It can also be plated with other metals, such as brass or copper, which may not require a top coat.

Screw the panel’s flanges directly to drywall or plaster, then slide the adjacent panels’ tongues into the grooves. Profit from your roof space: find local deals on solar in your area, eliminate your power bill, and join the solar revolution. Contemporary ceiling tiles are available in 24″ x 24 ” tin tiles, with some patterns available in a larger 24″ x 48″ tile by special request.

Ceiling panel tile

All About Tin Ceilings

Using a printed corrugated accent in your batheroom dresses it up without taking up space. For a more contemporary space, consider black ceiling panels, which feel like a real cinema and absorb up to 50% of sounds that strike their surface – perfect for late-night screenings with family and friends.

Tin ceilings originated in the 1880s as an affordable way for people to dress up a room’s fifth wall. If you have the patience and time to do a careful job, the panels are not difficult to install. With this traditional installation method, shown at left, panels are fastened to either ⅜-inch plywood or a gridwork of 1×3 furring strips, screwed to the ceiling joists.

A metal grid, suspended from the ceiling by wires, supports the edges of each panel; no fasteners required. Can you tell me if this is a good fix forthose areas and can it be done in an architecturally attractive way?

Aluminum tiles are easy to work with and are available in more than 80 pre-finished colors to eliminate the need for any painting. For serious crafters, painters, and other artistic folks, light reflectance is of utmost importance.

Metal ceiling tiles do not rot, crack, or absorb moisture and actually add strength to a building.