We also have a selection of pine and cedar . If you'd like to create your own personal backyard living space, browse our website or stop by our showroom today.

We have a large selection in stock every day, and would love to help you find what you need to customize your own backyard. We're here to help you enjoy your backyard - give us a call if you have any questions!

Choose from maintenance free vinyl siding or the classic look of painted wood. Choose from several lines of patio chairs, tables, and much more.

It's likely we could get that shed right where you want it. Explained all equipment and individual needs for said equipment. Price was well under internet average for high rated tractors.

We hired these guys to build a set of custom built in bookshelves and they blew the doors off the project. It's a bit of a weird process to get them hired and over to measure but the final product is more than worth the slow start. They legitimately measured, built, transported a wall worth of 10ft tall floor to ceiling book shelves and fit them in including custom trim and moldings and got it right in one go.

The finish on everything is exactly as we wanted. The moldings at the top and sides make it look like the piece was always a part of the home, not some awkward later addition. Support local craftsman and make your home into something you have always wanted.

I was looking for a black end table for my living room early in 2015. He then sent me photo's of how it would look, so i ordered it.

I paid more for my end table, but it was well worth it. Due to my positive experience, i just recently purchased a secretary desk also in black. More expensive then a local store, but much better quality. By the way, i drive 85 miles each way for this . There was absolutely no pressure applied by their sales team. The prices were slightly on the high side, but through some negotiations, we received a small discount and free shipping. This is high quality, hand crafted 100% wood furniture.

We want our customers to enjoy high-quality, user-friendly furniture and be able to hand it down from generation to generation. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, customizing is available!

We specialize in selling, antiques, real estate and farms. Our craftsmen pay close attention to detail and take great pride in the quality and beauty of the finished product. Our aim is to provide you with everyday, user-friendly, solid, handcrafted furniture that reflects your style and tastes…furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation. To treat you the way we would want to be treated is our family goal. Whether your personal style is classic or contemporary, country or traditional, we have four floors of furnishings — everything from comfy and sectionals to mattresses and tv cabinets — something for every room of your home. Visit our country house gallery, featuring country furniture gifts and accessories.

You will find just the furniture you need for eating, working and just plain living in your home’s heart. Our goal is to maintain low prices throughout the year, not just on special weekends. They also stored it until we were ready!. If you want a high quality custom made table, this is the place!

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Whether you use it to relax with your family, unwind after a long, hard day or entertain guests – or all of the above – you need furniture that looks great and can withstand the rigors of heavy use over many years. Most of our pieces can be customized to your exact specifications. We’ll help you throughout the entire customization process, from the selection of wood to the choice of finishes and even the addition of hardware. You’ll be able to create the furniture masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of!

We offer a wide selection of user-friendly handcrafted furniture for every room in your home.

We also have a selection of hickory and cedar furniture.

We never use inferior materials such as particle board or pressboard in the construction process. Regardless of the type of wood you select, you’ll get a handcrafted, solid wood furniture piece that will stand the test of time. Handmade furniture that can be cherished and handed down for many generations. Whether it’s a holiday dinner or a night in with your family, our solid handcrafted hardwood furniture has options for every style, space, and size. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, there’s no need to worry because we offer customization options!

Choose from our selection of solid wood benches, microwave stands dry sinks and trash bins, and a wide range of kitchen accessories. These islands are offered with user friendly options such as trash bins, storage shelving, and with or without doors.

We never use particle board or other cheap veneers in any of our products. Take a few minutes to explore our huge furniture inventory shown above, or come and visit us and see it in person!