Another option is to make your fence significantly wider by planting large hedges along one side — deer cannot jump as high if they must also clear a long distance. We strive for well planned and efficient layouts and environmental friendly use of materials and methods. Bringing plants on to the porch with rustic accessories can help tie a garden and shed into one space.

Iron garden cast

A Rustic Garden

Garrett the owner and head of operations is very knowledgeable and a super nice guy to work with. Current product lines also include wrought iron plant stands, cast iron flower planters, cast aluminum planters and fountains, cast iron statues and wrought iron decor. This is the type of fence we would like around our backyard garden (although for the pillars, we won’t like them squared off at the top, not triangular/pointy like here). Plexiglas covers are propped open with galvanized poles (as shown here) during the day to allow air circulation and to prevent the beds from getting too hot. Has given me a few more ideas to make my outdoor areas a little more exciting without using so many cactus & other prickly plants, thanks so much!