Every piece of furniture is selected based on it’s quality, uniqueness and potential to restore.

You will pay less for top quality, recycle, and reuse.

Material fune, they are down pillows wirh foam. Foam gas degraded and needs to be replaced.

I also have an antique dining chair that needs one of the support struts on the back repaired/replaced. Our market style shopping is a great place to buy and sell unique jewelry, antique furniture, vintage goods, boutique clothing and a plethora of other knick-knacks and handicrafts.

Desks and tools abound in this underground setting that will transport you back to days of manual printing. So many things to see around every nook and cranny. There is a lot to see but you really have to be into antiques and dated items to enjoy shopping here. Usually, items at an antique store are over priced. It’s a nice place to stop and hit them all at one time. Went there and spent a good two hours exploring.

Rare Antique Furniture Unusual Rare Antique Furniture Victorian

Rare Antique Furniture www.antiquariantraders.com Are you looking for Rare Antique Furniture?

Look no further than.

The gentleman behind the counter was great to deal with. Out of all the antique stores we visited in the area this is by far my favorite. He put back and fixed the mangled brass fittings to it’s original form. Stay tuned and see where the road leads us next!

We’ll be seeing you again at new places and spaces!

Time to do some treasure hunting and bargain shopping !

They have lots of treasures, including a fabulous jewelry case and all sorts of antique and artsy lighting. So as you are walking around it is through the rooms of the house. The ladies who own and run the shop are so friendly. She has cute new stuff, vintage stuff, antiques , etc. Store is full of vintage, antique and repurposed pieces at all price ranges.

You can just tell she is very experienced in her trade.

We hope you enjoy our website and will visit often. Any item purchased from this website may be returned for any reason within 72 hours of receipt for a full refund less the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance. Use of photos or other materials without prior express written consent prohibited. For our attention to fine details that brings out the original beauty of the wood and our 30 years of experience. They have something for all types of collectors. I recommend all my friends to come and shop here for their home decor needs.

Walnut Creek Howard

Restored Antique Furniture With Walnut Wood Top

The client found a table in the basement when they purchased the house. The furniture piece has been in their family for 35