Equipped with a folding, memory foam mattress, there is no longer a need for that uncomfortable fold out couch!

Choose from our collection of platform, traditional, and upholstered beds to match with a variety of solid-hardwood accessories for a look that perfectly suits your style.

Antique Furniture Stand Furniture

Solid hardwood construction and steel reinforcements ensure that each bed is safe and built to last. Fashioned with care and craftsmanship to stand the test of time, our tables have sturdy leg assembly and a durable high-build finish. This is furniture you’ll love for a lifetime. Choose from hardwood and upholstered styles in a variety of beautiful, high-build finishes to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

We offer both 50” and 60” tables to comfortably accommodate any size television, providing the storage space you need for all of your electronic and entertainment accessories. Keep your conscience at ease with collections that feature quality craftsmanship and sustainable, solid-hardwood construction. Choose from traditional dining height tables and chairs, or opt for a more modern pub height set. With four unique styles and three beautiful finishes, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect match for your home. Mix and match pieces to create an office customized to fit your space. The wider more rectangular all in one printer on on the top of the stand and the more square laser printer on the bottom.

Should outlast either or both of the printers.

I needed to backtrack on both of these points and then everything fit fine. The wrench that is included may do the job if you don’t have better tools.

I used a long socket and a ratchet and the job was fast and easy. The parts list claimed that there were “extra” parts in each group; this was not true. However, we did have every part that was needed, so it was ok. There was also a group of lock washer that were included that were not on the parts list or in the instructions. The customer may also wish to predrill the holes for the screws that connect the side panels to the legs at the bottom of the table to help things along a little easier. Next step was to install dowels in side panels: problem – there were no predrilled holes in the side panels to accommodate the dowels.

I had to drill the holes to get the sides to fit. Next step was to attach via a wood screw the side panels to the legs. Again there were no predrilled holes for the wood screws, not even starter holes. Stay away from this product unless you own a wood shop. Heavy weight, attractive, easy assembly, speedy shipment. Screws are difficult to insert without a drill. That said, now that it’s together, the stand is sturdy and looks great. Beautiful piece of office furniture, worth the hassle of assembling. Four tables were missing the required bolts. After making a trip to the store to get the bolts they went together quickly.

I would recommend this piece just be prepared for missing pieces. Those forms had evolved in response to social needs rather than physical comfort considerations or stylistic demands. Most are probably familiar, but one or two may not be. What began in the early 18th century as simply wooden boxes expanded in ornamentation and complexity over the next nearly 200 years. The caddy eventually evolved into the teapoy, a self-contained decorated stand with a closed compartment that became the standard for storing and serving tea in the early 19th century.

Antique stand

Teapoys often reflected the highest art of the craftsman of the day and employed exotic materials like rosewood for an even more dramatic effect. While teapoys are no doubt still in use today in some parts of the world, they are not quite so important as they once were. Another missing part from that period of history is the fire screen. These (usually) rectangular screens were mounted on a pole with a height adjustment to suit the consumer. The purpose was to shield the face from the direct heat of the open fireplace. The fireplace was often the only source of heat and light in older homes.

We don’t normally use the open hearth as the primary source of heat today and our make up is not made primarily of wax. Here are some other quaint pieces of former usefulness that are now missing from contemporary homes. The combination telephone/telephone book shelf and seating provided another one-stop solution just like the smoker. As the telephone became lighter and more attractive in the 1960s the need for the separate space dwindled and the form disappeared. Eventually it became an art form unto itself in the 1930s. By the end of the 1940s the lightweight little box with the hinged lid was gone. To provide family entertainment, females especially were strongly encouraged to play an instrument at home. But what to do with those pesky sheets of music that blow around the room on a breezy day?

Sheet music cabinets were a common sight in most parlors around the turn of the 20th century.

We seldom see them today because the emphasis has shifted from home music accomplishment to home music as entertainment, which we don’t get from sheet music. It’s a footrest from the later 19th century using a large diameter circular post as the footrest. Four stubby legs support the footrest, giving it the appearance of a pig. This type footrest was supposed to be good for the relief of gout symptoms, a disease of the kidney that often manifests itself as inflammation in the heels of its victims.

Learn about old furniture forms that have fallen out of

The heel pain made it difficult to use a standard footrest with the heel propped up. The parlor pig or gout stool allowed the patient to rest his heel on the other side of the pig, placing the weight on the back of the ankle or lower leg. This combination wash stand and wig stand was the perfect tool to help the modern gentleman start his day. Hand made and fragile, care is necessary in their storage. In 18th century dining rooms, it sat next to the hostess and contained extra “usefuls” like silverware and napkins. Today dumbwaiters serve as display tables in living rooms. It was a portable, inexpensive, personal music player from the turn of the 20th century. It derived its music from “cobs” that activated sound mechanisms much like the larger music boxes of the day. Solid wood is hand brushed, painted and given a final clear lacquer nitrocellulose coating that protects colors and is smooth to the touch. Solid wood drawers feature front dove-tail joinery and ball bearing glides. Storage drawers and one fixed shelf behind door.

Door features stylish iron mesh finished with a durable powder-paint in a “rust” color. Mortise and tenon joinery construction on solid frames. Features adjustable shelves behind glass-paned doors to provide ample storage space for media components or decorative accessories. And oh yeah, it’s heavy about 100lbs which is ok cause good furniture should be heavy. Everything came out of the box looking good.

I quickly realize my first instinct about the quality of the camlocks is true.

Meaning you cant feel the lock engage and stop. These feel as if you never now when the lock has finally come to it’s fitting position.

I start to find when the holes were bored for the cam locks the factory never cleaned them out properly. So now i start to clear the holes with a screw driver first hoping this changes the camlock engagement. End result is you must stop short tightening the cam locks or you just cracked the boards. Kinda get the feeling the manufactures already consider this scenario.

I have put together similar pieces with 2/3 less hardware and a whole lot less assembly time than this piece (@ 3hrs for this piece).

I ended with 3 stars was after it’s put together this thing is very pretty, it’s sturdy and well it’s almost unique in it’s appearance. However, given the number of pieces, it’s understandable. The screws for the cam locks didn’t have long enough posts.

I say this because mine weren’t screwed in all the way (read: not tight), but the screws barely had 1/8th” or so for the cam locks to grip. However, you’re likely buying at your own risk. The box looked to be in pretty rough shape with some gauges and other such marks.

That does not surprise me since it is a heavy and big box. The instructions that were included with mine had 2 pieces marked that did not match the instructions, as well as it did not provide the instructions on inserting the glass on the doors. Pieces went together as they should and the items seems to be of good quality.

I was a little concerned about everything being delivered intact after reading some other reviews, but everything was delivered on time and in good shape. It is delivered in huge box with a ton of pieces.

I changed the hardware, but other than that, we love it. Arrived and looked like a piece of plane crash debris. It did have damage in the left back side. Crafted of select hardwood solids and veneers, each piece is then painstakingly finished to add a warm, weathered feel. Storage drawers and glass doors add superior quality and convenient functions that you can appreciate without compromising the reclaimed vintage look. Features four media cabinets with adjustable shelving and a built in cable management system to fit your components. Everything was marked clearly and screws all in separate marked bags. Be prepared to spend a lot of time putting it together though. No power tools needed, just a screw driver.

I believe from the time the box was opened to the final finished product, it took me roughly 3 hours to build. It would most likely be much quicker if two people built it together. It hides all the cables and is sturdy enough to hold a 55inch tv. However they don’t have the accuracy down and. However they don’t have the accuracy down and the packaging system is flawed. The glass doors didn’t close right, it took us 1 hour of adjusting the hinges to get them to close mostly correct, even now they still aren’t 100%.

We ended up needing them and just had to use them elsewhere since we weren’t going to take the whole thing apart to fix that.

I did not run out of hardware, however as another person pointed out, they ran out of glue. I had some of the hardware break just using the screwdriver.

I am listing the issues however which are shown below:1. It was held on with 4 short nails and wood glue.

I would have expected less issues for the price paid.

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