Bona and spoke to their technical department and they explained and reassured me that it would be safe to use over laminate. Cleaning and polishing laminate floors is no easy task especially, if you have a bunch of kids spilling sticky things on laminate. If your laminate is starting to show signs of wear and you want to give it some shine, this product is not for you. Also, if you don’t get every spot of floor with the refresher, you will definitely see the dull spots.

Laminate floors Bona

Amazon: Bona Pro Series WtStone, Tile And Laminate Floor Refresher

It is very similar to acrylic based floor finishing products used to seal new wood floors. It adheres perfectly to laminate floors and produces a moderate sheen ( not high gloss finish) over existing laminate with no fear or concern of peeling or flaking. With both cleaners, one has to vacuum and/or dust mop before applying this cleaner with the proper mop/applicator. My guess is if your floor is already in perfect shape then this product might be helpful as a sealant. I wish there had been some sort of warning about the difficulty of removing this product once applied along with all the hype about how beautiful the floor would be.

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