After you are done sanding you are going to again wipe them all down with a wet and then dry cloth to get everything off and ready for the .

Yellow protect

A Mommy’s Life…with A Touch Of YELLOW: Ikea Kitchen Table Makeover {Tutorial}

You really want the top to be protected since it is used and abused multiple times a day and to protect from spills and cleaners.

I want a new, and bigger table one day but right now while our just out of law school little family is on a tight budget this is going to serve it purpose for just the four of us for a little longer. I took the table legs and base and the chairs outside and sanded them down until all the finish was off. You don’t want to work so hard on painting and then have it turn yellow in the end so get this stuff if you plan on sealing white . Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time.