Ok, so this isn’t an “indoors” kitchen, but it is a kitchen and it is amazing, so it belongs on this list!

I love the breakfast nook in the picture that’s built in to look almost like a restaurant booth.

Kitchen counter log

Amazing Log House Kitchens You Have To See

That said, we chose the above because of the mixture of fantastic woods, sleek granite and the tile work on the floor.

This kitchen definitely has an ample amount of counter space and we love the contrast that the green granite delivers to the surrounding wood (and that antler chandelier is awesome!

Houser wanted the girls’ rec room to be “youthful, but not childlike,” with a whimsical sense of color and forgiving fabrics.

If you’re in love, but asking yourself how someone can possibly afford this, you might feel a little better to know that this isn’t someone’s personal kitchen. The cabinet styles, counters and stone on the exterior of the island scream modern dream kitchen. You can find more pictures and views of this kitchen here (and they’re all breathtaking). If you’re working with a smaller space or planning to build a smaller log house, then you have to see this kitchen. If you’re like me, then it seems like no matter how much counter space you have, it’s never enough. Houser repurposed a rusted steel fire bowl as a light fixture above the custom dining .

Consider clean lines that show off a sofa or chair’s shape in front of a log or stone wall.

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