) an exposed screw and part of the leg was sanded, left unstained. The drawers all had sawdust in them and they do not open smoothly. However, after just a few months, the bottom of one of the drawers completely fell out. It's just cheap plywood stapled, not even well enough to hold some t-shirts.

I waited 7 months later and finally set up delivery. The base was hand made of iron and was crooked and the black paint was chipped. It took 6 men to bring in my screwed up table. Thus forcing them to have to use the 6 shorter pieces. They are a disorganized, sloppy operation and should not be trusted with a customer's custom made order, or any order for that matter. After several more weeks of back and forth with the company and their outside delivery people, they brought the original table back on a temporary basis while they made a replacement. In the interim, it was several weeks of no conference table for my business client. They had told us the white glove delivery company would come out with a furniture medic to make an needed adjustments on site and that was the reason for the delivery delay. When the table arrived, the white glove company had "no idea" what we were talking about.

We collectively wasted hours and hours of staff time not to mention good will with our client. They could care less if you are inconvenienced and are rude, bullying and uncooperative. If you see anything you want from them, my advice is to google it and buy it somewhere else. They make rustic furniture in all types of wood. It was beautiful right down to the draw pulls.

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The furniture was packed with expertise in a wooded crate and arrived at my house in great shape. The care they took to make the piece of furniture was great as is shown in the piece itself.

I would defiantly buy from them again and plan on doing so soon. This store usually has several pieces to choose from.

I definitely recommend the products as everything is handmade and well structured. Ex said they would have to charge us if we wanted to lift gate so instead we had to take the day off and take it off their truck with a tractor. Pretty awesome place to check out if you have a cottage or house up north. Paid a few thousand dollars for a dining room table made of redwood. No one wants to take risks making modifications to an expensive custom vanity, most ppl assume at that price it would come ready to install. It was suppose to be made with 4 slabs all 14ft long. The screws did not line up and the delivery company could not attach the top to the base.

I was lucky they didn't smash my house interior while bringing it in. They told me that sales person was no longer working there. It is very unfair to those who have had bad experiences and trying to warn others. Big crack starting in the middle on the top of this redwood dining table.

I was supposed to receive a redwood dining table in august. Monday came and went- it took 2 more weeks to get it from their delivery company.

When they finally delivered it and put it together they ran fast to get away. John said he would get a furniture medic locally to repair. January, the first version of the table was finally delivered to my client site (after a horrible experience with the delivery company) and the delivery company was not able to successfully assemble it on-site so that the table was level and there were no gaps between the legs and the table top. The table has finally been returned, we have received a refund but returning my money which they had for 8 months and wasting a year's time and leaving my client without a conference table for weeks at a time was a completely unfortunate experience.

We walked around for 45 minutes to buy a table but could not get anyone to pay attention to us. This company has terrible customer service. Certain items were made to the wrong size and would not fit. Upon receiving items make sure everything fits and is in place prior to letting the delivery people leave. The line between rustic furniture and contemporary furniture is being blurred. Even those who like contemporary furniture appreciate the organic feel of real wood.

You get a very unique look by combining thick organic natural slabs with modern bases. Our contemporary rustic furniture will work in a modern or urban setting or fitting in a timber frame or log home where the owners want to soften the rustic side. Our barnwood furniture is crafted from 100 to 150 year old reclaimed barnwood.

Our barnwood furniture is an eco-friendly line of rustic furniture. Our goal is to craft rustic furniture unlike any other rustic furniture on the market. Because we craft the majority of our own rustic furniture, custom sizes are not a problem.

I would strongly recommend you look at a different furniture maker. First of all they told me to expect 10 weeks for delivery.

I said that was unacceptable, then they said they would get back with me. They just showed up and dropped them off at my work without any prior notice. Much more difficult than it should have been if they would have called me and gave me a heads up when the delivery was scheduled as they told me they would. Lastly, and most important the wood they use is poor and their craftsman ship is extremely poor. All 6 stools are sanded poorly, and are catching and creating pulls in our clothing. Its like they just missed several spots on the wood.

We have lost 2 shirts already in the first week, due to snags in our shirts due to the rough wood. Then after 3 phone calls to them to see what they were going to do, they finally answered with they said they couldn’t do anything to fix it cause they couldn’t get the chairs returned due to a special crate made to send them to me.

We received extremely poor customer service, very poor communication, poor craftsmanship, and they don’t stand by their products.

I would really recommend going with a different furniture company.

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