Unless you can hunt down a really beautiful piece of live edge wood or have an awesome country barn, rustic mantels can start to feel heavy and dated. The original fireplace was really nice, but it did look busy with the reclaimed wood wall. Thanks for this inspirational post, my search for perfect fireplace design just got bit easier!

If you want a more old world traditional vibe then you can always add in classic patterns like stripes, florals and damask. Flanking your sofa with matching tables and lamps is a quick and easy way to keep things traditional, just be sure to accessorize the tables differently so that you still keep it feeling unique. It’s not because it’s old-world, nor because it’s curvy or ornate, but also because it is built to last by qualified artisans. I didn’t realise it in the room by room write up but there is such a lovely theme running through all the rooms. And because of the way it was laid out, we had a great opportunity to do two facing , and we rarely have that opportunity to do that because how often are rooms that big?

But we still weren’t done with the project, it was just good enough for them to move into. We found that kilim and while it isn’t the perfect size for the room, with the sisal underneath grounding the whole seating area.

Currently you are my favorite blogger becasue of your personality and your pretty styling.

It is really important to let us regular folks that mistakes happen and its okay to repaint or change things on the fly. Too many other bloggers give off this, everything is perfect vibe and we are all failures if we aren’t.

Unfortunately the chair is tufted with some wood framing, so a slipcover would really change the look of the chair.

Angelinos don’t always require a big roaring fire, if you have one it’s nice to have it on display, or even use it on those 5 days of the year when the temperature dips below 60 (eye roll)!

We picked this cool mid-century style sofa in a neutral gray color, which is nice for kids and is a good foundation for bringing in color and pattern with the use of different pillows. Even though we love the style, uniqueness, and storage aspects of the piece, it wouldn’t work well as a media cabinet.

It’s causing a huge headache and now we have to replace all the trim around our windows just so we can upgrade the blinds. Nothing too dark or else you’ll see their fur shedding, too light and it’ll show up puppy licks, treats and just general doggy yuckiness. I love your color palette and the way your impressive paintings pick up the dining room color.

Ginny, it´s a great job, very “emily´s style”, perhaps because of the colors you´ve chosen. I thought a tip for using rugs properly in a living room was to try and have every piece of touching the rug.

Wall sofa traditional

A Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Update

Could you give a source for the geometric blue (on white background) art in one of the little built-in bookshelves?

I especially love how you incorporated traditional lines and it still looks fresh and modern. If a low boxy sofa on the ground isn’t really your vibe, and you’re needing a bit more height, then opt for something similar to the sofa in the below picture, which has some legs and adds a bit of height to the piece. But, for those of you that are intimidated by the work that goes into a gallery wall, these art ledges can be easier.

It’s not trying to look old, but it is a texture that has movement, and brings a lot of depth into a space. Because as we explained in this post, we aren’t sure how long the plywood wall trend will last.

Like, sure, there’s a pickling crock on my kitchen counter… because it’s fermenting up some sourkraut.

I am currently using one because it’s better than looking at the green and white checks on my inherited sofa.

I love mid century but sometimes you just want a sofa you can sink into at the end of the day.

We put a reclaimed wood wall in this room and now the fireplace looks too busy with the wall. We pretty much agreed with everything she said in her blog post and whilst definitely helping to modernize the space this option felt off balance because of the lack of symmetry from the shelves.

He is on the expensive end of carpenters, but his work is impeccable and he shows up everyday and sticks to a timeline.

I think the easier solution would be to get rid of the reclaimed wood wall and replace it with drywall and keep the fireplace wall as is.

These carved chairs and the decorative side definitely evoke a traditional vibe and the symmetrical arrangement also instantly makes the entire vignette lean more traditional. Big boxy shades or large tapered shades also help to bring traditional elements into the room. So head on over and watch it if you are ready to get your traditional on, and if you are into the look it is all linked up below. Americana–lamps shaped like bald eagles, calico wallpaper, decoupaged milk can in the corner…rocking chairs.

The living room was easy – just updates on the walls/flooring, add some lighting and we were done.

Shana was an antiques dealer before she got into filmmaking (which makes her sound old but she isn’t – she’s almost my age) so she knew exactly what she wanted and where to get it and didn’t mind splurging on a few things.

I didn’t want to make it better or worse than the book and it couldn’t be exactly the same as the book, obviously.

I am often discouraged when reading design blogs because it seems impossible to get an amazing designer look without either spending a million dollars or it looking super cheap.

By watching what you do while the job is in progress, we learn from you…tips, techniques, new ideas.

I was reading some of your back postings on your kitchen reno and loved how,you talked about subcontractors not doing perfect work, or feeling like you paid too much for their work. We have original wood floors in our mediterranean bungalow from 1924, but they are a but too yellow for me.

This chair is definitely more of an accent/occasional chair so it doesn’t get the hard daily use our other pieces do. We tried to make it work in several different locations but just ended up causing more problems, which is why we ended up switching it out to a smaller sofa with different sets of chairs.

We included several different art options in brighter colors that all coordinate well with each other and the other colors in the room. We sent them 6 different options of media units that we felt would work with their design. I have always been such a fan of yours and your style has inspired me with my shop and photography.

But in my defense this piece literally makes that hunky chunk coffee table feel way more elegant. The white ceramic tray is worth every penny spent b/c this is a piece you will use in myriad ways throughout your life.

I would ask for the existing paint color and tell the landlord you’ll paint it back when you move out. I actually liked the gray walls you had before you started and might not have thought to change them. This is so my style–the color palette, the traditional pieces mixed in with the mid-century modern, with a little twist of rustic. I currently have a leather recliner and footstool and love the idea of something along the same lines.

If you aren’t ready to darken your room then bring in some black through accessories, furniture, and maybe an accent wall. I love shiny brass, and am still installing some in houses as we speak, a good matte gold can take it down to another (good) level. Of course the trick to this working (not just functionally, but really gorgeous) is to make sure that everything you do have is absolutely perfect, unique and beautiful. Similar to the low chunky furniture trend, these guys are a bit more convertible than their sibling, as these pieces can be shaped into any configuration to really provide the best setup for you and your guests.

I also occasionally entertain guests, some of them elderly, and want them to be able to sit down and stand up in my living room without unnecessary pain and awkwardness and without the use of a crane.

I think people are getting sick of gray and are realizing that things can really stand out against white or another non-gray color.

Source: www.pinterest.com/em_henderson/fireplaces/