The quality of our sectional and entertainment center is great, but the service is what will bring us back to make more purchases. I supposed was our checker, never looked at us until i asked lf this was the place to check out.

There is a little cafe area with seating in case you’re hungry or thirsty which is nice because we’re usually there for a while. Ikea !

Furniture store

American Furniture Warehouse

And you are correct, we cannot help move electronics that were not purchased at our .

In the middle of me asking him another question he walked away and responded as he was leaving. I did ask them if they can move the tv from the floor onto the entertainment center because it was too heavy for me to do it. Very large selection – only 4 stars because they did not have a very wide selection of ottomans or large rugs.

This store has very clean restrooms, plus a cafe if you are spending a long day shopping for furniture and need a quick drink and snack. The good news is that our warehouses are absolutely huge and they are local so we can get you your furniture as fast or much faster than anyone in the business.

If you want something that will last more than 5 years, go to a high end furniture or consignment store.