It often happens that people have possessions which they are hesitant to sell before speaking to an expert in the respective field. If you find yourself in such a situation or simply have some antiques and collectibles that you would like to find out more about, we will gladly put you in contact with relevant experts that can assist you.

Antique And Collectable Cape Town Furniture

It should be noted that antiques are generally considered to be items that are a minimum of 100 years old, while collectibles are items that are less than 100 years old, but which could be classified as antiques in future. These items are collected for a variety of reasons and their value is determined by numerous factors, including how rare they are, their aesthetic value, how close they are to their original condition or the level of craftsmanship employed in their creation. Regardless, it is important to speak to experts if you have an antique or collectible that you would like to know the value of, or if you have antiques for sale. As a trustworthy source of advice, information and assistance, we would be pleased to offer guidance and direct you to the appropriate antique dealers for your situation.

There are many factors that influence the price and value of a coin, resulting in approximately 60 different existing grading methods. It starts in town and heads to the southern suburbs, with built-in diversions if you’re burdened with passengers who don’t share your passion for antiquities. Have a look – that dusty dish you bought for a song might be worth a fortune. The market complements some more highbrow antique shops and galleries that are worth visiting in the same street. If all the antique dust is getting to you, there’s also a factory shop full of outdoor gear for hikers, a couple of trendy fashion stores and one or two beautiful gifty/décor shops. He planted fruit trees, oaks and vines, and about 40 of his vines still thrive here today.

The swimming bath, from around 1795, is a pleasant stroll away from the main buildings. Browse through old china, books, antique and costume jewellery and plenty of shining cutlery and delicate silverware. Cellar tours every hour in summer, three per day in winter time. Go straight through two traffic lights as the road curves along the foot of the mountain. This “not to be missed” event is for collectors, dealers, decorators, fashionistas as well as the general public. The two units are separate and are secluded from each other on the same property. The cottage sleeps four guests in two bedrooms. This quaint flatlet sleeps two guests in one bedroom with. There are a number of routes to choose from, the most popular of which begins. Has a tiger eye and the other pink and purple rhinestones. Discover a unique statement piece to add the finishing touch to your décor. There are about 7 of them in all shapes and sizes. These pieces haven’t been in use for a long time. Elegant lines, with ball and claw detail. Electric conversion for use and serviced. Original owner from 1994, still have original packaging. Sealed in a safe from 1994, protected from discoloration. All in a very good beautiful unblemished condition except the milk jar and 1 cup which has crack marks (see photos). Manual and in working condition, it has a right hand side rotary arm/lever mechanism to finalise the sale and makes the cash draw open. In great condition, some of the corners just need a small touchup – hardly noticable. Dimensions: 1650mm wide x 2470mm ht (with extra spring loaded extension of about 75mm). An original solid basin for your period inspired kitchen.

You can install it in your garage, garden, workshop/studio or braai area. It can be used on your verandah or stoep.

Alphen Antiques and Collectables Fairs in Constantia Cape Town

And Collectable Cape Town Collectables

A wonderfully cheerful work for your dining room, lounge or bedroom. The base itself is in excellent condition and a great example of mid century style. There is one tiny knick (see pic), but it actually blends in well with the pattern, so you really have to look for it. The vase is decorated with gold, pastel yellow and sky-blue, and has 4 motifs including fishes and flowers. The cabinet took 6 years to make, made by a team composed of 30 craftsmen. This piece of antique furniture twice set records for most expensive sale. The codex is also regarded as an elaborate work of science and contains theories, sketches and musings on astronomy, geography, the elements and several scientific topics. This fully functioning battle horn is made from an elephant’s tusk and intricately carved with motifs of animals of the hunt, including rabbits, ducks, and deer. This flask was crafted in the 18th century but carries the 15th-century peerless essence and nature. A lot of people want to find something special that they can bring home for them. This city is known for housing a variety of antique shops. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that the shop you select is the right one. Keep these things in mind as you work to plan your trip. Spend some time reading about the numerous shops that are in the area. See if they have stopped by the shops in the area. Find out if there is a particular place that they would recommend. As a matter of fact, you may be able to get a recommendation from the concierge that is working at your hotel. A hotel concierge is aware of many local businesses and restaurants. It is their job to help hotel guests find the kinds of things they are looking for.

Antiques and Collectables

If there is a quality antique shop near your hotel, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

You can also find antiques when shopping at the local markets. If you’re not looking for something specific, shopping at markets may be your best option.

You will be able to look at a variety of different products. With that said, they can also be very entertaining. If you want a specific item, your best bet is to head to the shop. If you simply want to bring home something special, going to the street markets is a great idea. If you don’t know where you want to go, you should try browsing several antique shops. While you are at the shops, you should try talking to the shop owner. Explain what you want, and see if they can help you find it. The best antique shops can connect customers with the kind of items that they want.

See if you can find a shop that could do that for you. The sooner you start looking at antique shops, the easier it will be for you to find the kind of shop that you’d like to make a purchase from. However, there are many incredible antique shops tucked away in nearly every corner of this beautiful country. Throughout this mid-sized city are an array of antique shops, each carrying unique items from the past. Touring through all of these shops is an antique lover’s dream.

You never know what treasures you are going to find hidden away in the back of one of these shops.

This can be a great way to check out all of the incredible shops that are in the area. A good place to start is by making a list of all of the shops that you want to visit. Don’t forget to include antique stores that are located slightly outside of the city limits. Be sure to write down the address of each store as well as directions on how to get there. This can make travelling from one shop to the next a lot easier. Antique shopping is usually more fun if you bring someone along with you. Try to find a shopping partner to hit the stores with. Whether you take one of your best friends, your spouse, or someone that you know who is interested in antiques, being able to share the many treasures that you find with someone else can help make the experience a lot more rewarding. Plus, it helps to have a second set of eyes to watch for antique shops alongside the road as you drive through the city. Be sure to bring plenty of money along with you. That way, you can buy any items that interest you on the spot rather than having to return for them later. Additionally, if possible, take a vehicle with plenty of storage space. This will make it easier to transport the items that you purchase.

If you have good negotiating skills, you can even try to talk some of the shop owners down on their prices. However, be reasonable with your expectations.

You don’t want to shortchange the shop owner. Just make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for the experience. Consider bringing along a friend so that you have someone to share the adventure with. Additionally, bring plenty of money with you so that you can buy anything that you like right away. Finally, have a plan in mind for how you are going to get the items that you purchase back home with you. Much of the time, you might be paying what something is worth, but you might even find a rare gem at a discount. Exploring local antique shops is one thing, but it can be even more fun to discover the best antique shops in a place where you’re unfamiliar with the territory. Most everyone does, but you might also have certain things you’re looking for. You’re going to discover all kinds of unique items, and now you’re going to find out about some places you want to check out. That means you’re going to need to know where they are located in relation to where you’re staying. As you find out where these great antique shops are located, you can plan your route and which ones to visit fist.

You should be able to get to the top five and more easily enough if you’re going to dedicate some time to antiquing. See how spread out some of these shops are so that you don’t run yourself ragged back and forth all over the place. And remember, you might want to go to the top five first and then work your way down from there. Some of these shops are going to be better than others, which means they have more antiques and better antiques to offer you. They’ve got antique clocks, pieces of furniture, light fixtures, display cabinets and much more. Antiques are usually collected because of their value and price. There are lots of benefits to purchasing antiques coming from a dealer instead of at an auction. There isn’t any pressure for you to make up your mind immediately concerning how much you’re prepared to spend, which you might need to do inside the heated atmosphere of the auction. Additionally, you will know precisely just how much you’ll pay for that item – you don’t have to bother with adding the auction house premium into the value quoted. Now they have more than four thousand pieces of stock. Their antique furniture is in wonderful functional condition. Clyde on 4th is recognized to help eager collectors in locating missing items from their collections, along with expert consultancy on these things. Opened up in 1994 this particular shop is among the top antique dealerships in the nation. This specialises in remarkable items coating silver, ornamental arts as well as the unique. From earrings to ancient axes and antique art objects, there’s always something unique and something different!

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