The emphasis is always on quality, and every item is hand-selected then cleaned, rejuvenated or restored according to need. This showcase is a sampling of what’s currently available.

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Furnishing and decor tips to make the most of your small space. That’s what one of my wise customers said as she was contemplating a purchase. She’s spot on, and as more people choose small space living that advice has grown in relevance. Incorporating furniture and decor from your past can be a part of personal style going forward.

There’s pleasure in the exploration and discovery, of weekend shopping excursions to hidden gems, and making unexpected finds. Yet there can be pain if you’re not sure where to look and how to make sense of the overwhelming options. Choosing furniture and accessories should be a process, thinking about shapes and proportions, relationships and room dynamics. To see more of the artist’s work, visit her web site. The new workshop has given us the elbow room to restore some pretty spectacular items. More information coming soon, so be patient.

Amazing what positive results a visit to the store will get. Customers came in with a furniture checklist and we were able to satisfy much of it including this antique library table, which we custom-restored for them. Moral of the story: if you’re looking for something in particular drop in and have a conversation with us. Check out our diverse selection of accent tables in the store, where’s there are more options to see. Gather everyone around this classic mid-century modern walnut dining table. Its fully restored, measures 40” x 60”, comes with three expansion leaves and has four matching chairs. A couple of wedgies to get your weekend off on the right foot. And both are available in the store this week. Solid wood frame with walnut finish and brand new cushions in smoky charcoal brown/gray. Or, you are all welcome to visit us on the web.

We can connect your unwanted items directly to those in need. Call today for a no-obligation shipping quote. The constructed quality is built to last many years and is not comparable to what you would spend buying new furniture that is of less quality.

We pickup, deliver, donate and handle everything from start to finish – making every move a very smooth and efficient transition for every client and every partnership a-like. With this resource, we reach every buyer and seller which desires the products and services that we offer. These are just few high quality brands that we offer.

We offer the highest quality brands in furniture and home decor for sale online and project management services to residential and commercial clients. From professional and ethical guidance, to specialized services and premiere products, we aim to be the preeminent resource for both private and professional consumers. Through the means of technology, logistics and strategic planning, we are helping to clear landfills, create jobs and replenish rainforests. This selective nature insures our products are well-crafted and in like-new condition.

We donate many of the items we cannot accept – directly to those in need – on behalf of our customers.

I was contacted the very next day to schedule my delivery. Marva’s prices are fair and her pieces are some of the best in town!

Top quality stuff and their showroom is huge!.

Victory Vintage

We source the highest quality you can trust.

We do not guarantee a sale of any items but we offer the best options to get your items sold. Do not submit any items that you are selling on your own, elsewhere or will become unavailable. Any items that is approved and then removed by you will cancel your entire request and at our discretion. It’s the value that we place on it for resale; otherwise, it’s only valuable to you”. This is a chore you must do with other companies. This fee is only an estimate until we know exactly what is involved in your move. Please be specific and truthful with the location and access to the pieces in your home. For apartments or condos, check with your management company and make sure you understand the access for moving large items out of the building. Tell us what floor you are on, how many steps are involved, long hallways and distance from building for parking. If you do not want to pay for the furniture pickup service then you can bring the items in on your own using your own resources.

You will need to make an appointment once the setup and handling fee is paid. If you do not agree to the conditions set forth, do not use this website. A bell usually dings as you open the door, before inhaling the smell of old books, furniture polish, and a hint of wood and leather. You’ll also find three other antique stores throughout the city. The shop’s high ceilings provide room for shelves that hold close to 2, 000 of these colorful ceramic creations from pink flamingos to aqua seascapes. It features an extensive selection of pottery (of course), kitchenware, glassware and more. The curated mix includes jewelry, candles, furniture, collectibles and much more. Antiquified is a roadside attraction with so many unusual things to see inside and out.

Odds N Ends

For many years residents and passers-by were curious about the enchanted fairy tale gingerbread house. What could be hiding inside that splendid intriguing house?

Enjoy premier antique shopping on three levels of themed and inspiration rooms. Hunt for vintage lace and linens, handmade aprons, cook books and kitchenware. Browse through retro records, vintage children’s books and classic and historical novels and books. Check out old-fangled cameras and toys, photos and postcards, not to mention a section of ephemera and vintage comic books. History, mystery, fun objects; you won’t tire of it, you’ll want more. Tons of creative chalk painted accent pieces and primitive decor for your home.

We have an original built-in bar unlike anything you’ve seen, that’s perfect for our exceptional selection of barware and breweriana. And for the gals seeking beautiful bu-dour and vanity pieces,
we have the perfect items. We’re committed to bringing you the ultimate antique shopping experience.

Antiquified is handicap accessible outside and on our main level. Flamingos is an occasional sale that has vendors that bring their own fun and unique selection of items.

We also offer a broad selection of lesser known furniture and accessory makers as well. Keep in mind that quantities are limited and most items are unique. You’re welcome to come to the shop, too – bring that sample or piece of hardware and we’ll try to find a match. Our experienced dealers also offer appraisals, evaluations, and estate sale services.

Stop by to check out our latest selection!

This site will be updated as new sales are scheduled. Please stop in to browse our three floors. Allow yourself an entire day if you want to see everything. Some of us have stuff that we can easily donate or recycle, but some of us have antiques and collectibles that we may be ready to let go of and have market value. Whether you’re the one who inherited all the family heirlooms, or you’ve accumulated a collection or two over the years, this article will give you tips on finding out what your items are worth, and choosing the best way to sell them. Having an inventory will make it easier to keep track of what you have, what you know about it, and what you discover about its value. Knowing its value will also will give you a better idea of where to sell it and will help you have a more realistic discussion with a potential seller. There are three widely-used general price guides. They can point you in the right direction, either to other collectors who specialize or to finding specialized price guides, dealers, or auction houses.

You can bring a few pieces to a meeting, even if you’re not a member, and the pottery collectors are glad to offer advice.

You can also call an antique mall and ask if they can refer you to someone who can help you identify and value your items. If you haven’t sold antiques before, it’s important to know that there are two different kinds of values in the antique market.

One is the auction value and the other is the retail value. Despite the occasional spectacular result for an auctioned item, auction prices are typically the lower of the two. Retail prices, which reflect a dealer’s need to pay overhead and make a profit (often after buying something at auction) are higher. It helps to know how each of these sellers do business, so you know what to expect when you work with them. As a seller, if you put your items in an auction, you don’t pay the fee. Buyer’s premiums range from 15 to 25 percent of the item’s final price. Some auction houses also charge sellers a commission. The auction house uses its profit getting them ready for auction, and advertising them—either online, or through mailings, or through catalogs prepared for the auction. While auction prices can vary, there are two ways auction houses can influence the selling price. One is to include a price estimate in the catalog or listing. This is a range within which the auction house believes the item’s value should fall. Having an estimate isn’t a guarantee of where the price will end up—many a seller can be crestfallen when something doesn’t “make the estimate”—but it tells the buyers what the auction house’s expectations are for the item. Auctioneers work with the item’s owner to set the reserve. A realistic reserve can assure the owner a profit, but an inflated reserve can mean that the item won’t sell. Local auction houses tend to discourage reserve prices, partly because they handle items that are lower in price to start with, and partly because they want to sell as many lots as possible. It’s a headache for an auction house to return the item to the owner or to try to sell it again later. This means fewer bargains for buyers, but better prices for sellers. One of the advantages of a local auction is the convenience of handling large items. If you have big pieces of furniture or pictures—unless they are quite valuable and should be handled by a high-end broker—a local auction can spare you the headache of packing and shipping. The number of local auction houses that sell antiques and collectibles has shrunk over the years. If you aren’t sure where your items belong, send them a list with descriptions, and they can advise you on which auction would be best. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins the item. Trading assistants charge you, the seller, a fee that can be substantial, ranging between 15 and 50 percent of the final sale price. There’s a great deal of variation between trading assistants, and if you work with one, you need to be clear on what the terms are. The time period for the sale can vary from three to six months, depending on the shop. They offer appraisal services, which are helpful if you don’t know what your items are worth. They prefer new stuff and aren’t the best place to take antiques. They typically take a lower percentage of the selling price (between 25 and 35 percent, depending on the individual dealer). And while they like to be able to drop the price to sell the item, they often limit it to what they consider a courtesy 10 or 15 percent discount for fellow dealers or preferred customers, and they’ll ask you before they do so. If you want it out of your house and don’t care what you get for it, the next local auction may be the right venue. This multi-dealer two-story mall is filled with antiques, collectibles, and contemporary pieces. Have an antique family heirloom that you once thought was beyond repair?

Our professional and honest staff has the tools and expertise to get it in working order again. Specialty items include vintage clothing and mid-century modern furniture and accessories. You’ll find quality antiques and collectibles displayed in our 3 levels, 10, 000 sq ft unique setting.

We love to help you with your coin hobby – our customers are the most precious to us.

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