However, i would like to visit an amish community. As the previous poster suggested, get off the turnpike at exit 107.

Middlebury has at least two good places to eat. It is very touristy with small shops as well as the restaurant. The shops are fun and they also offer carriage rides. Amish country, depending on weather of course.

We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. And this doesn’t factor in the large population of retirees who work from home. And in this regard, great furniture is key. Here’s where you have to make a big decision.

You can choose furniture from big box and franchise office furniture stores. Usually, these items of furniture are great-looking – with their polished surfaces, fancy hardware and faux leather.

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And you’ll discover that most pieces are built with particle board — often with a veneer — and other bargain substitutes. Amish cabinetmakers custom-build each item of furniture. Plus, dovetail drawer joints enhance strength and durability. As a result, the pieces you buy should, with proper care, last for generations to come. For example, drawers open full extension. So you’ll enjoy easy access to every square inch of space. Forget having to fight to retrieve a file or pencil from the very back of a drawer!

You can also choose executive chairs with padded leather and full ergonomic features. However, these discounts are not valid with any other promotion. So you can purchase furniture items for every room in your house. In addition, you can enjoy savings off a vast array of home accessories. Imagine how awesome it would be to receive this much money off your next purchase!

Because you’ll find detailed photographs and information. They’re beautiful, sturdy, and made of solid wood. Apart from that, the plant stands are as varied as they come. In fact, they represent a wide variety of styles, shapes and configurations. Wish to match your wooden plant stand with your existing furniture?

You can choose single units, available in several sizes. Whether you choose to use your wooden plant stand for plants or accessories, with proper care, they can help keep your home beautiful for decades to come.

You can select items like the wood specie, finish (or unfinished) final size and so forth. So you can save big on living room sets, occasional tables , and entertainment furniture. Also hutches, sideboards, cabinets, pantries — and more. Or, you can choose individual beds and nightstands. Plus chests, dressers, blanket/cedar chests and armoires.

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Brandenberry’s showroom includes office furniture, outdoor furniture and numerous accessories. This includes exploring the rich woods and stains that only nature can offer. Because nothing matches the feel, smell and weight of hickory, oak, cherry and maple. It has detailed photographs and information. Also, all furniture items store wide are available at 12% off. What’s more, you can take the furniture you buy with you. Or, we can deliver the furniture to your home or office. It contains detailed photographs and information. These include family room, dining room, bedroom, office and children’s furniture. Their large book compartments, sturdy shelves plus their retractable glass doors are ideal for storing large lawbooks and journals. These same features make them perfect for other applications as well. This means you can count on the strong solid wood shelves to bear the weight of heavy lawbooks. Also, the roller glides make the doors slide smoothly into the cabinet so access to books is a breeze. Optional decorative leaded glass inlays inside each door enhance the old-world look. Other options include clear glass and many leaded glass patterns. Many home and apartment owners choose a barrister bookcase for storing and displaying curio objects like precious books, vintage cameras, table clocks and kaleidoscopes. Keeping these precious behind the retractable doors reinforces their special status in the home. Homeowners living in or wanting to create an unconventional house or apartment have been known to choose a barrister bookcase as a kitchen or dining room hutch. Also, the retractable door makes it easy to load and remove dishes.

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What’s more, the barrister bookcase is smaller than a traditional hutch so it fits better in confined spaces. Short of adequate bedroom storage but big on imaginative solutions?

Ensconced behind the glass, everything stays visible and protected from dust. Lawbooks traditionally have first dibs on barrister bookcases. Saturday morning kicks off with a benefit pancake and sausage breakfast. And, of course, you get to participate in a full day of food and entertainment in the main tent. Free concerts by two bands will cap off the evening.

You can get 15% off furniture items storewide. Nothing matches the feel, smell and weight of hickory, oak, cherry and maple.

You can continue shopping at those stores and expect a different result. Or, you can explore custom made furniture.

Because it gives them the ability to get the styles and features they want. Plus, home owners can order pieces that fit the specific dimensions of the room. In fact, furniture lovers have been known to visit furniture manufacturers several states away to order custom furniture. Or you inherited a solid wood dining table. Or perhaps you need a coffee table to complement the nightstands you couldn’t resist at an estate auction. In cases like these, custom made furniture is your best option.

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And no one but you will be able to tell that you didn’t get all the pieces of furniture as a single set. For example, you can order a bookcase to fit the expanse of empty wall in your living room or home office. Or a breakfast nook for the cozy corner by the windows. So forget shopping for furniture that ‘almost fits’. So let’s say you choose a piece that you just love. And they’ll supply you with the furnishings that are exactly what your heart desires. Also, prefer an entertainment center with speaker cloth-inlayed doors instead of glass or wood?

How about a door instead of a drawer in your mule chest?

Or drawers and doors with a soft-close feature. This means each piece of custom furniture is incredibly sturdy and durable. In fact, with proper care, the pieces you buy should last for generations to come. And talk to their expert customer service staff about creating custom made furniture that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle. Items like books and magazines for reading.

You also like having your smart phone, laptop and other devices close by to stay on top of your social life. Also, it’s nice having a pen and pad for scratching notes. Plus a few items of clothing to slip into. So you could not ask for a bedroom ensemble that’s more convenient. Also, with the combination of cupboard space and drawers, mirrors and lights, you couldn’t ask for a bed that’s more grand!

Plus, the six full-extension drawers — three on each side — give you even more space. So you can enjoy hassle-free access to the entire drawer. It’s a great place to rest your reading material, laptop or other devices. Make sure you check out the touch lights, beveled mirrors, bookshelf/countertop and two storage cubicles in the headboard. And they use solid hardwood plus skills handed down from their ancestors. Available as shown or unfinished and in king, queen or full sizes, the bed suite is customizable to meet your requirements. Including to explore the rich woods and stains that only nature can offer. Nothing matches the feel, the smell and the weight of hickory, oak, cherry and maple. Also, the pieces are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. Also patio and exclusive furniture pieces. Also, you’ll find furniture categorized by room. These include family room, dining room, bedroom, office and children’s furniture. What’s more, you’ll find furniture categorized by style and wood species. And if you currently own a vanity, or are planning to acquire one, you’re in good company.

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Because fashionable women have been using custom vanities and bedroom dressing tables for more than two centuries. In fact, these tables were initially used to store cosmetic items. And well-to-do women wrapped cosmetics in small towels, which they stored in the vanities. Also, people added stools, so maids could help style the hair of ladies of the house. Hollywood films of the 1920s and ‘30s popularized dressing tables and vanities as a natural item of furniture for every glamorous woman. Brandenbery offers a wide variety of wood vanities and dressing tables. Sure, they give every unit a beautiful exterior. With intricately carved woodwork, rich finishes and eye-catching hardware. Because the craftsmen build each piece from solid hardwoods. And they use traditional woodworking methods. And no bargain substitutes like particle board anywhere. So the vanity you choose should, with proper care, last for generations to come. Especially when friends and family drop in. Or, you just may not have enough tabletop space in your living room to keep everything close to hand. And they use solid hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple and hickory. Or the staff can customize it to your requirements. Because you don’t need to conform to any ‘corporate’ expectations regarding office size, layout, furniture style or decorative touches. So you can choose an unused or underused spare room or a portion of your basement. For example, you might need a more powerful computer and/or added software to perform tasks you formerly did at your corporate office. What’s more, a shredder might be indispensable if you work in the financial, insurance, securities or medical fields.

You may need to have a credenza behind your desk for added storage. Also, if you will be meeting with clients or colleagues, you need to have extra seating and maybe a table for magazines. Your home office is your personal hideout. It’s the place where you spend countless hours working, plus keeping up on your social media connections. Also, make sure your office chair, desk and other items of furniture are comfortable. So you can choose the exact pieces your wish.

You can choose everything from a corner unit to an executive desk and credenza. Or, you can go retro with a roll-top desk or secretary desk. What’s more, you can complement your desk set with a bookcase, printer stand, plant stand or other furnishing. Amish artisans painstaking handcraft each piece. Plus tried and proven woodworking techniques handed down from their ancestors. So with proper care, the pieces you choose should last for generations to come. Veneer furniture runs the gamut from cheaply-made through well-crafted pieces covered by veneers. Also, most solid wood furniture tends to be sturdy and well built. Usually, craftsmen make veneers from expensive or exotic woods. And these include walnut, rosewood or teak. Also, furniture manufacturers use veneers for all types of furniture. By solid wood furniture, we mean furniture made of quality hardwoods.

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And these include oak, cherry, hickory and maple (pictured). Like the collage of neatly arranged woods in the center of a table. But cabinetmakers also match the grain pattern of different pieces of veneer to create furniture with a more uniform grain pattern. The curved contours of a grand piano are one example. Because solid wood is more expensive than veneers and wood substitutes. Plus, solid wood pieces often involve hand craftsmanship. While workers put together most veneer furniture on an assembly line. However, factor in the long life of solid hardwood furniture. And you’ll find that solid wood furniture provides a better return on investment over time. So furniture with softwood below the veneer tends to be sturdier than veneer-covered particle board. But furniture builders find solid wood incredibly strong and durable. For example, solid wood drawers withstand repetitive use, year after year. In fact, with proper care, solid wood furniture should last for generations to come.

You ask yourself, is it veneer or solid wood?

And we’ll look at some other pros and cons of both types of furniture. Traditionally, craftsmen create veneers from expensive or exotic woods. By contrast, solid wood furniture is made of quality hardwoods. And these include oak, maple, hickory and cherry (pictured). So, they’re durable, malleable — and perfect for fine furniture!

Because you might just wear though the veneer.

So imagine your furniture looking new again. With beautiful woodgrain and smooth, blemish-free panels!

Conversely, buying solid wood furniture helps you score some notches in the sustainability category. This is because many solid wood furniture builders use use quality, sustainably sourced hardwoods. As a result, they used pine wood, because of its light weight and affordability. Like inlays, carvings, metal pulls or veneers. And began requesting furnishings of their own.

Granted, this pool table may not help pool lovers improve their game. But it certainly will rack up a visual treat as players and onlookers admire its superior-quality woodwork. And this is due in part to its construction from quarter-sawn white oak. Quarter-sawn refers to how the wood is cut. And quarter-sawn cut wood is more stable than plain-sawn. The cut also reveals more dramatic woodgrain.

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Also, the wood slats and curved base are not just sturdy. In fact, they can select from more than 22 cloth colors, 6 pocket options and 3 table sizes. A single pedestal table, it’s made of quarter-sawn white oak. Surrounding the leather top are eight player settings – each with its own drink holder and chip slots. So furniture enthusiasts will agree that this contemporary look adds a touch of warmth and classic style to any living room or den. Second, a variety of custom options allow customers to create the coffee table to their liking. For example, customers can choose the wood species. And these include oak, maple, cherry and hickory. Also fine furniture enthusiasts can select the stain or finish and hardware. Third, the lift-top mechanism allows the coffee table to function as a dining table/work and play station rolled into one. Just raise the 1-inch-thick, solid wood top. And the lift top is ready to be used as a snack table or platform for your favorite device. But lots of cool features lie below the lift top. For starters, the builders carved out a 3 1/4 inch storage area below.

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Also, customers will find lots more storage space — and an adjustable shelf — behind the doors. And these pieces include end tables and sofa tables. Because no one has to buy custom furniture. So the custom furniture discerning homeowners choose must be pretty awesome. Because it boasts all the characteristics furniture aficionados love in custom office furniture. Amish craftsmen painstakingly handcraft each piece in the collection. So homeowners will love the intricate detail work. Also, they’ll cherish the gleam of the nicely polished hardwood. And this includes providing lots of storage space and convenient features. In fact, buyers can specify the wood specie, finish and hardware. Plus many other features including different finished sizes. So browse from a selection of our custom options to add the perfect accents to this timeless office collection.