Sharon has always been deeply intrigued by the power and energy of natural materials. Often times people hold misconceptions about the power of crystals.

Throughout history, gems and minerals have been used for their healing and nurturing effects. Every individual crystal or gem offers the body a different healing element.

We are committed to providing them to the general public for extremely affordable prices so that everyone can experience their healing benefits. Assorted health and beauty aids, snacks, swim wear, snacks and beverages are also available for your convenience.

Fresh squeezed lemonade made with all natural ingredients.

We also carry a great selection of hats, sunglasses, and other accessories!

We believe simplicity is best, particularly when it’s the best that we’re looking for. Better yet, many of the goods come directly from the local source, which means fresh items at a lower price. Then table tops undergo further sanding to prepare them for finishing. If you love timelss classic styles, they're here.

If your tastes run to the slightly less conventional, you'll find them as well. And if innovation is what you seek, you'll be delighted with our modern and live edge creations. The first critical step in producing the fine hardwood is selecting the best, most consistent woods. They insist on only the finest color and grain pattern. There are natural variations in color; lighter pieces were closer to the bark, darker pieces closer to the tree's center. Call us now for further inquiries 908-269-8725 or to set up an appointment to custom make your table!

We were sold a "leather" couch and love seat that looks terrible after one year. The associates are very friendly a wonderful shopping experience. They will spend time understanding what you need and will take care of you!

No one questioned that they have electric lights in their barn and a website?

We saw that they were selling peaches and were hoping they had fresh corn.

We are always hesitant to buy fruit because we get home, try one bite and throw it away. Well, customers there were buying them by the cases and said they were very good.

We were told to let them stay out for 3-4 days then enjoy. Sadly you can’t do all you want to do while traveling, and other demands on our time didn’t allow us to do more than snap a few pictures while passing through. But even if it was a brief view, this little surprise along the roadside certainly brightened my day. Their diversity is apparent to all who pay enough attention!

The girls are incredibly helpful and everything we have purchased is beautiful.

I honestly just enjoy wandering around and getting ideas. Linda forgot to get the donut recipe from you. i was just there.. If you are interested in cherry or oak furniture, call 440-293-6736 now to learn more!

Furniture - a brand of quality all its own!< If you're looking to make an investment in quality hardwood furniture - that's not just cheap veneer over pressed wood - then this list is for you. Amish-made furniture has become a brand name of its own.

Heirloom Essentials Retailers

Amish furniture is also reasonably and competitively priced.

You can be assured of getting a valuable, heirloom-quality piece of furniture at a fair and honest price. Amish furniture is built to last more than a lifetime with reasonable care and normal use. It is today's treasure that will become tomorrow's antique - able to be passed on for generations. Our own kitchen table is a beautifully handcrafted solid oak pedestal table with matching chairs and swivel stools. The table is called a self-storing table. No more need to store extra leaves in a closet or under a bed where they are subject to moisture or being banged around. They are kept safely stored with the table where they can be conveniently reached at any time. It's a beautiful, richly colored, solid cherry wood with bright brass pulls and knobs. All of the drawers are made with quality dove-tailed joints. Others may be wholesale and retail, while others may specialize only in certain items.

We have attempted to compile a list of as many of these establishments as possible and have listed them by city or area alphabetically.

We also note (if known) whether they sell wholesale, retail or both. When possible, other distinctives like whether they make custom furniture or specialize in certain things is also denoted. Keep in mind, the shops that are wholesale only are not generally open to the public. If you are a furniture retailer you will want to contact them in advance before stopping in on them. It gives detailed listings of over 500 manufacturers and wholesalers of over 350 furniture product categories along with 24 pages of maps pinpointing the exact location of every workshop. Find out where to go and how to get there!

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