Chris provided us with exactly what we were looking for and the finished product is outstanding in quality!

I wasn’t counting on was the amount of people that have heard about how well everything turned out and now we are constantly showing people the bathroom. She loved the boards you selected and is so happy with her that she was almost unable to put it into words. Thank you so much for the effort and the quality of your work, thank your husband and all the people involved. The sawdust and wood shavings are used for plant or animal bedding then mulched into fertilizer.

I have referred you to many, and will unconditionally say that you create the highest quality log in the state!

Furniture quality

Alaska Wildwoods Log Furniture

Valley as often as we can so that we can enjoy our amazingly beautiful bedroom set that you crafted for us.

We are beyond pleased with the whole process and look forward to having you do more work for us in the spring. The basement bathroom went from being the worst room in the to one of the best rooms.

They say that they have never seen anything so unique and beautiful and of course it fits in wonderfully with the room decor!

I am sure we will have more projects and we will be enlisting your services in the future.

Alaskan geologist for its rock type, the mountain range it came from, and the approximate age.

It was your skills, willingness to customize the furniture, and meeting the timeframes that lead to a wonderfully rewarding experience for us!

We like the many details you put into your work, such as how easily the drawers glide in and out. Aluminum, barium, and strontium are building-up in our bodies and environment as a result of government aerosol spraying.