So plan for some back-road rambling through the area’s farm-studded hills. It comes from a wind turbine and solar panels.

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This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear within listing categories. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within listing categories. Amish children will be handing out water in front of their 4 schools along the course. Are you sure you want to delete this family member?

The bureau can send you a print guide, answer questions and make suggestions.

You can also download the guide from their website.

Many items are typical country jams and jellies, but specialties also include homemade soap, yogurt-covered peanuts and malted milk balls the size of a half dollar.

You can stop to gather goods for a picnic, buy treats for friends and family at home or browse the numerous items that the market has to offer. It’s a great idea to bring a cooler for the food you’ll be tempted to buy. Check out this store for the collector in your life, the cook,
or for some impromptu country redecorating. The bed and breakfast has three rooms furnished with antiques, many of which are on sale. It is located on 25 acres that include a stocked lake and walking trails. Still in use today, the inn offers five sleeping rooms and traditional home-cooked meals during special events throughout the year. Call (937) 544-7103 for details about events and availability. But what’s special about this place is the “motion clocks,” which change their shape with the hour and their melody depending on the time. Paired with the savory food and stellar views, this place is sure to be a recipe for enjoyment. Shaped like a snake with an egg in its mouth, the mound is aligned to the summer and winter solstices and draws people from all over the world. Millersburg is another gem of a town with a downtown area that is historic, yet alive. Shopping options include antiques,
pewter jewelry, furniture, instruments and toys. God has blessed our family with six growing children. Nothing more, just go and review the product and if you like then you can place a order within a minute. When they find the right land to begin a community anew, they work together to erect their own schools and such. People came to the house to get the tasty treats. By the end of 1977, a fledgling business was on the rise. They opened a new building for the bakery operation still on their property. Lydia continues to do things around the stores to this day. One day, a lady came into the furniture store along with her husband. The lady described chairs she had bought there many years earlier and wondered if the store still offered them. She looked at him and said that’s not true your lying. Amish can ride in vehicles, but they won’t own and operate their own.

Back in Time

But it looked like a big mountain before him. He borrowed more money from the bank but when they said, no problem, he got nervous. He added a building and with help, mainly from his wife, it all worked out, and they counted their blessings. Today, the furniture business is massive. That’s because it is a grocery where all kinds of natural ingredients are available for home cooking. The aisles are filled with fresh bulk baking supplies, jams, candies, and more. They also carry a wide variety of cheese and meats. But people love to come in for the freshly made pretzel sandwiches stacked high with deli meat and veggies. The demand is so high that there’s even a café setting where lunch can be eaten at tables inside. And for dessert, there’s anything from old-fashioned candies to fudge and buckeyes, but the favorite choice by most is the cashew brittle. They are up early most mornings doing what the family has done for decades – create fresh deliciousness right before your eyes. Customers know to get there early if they want to load up on fried pies, donuts, and crème horns before they sell out. There’s nothing like seeing something come hot out of the oven right before your very eyes. The bakery can’t make enough cream pies, raisin coconut, and peanut butter treats during the holiday season. Still, they reach out with ads and billboards both locally and beyond the region. Again, it’s because time there is better spent elsewhere. So they hire someone else to engage in that type of promotion. But it’s all done by an outside marketing guru that they contracted to handle this kind of outreach. English, even, because we support the local schools even though we don’t use them.

Miller’s Furniture Bakery and Bulk Foods

They attend church in each other’s houses gathering as many as 15 to 20 families together in a big room or basement. Families come together again in the evening to hear a youth hymnal. He heads to nearby watering holes to cast a line in a pond or creek with one of his five children. They also help with special events throughout the year. Get 10 percent off all items in stock (furniture store only), excluding all outdoor buildings, gazebos and select bedroom sets. If you just need to take a nice drive out of the city or need the best doughnut you have ever eaten, this is the place. When you consider that they do everything without the aid of what the rest of the country considers “normal” electricity, that makes everything here even more remarkable. They lovingly bake a variety of breads and pies daily, along with the best doughnut you will ever eat. Back to the doughnuts: they are huge and fluffy and chewy and glazed. These are what all little doughnuts want to be when they grow up. They are perfect, and you will need to buy extra because they will not all make it home.

The rest of the inside of the store is split into two parts; the bulk food and canned foods, and the furniture and woodwork area. The bulk foods range from commonly-known favorite candies and dry goods to really interesting flavor mixes to add to noodles and rice and cheese powders and dried fruits, pie ingredients, teas and honey!

In the refrigerators you will find cheeses and jerky. There is a small deli, also, for fresh sandwich-makings. Over on the other end you will find some really beautiful hand-crafted furniture, ranging from small napkin holders and lazy susans for your tabletop, all the way up to dressers and dining room tables. There is even a section of darling wooden children’s toys.

Outside, there is a very large collection of outdoor furniture for any size space or person.

You can even buy a well-made shed or playhouse/swingset for your yard. However you must check out the big daddy doughnut!

With an impressive selection of deli and other cheeses, as well as bulk items such as candy and snacks, you won’t be hungry on your ride home!

I really love the walking around and shopping for groceries. Other than that, a great experience and took home a bagful of food home!

There isa nice play area outside, which is great for kids. An amazing selection of bulk-packaged dry goods.

You can also get farm fresh eggs, a good selection of cheese 4. Be sure to check this place out, you will not regret it. These are up for a reason – they want you to buy them for your kids, of course.

We usually go here with our toddlers for about an hour or more (there’s about 8 different jungle gyms up), get a snack inside and just lounge on the furniture on their front porch. Lots of selection for those who are looking for farm needs as well (chicken coops, houses, etc).

They have sucanat (unprocessed sugar) and other uncommon goods here too for really good prices. If you eat some odd stuff like us, this is the place. Not only do they sell everything you need, handmade or cooked by their families, but they sell things you can’t find at your mega grocery store. The main store is the largest building on the property. Looking for something different to do with your afternoon?

I don’t know what you say about a market. The prices seemed high, until you look at what the item is. Enjoy some time at their market and spend a buck or two on a really local economy!

This marketplace offers fresh bakery items, bulk food, and lunchmeat. While you’re there, be sure to check out the furniture store as well.

We have always enjoyed our yearly stops, and each one of us has our favorite baked good or jam.

We got our shed there and it has lasted a long time.

We did get a “trex” outdoor 2 person glider and while we loved it it broke. However it is a great place and definitely worth a stop. Try their branded sodas – my grape was delicious. They had some seasonally fresh vegetables available outside that were gorgeous. Also nice selection of candles, soaps etc. They have everything from dried goods like noodles, canned items, a fabulous bakery, and a deli. The dinner plate sized donuts are worth the drive to this place alone!

The Simple Life

They have a large selection of furniture indoors and out. This place is great for the whole family. Make this a definite stop if you’re out that way.

I was here today just walking around looking at the furniture in hopes of finding a porch swing for my new house. Tells us to leave that its private property and we are not allowed to be there because the store is closed. He proceeded to tells us we have to leave or he was calling the police.

I will not return here if this is how the workers will act. There are plenty of cameras all over to capture if any theft were to occur.

I do not believe this man was apart of the owner family so nothing against them at all. But people like that are driving away customers for sure. Just about any spice, snack, flour, etc you could ask for at extremely reasonable prices. Wednesdays, where you can pick up more fresh produce. The food inside is bulk-packaged and very inexpensive. Keim’s is a museum of culture and a marketplace all in one. It was all very reasonably priced too, considering the labor. The store is lit with strategically placed skylights. Here there are in abundance out in the country. There are also plenty of soaps, candles, and knitted items for the kitchen. Donuts were excellent, spices were a great deal. The prices are reasonable and the fry pies are to die for. They also carry bulk spices that are great quality for very cheap. July 26, 2013 and were very disappointed!

The cashier was not friendly at all, not even a thank you while we were paying for our items. The sandwiches here are really awesome, and the other baked goods are great too. But don’t think for a minute that these are just road-side markets along some lonely stretch of highway. Miller’s, alone, is a huge complex of handmade furniture (both indoor and outdoor), bulk food sales and a bakery.

A small launch ramp near the park entrance provides access to the 47-acre lake. There is a museum containing exhibits on the mound and the geology of the surrounding area. Cedar barren prairie known for abundant wildflowers and butterflies. Narrow wooded ridge top, pocketed- with small, symmetrical sinkholes. The ridge top and head of the valley is bordered by dolomite cliffs of 10-30 feet in height. Although the information given is updated, immediate changes may not be available. Please call the park, agency or private facility ahead for updated information before visiting. Owned by three brothers, you’ll enjoy the comfortable family feel. Buy all the supplies to create a quilt or buy one already made!

It probably won’t be long before newer or larger buildings are built to keep up with growth.